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    hey all i had a cone biopsy done a week ago does anyone know how long it will take to get pregnant? or if its easier or harder to get pregnant? any insight on this wld be great… i kno i can have sex for at least 2 weeks i was just wondering thank you



    I posted my question on here a few days ago. Please refer to my question before you answer my new question.

    I took a pregnancy test today and it came out negative. Did I test too soon?? Or am I just not pregnant?? When should I test again??



    Good Luck Angelic!



    babyoneisaboy when did you finally test positive? i’m almost 2 weeks late on my period and still neg. i actually went to dr today and he said he doubts a blood test will come back positive. but i have all the symptoms and have had 3 pregnancys and 2 kids. the last was a mc cause of hormone levals so i’m worried little.



    We’ll, I’m 13 DPO and I couldn’t wait, so I took a test this morning and got a BFN!! UGH!! Although, still no sign of AF…BBs are still full and sore, but that is it. Could I be too early???



    hey ladies, I have missed you all!!! Hows everyone doing? any BFPs that I might have missed? WE are busy trying to buy a different house so I havent been on here at all!!! I went into my week and not many people that I have connected with either. Oh well. I will stick around here. I am not ignoring you guys just busy busy, we put in an offer on a house last night so now we wait! I have a ton of errands to do today and trying to get the current house we are in ready to rent out! Anyways hope you are well and I will check in and keep you posted. I have a dr appt. Feb8 and I hope I hear that heart beating strong then!!! Talk soon!!!



    So I think I am CD21 or 7DPO, woke up with a bad case of the runs…sorry tmi, but crikey, had I of passed wind I would have been in trouble…lol. Still having the odd sharp pain in bbs and very sore nips still..cramping is still there, but not as bad.


    yes I feel hot!! It feels great outside and it’s 42 degrees! Kent- I am so sorry big hugs



    Kent- Thanks… Boom- Well I am debating on a test date :/……. I dont know when I ‘O’….. i am gonna guess Mon some time just because that night the OPK was neg… so I will test next Sunday on the 13th! that will put me 13dpo(if I o on monday) and 12dpo(if I O on Tues) either way that is still 1 or 2 days be 4 AF is due and I should get a good test result….



    Merry Christmas to all the friends I have made here. I hope you have all had a wonderful day and got totally spoilt by all your men. Any BFP today??


    Fingers crossed mommyryan 🙂



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    So I’m a stay at home mommy. I only one child and I want another one and my dh don’t. I was supposed to get a/f between dec 6-9. I went and had a test done at a free clinic when I was around 10 days late and now its been a month. I’m to scared to get another one done cause I don’t want a negitive one again. And I REALLY want another baby.



    mrscook – OPK is still negative? I though for sure you’d get your smily face by now! Ugh; maybe you just missed your LH surge or drank too much water or something.


    Well no luck this month…started af today..guess we are on to round 2…

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