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    BRAY-I am on CD 2!!! AF was a day late this time I am sure that set my O ing back a day or 2 as well…. I hope this is everyones month!!! I just found out 2 friends of mine are pregnant…. AGAIN! Angelic-Hold out if you can really; i wasted 2 test! and I got AF a day late! 🙁 I also felt tired and I wanted Bananas sooo bad and I hate Bananas! Kent- Cant wait to see a BFP from you 😀 Bellies- I think AF is trying to regulate again.


    Hi I am new to this site, and I thought I might be able to get some support from some of yall. Me and my husband have been TTC and so far nothing 🙁 but I am due for AF on the 26th so please pray for us..



    afleet- I know exactly what you mean, i have been trying for 3 cycles now, and I am suposed to get my period on July 13th, and I think I am going to get it. I dont have any children yet, and I can’t wait to be pregnant! And I always said, if it happens, its happens, well, now, I am starting to loose my motivation!! I dont understand why this is a difficult process! And March would be a good month to have a baby! Babydust to you 😉



    yeaok- most women on a 28day regular cycle OVULATE on day 14 So yes you could get pregnant.



    Boomerette–I did the same thing last month!! I spotted and it lasted for 3 days and I stopped, then I started my period back up again the next day and went for another 4 days. I have NEVER done that before??? So, I have no clue as to what happened.


    boom I understand. It’s like I am suppost to take it easy, not travel and no bding. Well I went to alababma a couple of weeks ago a worried me the whole time that I was going to stress to much. Lol. (like that wasn’t more stress- worring over stress) don’t know if that makes sense or not. Now we are to have chistmas in georgia in 17 days. I don’t know if I should go. I will say a prayer for you. You are going to have me stressing over you playing a b-ball game! Lol. Hope you have a good time.



    mommyto1cuteboy- I am only on 50mg as they are scared I will develope too many more cysts on my ovaries.I am soo excited for you having twins…super dooper!



    hey angelic! happy move in!

    im cd 7 tomorrow so i have a week til bd.
    doing it 2 days before ovulation didnt work for us this past month.
    i want so much to have a december baby!



    I have a question…HELP!!!
    I have fibroids and my cycle has been going on since December 23rd. I know I can still try to get pregnant but my question is would I still follow the ovulation calendar with the days showing that I would be ovulating?



    Hey ladies! hope everyone had a great christmas! Anyways I am TTC and I am almost 2 weeks late on AF.. I keep getting BFN but I have always had regular AFs my entire life so go figure my body likes to play tricks on me now! I am going crazy and would really value any opinions or experiences! thanks



    seriously……im getting really impatient & this is just the start of our first month ttc!



    Good morning ladies. I am a little paranoid because I am due to have AF on Aug 3rd but I have been extremely tired and the wierd thing is that I had really sore nipples for like 2 days but are now gone. Been dizzy and overall weak feeling. I am scared because I just stared some new asthma and allergy meds and dont want to possibly expose a new baby to all of that. Anyone feel this way in the beginning and has anyone taken Advair throughout their pregnancy?



    So I am missing my cycle for the second day today…I already did the PG test and it say NOT PG…what is wrong with me??? help! Thanks ladies 🙂



    Hey all. I worked the last weeks on baby number 2. Well I tried the ovulation pee stripes that come with 20 sticks and as soon as it showed positive for ovulation I had sex every day until the test line got weaker. Well I ovulated on the 15th of this month and I made a Test today which was positive. The second line was very light though. Is it still positive?



    stickrainbowstick2010 – Love The video!! Thank you!!!!!!!

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