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    CHATTER – Did you test?? I’m thinking about testing tomorrow but I didn’t buy it yet because I know I’ll use it if I buy it. Lol! C’mon BFP’s!! BRAY – Enjoy this week! That 2ww seems like forever, but sometimes I think waiting to O seems longer since there’s nothing to really get excited about yet! ANGELIC – Hmmmm, maybe test early? If the symptoms are due to pregnancy, maybe the hcg is strong enough to be detected? Good luck!


    do anyone know when the cervis is suppose to go higher.
    do it suppose to raise the day of ovulation or before. it said it should be soft. i haven’t noticed a softness. still feels like the tip of my nose. If i am touching the right thing.



    Steph- it sounds like the cramping and spotting you had was probably from implantation. You can google search it to read up on it, but you’re symptoms are pretty normal for that. That’s a good sign!!! Hopefully you’ll get your BFP this month…good luck!


    Hi ladies I have a question how accurate is this ovulation chart it says I ovulate on the 18 can I count on it? I really need to BD when I ovulate because I’m trying to have a boy:-D



    Hi Mfarmer- my AF will be due on 22 of this month and I know it is still early to expect…but I do hope all of my feelings ( abdominal cramping, feeling sickness…) at the moment are symptoms of PG like elizabeth7heaven in 3 weeks mark…..I’ll try HPT on 20th of this month…Sooo excited !!!



    boom – same thing happened to me. I thought I was 10 wks and the baby only measured 5 – 6. Awful!! My son was small the whole pregnancy; only 6 lbs 6 oz and he was 2 wks past due. So even though I may panic, I’m going to try to keep my cool during the u/s as long as the little bugger keeps growing… that’s if I can get a darn BFP!! Lol! Good luck!



    http://www.babymed.com/early-positive-pregnancy-test-when This seems like a decent site about when we can all do the test!



    Angelic???? So sorry to hear!! That stinks! We need some good news on here!!!! Lots of baby dust to all that is TTC!!



    Im so upset, i had a miscarriage yesterday at 8 weeks, 4 days. Im devastasted. When can we start trying again. Will it be bad news again??



    thx 4 explaining. so like if my period lasts 4 days on average and i start about 21 days after i stop bleeding does that mean i have a 25 day cycle? im still kinda confused



    FEEFEES- hoping you’ll have some good news for all of us very soon!! I am about in my fertile period so we are bding now. hubby is so sweet and attentive about it. I love him for that. 🙂 he loves to light candles and massage my back and just make it lovely & romantic. and then he laughs when I elevate my hips like I do afterward, haha. 🙂



    **Monicagarcialv I would test now and see what the initial test says. If it is a negative then maybe wait a few days and try again. There could be a couple different times your next period will come depending on if the Sept 3rd was a period. If ti didn’t come last Friday or this Friday then I am not sure of the answer…go and get a few of the generic preggo tests and try every other day!! Good luck. I hope for a positive!!



    Hurry up MFARMER. Lol!! How’s the weight loss going?



    morning ladies, 4DPO with small amouts of twinges in my left bb, and the odd pulling/cramping around ovaries..



    I have not tried yet but last month my body was a little diff and I thought I wonder if I am ovulating and it said I was but the DH and I cant BD untill after this cycle… so I havent actually tried it out yet 😉

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