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    Smartwifeandmom: I agree with you. I wasn’t trying to belittle anyone else’s situation. Really I was just talking about my own experience. and actually giving ‘props’ for those who’s experience was tougher or more complicated then mine. Taz83 ~ Really all I can do is share my experience’s- I cannot share yours or anyone elses experience. I believe these types of sites are here to share with each other, and support each other. Whether it is an important issue for YOU or not is completely your own opinion. Maybe someones finds comfort in a situation that you cannot relate too.



    Well, Boom, I never have one waiting. I hate buying multipacks because if I am pregnant then it is a waste of money, but then I haven’t been needing one recently. Last month was my first month actively trying to get pregnant, usually I have been trying not to get pregnant, so maybe now I will stock up!


    how are all the munchkins to come? my hubs felt her for the first time last night it was great. wish i could feel more.



    Hey all me and my husband are trying for a baby, I already have a little boy who is 3 in feb x my af was due today and hasent come so did a test and come up BFN X did I test too early ???


    caty and mfarmer I started feeling sick at my stomach around the 3 week mark. I am somewhere around 5-6 weeks.



    okay ladies. What do you think. i have been trying for 6 months, this month I thought was it. I was one week late for AF and got her today. Should I go to the Doctor? I am not sure where to start even trying to calculate when I O now.



    Chatter- I love the TTCAL Forum… anyways… This is 11DPO for me with day 3 of light spotting… I implantation maybe???!!! Test said BFN this morning, but I have not lost all hope! we shall see!!! I am retesting Sunday!



    How long does sperm live for? I had intercourse on the 12th day of my cycle and i am now ovulating on the 14-15th day what do you think my chances will be? HERE IS HOPING




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    Janet1972 – I went through the same thing right before I found out I was pregnant, I was actually expecting my af to come, but It never did, and I kept getting those irritating cramps. Maybe you’ll get lucky! 🙂



    mum2onex- I have ovulation cramps for 4 days, but I do get them really bad. It varies for every woman.


    Hello… I have a question and I am hoping someone can help me….Please! 🙂
    The date of my LMP was just August 11 2009….So its telling me that my dates are august 22-25. What I am wondering is…My husband and I had sex at midnight on the 20 21 and 22…..But not yet tonight….What are the odds that I am pregnant right now!? He is so sleepy and sleeping right now….I don’t what to bother him……and its just our first month of trying. Thanks!



    any ladies with multiple sclerosis ttc



    Boom, normally I do have a couple in the cupboard, but this time I have none :0( . I have a massive headache, im tired and I just wish the sickly feeling would bugger off. Might have to send hubby in after work.



    Mommyryan, I too have been waiting since the 17th Jan..I usually have a 27/28 day cycle too..here is hoping that we both get that BFP in the next few days…im going to wait till at least wed to test again..im sure it will be the longest 36hrs of my life. Even DH thinks I look pg, its just all the tests that say otherwise…Im also told there is a small chance that I could have O’d twice…once around the cd 14/15 (bloods proved I did) and GYN has a feeling that maybe I O’d again around CD27, which would explain the spotting I had CD 27 and 28.

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