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    Yay for twins!! fingers crossed and praying for you. . . i found a new doctor. i go thursday morning. pray this doctor really cares about me and this baby. i have told my doctor several times, something feels different. she told me she didnt want to see me unless i was bleeding! i just dont understand. i have been unable to find a heartbeat, she dont want to even try. went to e.r. and they couldnt find one either. i am praying with all my heart that my baby is ok. i am so tired of worrying. hope new doc gives me answers. . . baby dust to all of you still waiting.



    Hey ladies wanted to drop in and say hi!! I am okay… I think the DH and I will just have sex this month and if its ment to be then so be it.. I cant believe I am letting this pass like this… my last baby was due in december.. and it breaks my heart to know that we will not be ‘trying’…… Anyways I hope that everyone is great! I am on CD 10… so about 10 days until I O…



    Trying for another baby. I have two girls and would like a boy.



    Hey ladies. BFP for me today!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!



    Tammie, your body is trying to get back to normal. it may take some time for your cycles to get regular again. Try taking Vitex, it is an herb from the chaste tree that helps regulating cycles. Good Luck!



    do you guys think opk are very accurate? I have gotten negative opks all week but I am having ovuation pain and EWCM. So i dont know if i have ovulated or what. Im so confused HELP!!!



    Sorry Kristen..CONGRATS…helps if I read your name correct



    Emily- I would say yes about the faint line…..had that when i founf out i was pregnant



    hope all goes well at your appointment hismrs x feeling like AF is gonna be here soon 🙁 good luck to the ladies getting ready to BD and test x p.s anyone who does ‘internal’ tests for mucas etc sorry TMI but my upper vaginal wall is very swollen – never noticed this before and i dont have any pain etc has anyone else experianced this? thanks x


    Mommyryan I heard it cld be mine is always white. I never did have a ‘dry period’ after I Oed either, like I normally would have. Like two or three days before AF I would be really dry. The other things was the taste of food was off even the things I normally loved. I did have to get up and pee once or twice at night, I normally didn’t. I smelled things from far away. I also was very tired. . . Sounds like your month to me. Keep us updated.



    MrsCook- When I was taking the OPK I would insert the test strip and the it would either put a O or a 🙂 face and when it was done with the results I would take the test strip out and they all had one dark line and the other line was faint but on the day I got a 🙂 they were both dark, so do not go off the faint lines- it is not like a pregnancy test…. You will know it when you see it and if yall BD everyotherday all the time and you have the TIME to bd every other day then you really done need opks…. but thats up to you…. The DH and I dont really see eachother all the time he works nights and I work days so Wed I dont see him at all, So we did OPKS so we would know when to forsure try but the plan didnt fold out like I thought but we still made it work– I got a positive on Sun only and we BD Sat night and SUn- 2 times Morning and Even.. and nothing Mon b/c he was to sleepy :/ soo either way sperm lives a while its the egg that you have to get 😉 Hope that helps a little



    I leave for the game in an hour. I will post how it went when I get home or tomorrow AM if i am too late tonight. I hate late games but this one starts@830 we have some that start at 930 those ones are brutal.



    CD2 and starting Clomid in 2 days time at 150mg…hopefully this will be it as I cant take the PCOS pain anymore and the removal of all my baby making parts is sounding better more and more.


    Try not to stress. It will happen. Have faith. Big hugs and baby dust.


    Woohoo! Second baby! Due date Feb 14. My DS is 5 years old. It took 11 months to make him. This pregnancy happened first time trying on vacation. It seems getting pregnant on vacation was the magic trick with DS.

    I am on a 26 day cycle. My AF came early on Monday, May 12th. My expected period was Saturday, June 7th. We did the deed on the evening of day 8 (May 19) and 10 (May 21).

    I used the cervical mucus method. Monday, May 19th CM was white and like lotion (not the best fertile time but possible). Tuesday, May 20th was hard to detect CM due to semen fluid. I also had vivid sex dream on Tuesday night and was in the mood on Wednesday. Wednesday, May 21st the cm was clear, thick, but only stretched a centimeter (the earliest fertile time but not the best) By Friday, May 23rd and Saturday, CM was dry/tacky.

    Last time with DS, I used ovulation strips to predict ovulation, and did the deed on day 15 of my cycle. This time, I expected I ovulated earlier on day 12 or 13 due to cervical mucus. The pregnancy signs started about 6-7 days later with sore breasts and fatigue. Breasts had sharp pains. It was different then my first pregnancy. I also had an increase in cervical mucus.

    If I didn’t get pregnant, I was going to try on days 9 and 11 the next month. Then move it up to days 10 and 12, so on and so on.

    I started taking pregnancy tests on June 2nd (22 day of cycle) but did not get a positive until June 5th (25 Day) with a faint line. I used clear blue digital and Answers. Clear blue digital said negative but when I popped open the test, there were two faint lines. I tested too early. Answers gave me a positive on June 5th. Good luck to everyone and I hope this helps! The Ovulation Calendar helped me on this site with the cervical mucus method. However, the ovulation calendar was off by three days.

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