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    lizzy- I know right (: (: (: I just really hope it works out on the FIRST try lol…. so nervous though; It was almost a year before! But then again I keep trying to tell myself that we didnt really ‘try’ so I really dont know exept for the time we got pregnant that I was ovulating; I wvwn found a calendar that said I was ovulating the time we went on the cruise and guess what thats when we made my angel…. Good luck to all of you!!! Baby Dust to all!!!!



    baby is here!!! Yeaaaa Braeley Sky 😉



    mfarmer – I think the tests are 99% the day of missed AF. Before that the accuracy drops considerably. So the day before it is somewhere in the 80’s I think depending on the test. And a few days before it drops down to the 40’s I think – but don’t quote me. I’m thinking of the Rite Aid brand that I bought last time:) Anyway, if you don’t think you’ll be broken hearted with a BFN, try it. If you don’t get the BFP, try again in a few days. Maybe you’ll get to know a few days sooner:) Maybe we’ll find out on the same day!



    hi every1 …. ive just joined up!!!!!


    Angel- so sorry hun. Baby dust to you and everyone ttcing.



    well my brother in law has been staying with us and his giirl friend and well when im living with other females my period tries to sync up with hers!!! so i think this has totally messed up my ovulation days!!! is that possible? i was a week late and took a test and got a BFN but then finally stsrted but a little over a week late!!! now by going by ovulation calenders i will only be fertile when hubby is out of town!!!! he works all week and is only home on the weekends so this sux for me!!!



    Me and hubby have been BDing like crazy. which is odd cause me sex drive was now where to be found but I’m glad its back maybe its cause i want a baby so bad or finally after 2 yrs of it being gone hopefully it stays cause hubby was starting to think if theres cobb webbs down there cause i wasn’t using it….lol


    Hello ladies! I am 5dpo and have bad cramping and some white discharge! Is that normal? **********baby dust***********



    Hey ladies! I’m sorry to hear you all are ‘breaking’ too. Hopefully you’ll concieve on your ‘break’ when you are less stressed! Good luck and baby dust to all!!! If you end up with that BFP – Let us know!



    Angelic, I have never used OPK’s but I regularly O around CD15. Maybe you are just later?



    CD10 and the OPK testing has begun…hopefully we will see 2 lines in the next 4/5 days…HOPEFULLY!



    mfarmer. I have 4 youngins. 2 was first try’s the other 2 took 6 and 9 months. This will be our 3rd month this time. I think it’s more exciting month by month instead of first try’s but it gets upseting when you get a BFN month after month.



    False Alarm



    TISabella-yes I have had cramping and it was a sign of pregnancy for me!!! ANGELIC- hope they figure out what is wrong soon! Poor mom&lil man….hope he heals quickly. MFARMER- I read the instructions of the prego test before I tested to see the % of accuracy 3 days before…it said %74 so I tested and TA DA!!!! I think it depends on a pregnancy test. KENTSMOMMY- i have a dr appointment with my family dr on the 9th and to get sent for blood work and to book an early U/S. I am nervous about the u/s b/c when I m/c I thought i was about 8weeks at my U/S and it only measure 5w6days so I am nervous if it is smaller that something will be wrong again. I have been praying about it a lot. Once I go and see that i am measuring accordingly I will get excited!!



    anyone have any olds wives tale or anything how to conceive a girl? lol. I want what the Lord wants for us BUT i really really want a girl. we are going to start trying in feb, and it will be our last baby. ive had 3 csections so has to be my last 🙁 i have 2 boys and one girl. id love to make it ‘even’ and i want my daughter to have a sister.

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