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    mfarmer I can test wednesday. I don’t expect AF till the 4th of oct. Yes it starts you off at 4 weeks.



    kentsmommy-cant wait to hear if you got a BFP tomorrow!!!! woot woot!!!
    did aquafit today, felt good, exhausting though…but going to feed the boys lunch and then try to have a small nap, then off to get my hair trimmed! needs it sooo badly!
    10yr high school reunion tomorrow i just need a sitter now!!!


    boom I will give you half of my all day/night sickness. Mfarmer fingers crossed!! BFP! BFP! Pleaseeee! Angel hope this is it. I have heard clomid is very harsh.



    I am really very confused and worried. i tested today and it was a BFN but still the cramping wont stop, added to it is blocked nose and fatigue, temperature, yet the test says i am not pregnant. wont be seeing doctor till monday can someone help please






    Is the ovulation calendar not working? it wont show anything, i enter my last period and nothing comes up



    sorry to hear that… try to relax and if she doesnt show in a couple of days test again and if still neg then go to the doctors to see whats making your af not come. My friend when she was pregnant she was late about a week and tested but it was neg then she tested a few days later due to being sick and she got a pos. she also had cramps she said so she thought she was getting her af.



    carrie, are we married to the same guy?? LOL seriously, thats what my husband keeps saying is ‘we already have a lil baby’……



    I wanted to share that this calendar would not have worked for me. I’m a regular day 17 most firtle. It took me 5 years to get pregnant but was in my late 30s, got pregnant at 39. I kept having sex on day 17 though and had a boy so you know I was planning it right. I got ovulation sticks off ebay for way cheaper than the trores. Got like a pack of 100 for cheap..that was a lot of help at figuring out when I was most firle…then once I knew I just kept hitting that day. I did go to a firtility doctor just to make sure nothing was wrong..everything was normal but he said because of my age stastically I wouldn’t get pregnant on my own. But I used the sticks, figured out when to do it and then hit it on that day forever, stayed laying down for hours too. It finally worked:) good luck to all of you trying:)



    ok ladies i dont want to get my hopes up BUT i got a very faint line on my Answer early hpt.
    i want it to be real. i am soooooooooo excited.



    your body could be under stress ive had that happen so many times just wait it out if it doesnt come take another test in 3 days and if it still doesnt come go to your dr. for a blood test



    Hey ladies… I had implanon removed June 13 after having it in for about 4 1/2 months. I still haven’t had a period… last night I squeezed my breast and some colostrum came out… I stopped BF about 4 months ago…could I be pregnant? I took a test last night and it had a faint line, almost like it was a trick of the light. I guess I’m just a little nervous because my body hasn’t been regular since giving birth, so I’m unsure about when I was ovulating and etc.


    mommyryan – Like dchatterbox said, it’s possible you were already pregnant. Some people still have a period.. I don’t know. I’m just telling you what it sounds like =)



    just did aquafit…oh sooo tired! lil old ladies are tough! LOL



    Elizabeth- I know I sure do hope!!!!! If it isnt this month no 1 can say it was a lack of trying!! hahah lol, I really think we have a great chance this month! last month I only got 1 post OPK….. Not sure if that means much but this month I got 2 one at night and one the next morning!

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