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    Has that happened to any of you? How long did it take for your body to get back on schedule? I have always been on a 28 day schedule, before now…



    So ladies, its official. AF showed up this morning:( I really really thought that October was our month. I’m not discouraged though. I’m sure there’s a great plan out there for me – I just hope it involves a BFP this cycle. LOL!
    Elizabeth – I remember those days… sleepy! You’ll be back to having energy in no time!
    As for the working out thing ladies, I teach aerobics. With both of my previous pregnancies I go preggos when I worked out more; 9 – 10 classes per week. I’m only doing 5 per week now so I’m hoping that I don’t decrease my chances. Anyway – don’t stop working out! It’s good for you and a new baby nest:)



    mfarmer – It could’ve been either mon or tues. Your LH usually spikes within 24 – 48 hrs prior to O. Since you had a + on Sunday, you probably O’d sometime on Monday; later in the day:) But I wouldn’t rule Tues out completely.



    Kent- I am gonna try Pre seed!!! (if the store has it)



    well i just got my ewcm so i really hope it worked by us bd last night. we hadnt bd since thurs night so i hope that it was nice and potent. lol.
    go swimmies go!


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    You should get one of those digital tests that say Pregnant or Not Pregnant. That way you’re sure.



    well yall, i have a daughter that is 6 months old today- and AF was due about 3 days ago… still nothing. Could this mean baby #2! Already… ahh



    Hi ladies, I’m curious — and I am hoping someone maybe able to help me out. Please leave me your advice on my page under ‘private’ please!!

    My husband and I BD’d on Friday night, we’re not really ttc atm however, he did ejaculate some in me before he realized it and pulled out. (sorry if that’s tmi). I am supposed to ovulate either today or tomorrow. Do you think my chances of becoming pregnant are good?? Please let me know what you think….Thanks!!



    how long after a misscarriage do people normally get their period?



    good plan on waiting girls!!! i cant wait to hear the results! hoping for BFP’s for you both!



    TIsabella – I understand tht the spermcount will be less, but will it realy make such a big difference between 500Million sperms and maybe 200Million sperms? I will make sure we BD less before I am fertile just in case.
    And good luck to you for next month! 😉


    mommyto1cuteboy….yes but my hormone levels are normal . The first time this happened to me I found out I had hypothyroidism (aka need to take a pill everyday to replace thyroid hormones my body doesn’t make) Now my cycles are messed up because of a cyst on one of my ovaries. They say it should be gone on it’s won soon but I can understand your frustration with irregular periods , I’m on the same boat right now.



    Abigail – It is very possible to O late. I’m about 4 days later than the calendar says. If you want to use a calendar rather than OPK’s or BBT, you should find a site that takes into account your Leutal phase length. This will give you a more accurate O date. Good luck!



    Boom. I didn’t actually test. My CM is usually quite an indicator. I had just a tiny CM this afternoon, so we are gonna keep trying anyway for the next few days. Kent, I understand what you were saying, thanks. I will pay attention. And Good Luck to you!

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