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    Hello ladies! My husband and I started TTC in April. I am 9 days away from my expected arrival of AF but the past few days I have had some queasy feelings on and off and today my BB’s are a little tender. It’s still a little early to test but Im so anxious to! When I was PG with my son I didnt feel this way at all! What are your opinions?



    ReadyandWaiting… ive experienced the same thing.. my bf and i hav been together for 8 months and we hardly ever used protection and it also makes me wonder if i will ever get preggo.. hes a mechanic and it mostly in the shop all day workin on cars and then at night hes a tow truck driver.. so him bein around all those fumes all day being trapped in the shop has made me bein to wonder also..



    Hi girls,
    Well, the red fairy has finally come. I had a miscarriage five weeks ago, so I actually have been waiting for it. This is my second miscarriage, I read some messages, and it feels nice not to feel alone. I have happy days and sad days still. I’m going to wait for one cycle and then try to concieve again. My problem is not concieving it’s carrying. My doctor said next time I concieve she will give me progesterone suppositories. Has anyone done this and work? I just feel discourage after two consecutive miscarriages. Any advice for this time around?


    Hi everyone! We have a son who will be 16 months next week and are just starting to try for our second! I’ve been off the pill for a few months and we where using contraceptive foam and now nothing 🙂 our son was a wonderful surprise so i have no idea how long it could take but i hope it’s quick!






    We are trying to get pregnant for the last time. We have 5 beautyfull children already. I had my tubes reversed and had our son, only had to try twice. I hope it will be that easy again. I wish you all luck for those who are trying.



    cant wait for my testing day the 12th im on mythird try and hoping this is it keep me in baby dust prayers please



    mfarmer* we can pray, hope and have faith. I think our times coming. Hang in there. Did AF come?


    everyone is quiet today.


    mommy- that’s awesome!!!! Congrats!



    dchatter- we are just days apart…hopefully you get that BFP soon…sending **STICKY BABYDUST** to you.



    Hi ladies! It is good to see all of your names and comments again! I think I am about ready to join your ranks again. Just started AF and it has been 2 months since my D&C so I can start TTC again this month. i won’t try too hard, i want to just let it happen this time, but i will still take children’s aspirin and a cup of Fertilitea again to help if i do conceive. Sorry it’s been so long, I just couldn’t face it all again, the pain was too fresh.



    i have a question…. i got my AF twice last month.it stop first time after 5 days the 2 time it stayed for7 days….nothing since the 27th…….my body feels crazy…..WHAT SHOULD I DO………..thank you ladies



    Ok Em, help me out then. I always thought2 weeks after a d&c I would be fertile, so I have been BDing away! Its almost a month and I thin I only O’d yesterday and I think also today as ive been having little twinges on each side under my tummy? This whole body thing confuses me, I really have no idea about anything as ive never tried to get pregnant before!



    Aww mfarmer, tis always another month next month, looks like we will both be back in the 2ww soon…

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