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    angelic-u must be out of u mind at this stage!!!!!! hope it works out xxxxx



    kents* baby dust! Sorry for your loss. Fingers crossed for you as well.


    Thanks for your kind wishes mommies!! Lots of baby dust to you all too!!

    Also, for the ladies taking Clomid….What are the side effects you are having most? My headaches are HORRID!! They started on the first dose….



    Ok so we just found out that I O’d early..im just hoping that we covered the days by BD early..Roll on fri for the blood work.


    Good morning all!! So, I officially am in the pukers annonymous club as well. I think I puked my toes up last night. These babies are making me super sick, but I’m so thankful for it! Hope everyon had a great new years. I got wasted off of sparkling cider…Ha ha…:)



    DCHATTER – Glad to see you are back at it. TTC again for me was actually therapeutic so I hope it is for you too. It gives you new hope and makes you realize that although you were blessed for a short time with your little ones, you are about to be blessed with sweet little angel and that is so exciting.

    MFARMER – Yay for 29 lbs!!! That’s awesome:) Keep up the great work and it is nice to hear from you!



    I can’t believe I forgot the torture of the 2ww!! lol



    I hear ya carrie, im still working on my first.. I wanted to be done w/ all the kids I wanted by the time I was 30! and that wont happen… I tried the whole let nature take it’s course and that did me no good… so im off to the doc to see about fertility treatments, or whatever the next step may be for me. good luck ttc!!!



    I have been TTC with my husband for nearly a year now, we hope that this is our month. We did the BD on the 5th, and plan to do it again tonight (the 7th)! I truly hope we can get pregnant just for one more child. We want a son before I get too much older. There is a hightened risk of cancer for me and I would prefer to see my child/ren grow up a bit before I get too sick!



    CD1 today, 4 days early!



    we are in this together!



    hi everyone good luck for all the testers x does anyone have any plans for valentines day yet x



    Thanks Lizzy! Wow, a night free from the kiddies – lucky you!


    I know it’s just crazy what people say to you. Like they don’t have manners or no marbles in their noggin.



    So….I go home last night and start the OPK again this month and the first try gave me a BF smiley face :-)..how awesome is that!! So, I fixed my man a nice bubble bath and put our 18 month old to bed and we BD!! I’m hoping this is the month for us!!! My little boy needs a playmate!!

Viewing 15 posts - 496 through 510 (of 2,973 total)

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