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    Angelic- thank you 🙂 I did get my positive opk! Got it yesterday morning and evening, and again when I got up! We bd 2 times yesterday, not sure the dh had to many little men 2 hrs after we had bd, but hey I will take any extra lol! We are going to try to keep it going until tues! So I am pretty sure I totaly missed the egg last month, but I think I got it this month!!



    hi all i just want some advise really, about 2 week ago i had brown mucus tmi, and have been having period pains as if im about to come on but nothin happend yet. cuz there only 4 days left in this month do you think i could be pregnant.



    good lucky sparky! …… cramps today, not sure why.



    Well last night I bought my first pregnancy test!!! a 3 pack so I am readyyyy to start trying now!!!!! I cant wait until next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


    mfarmer- had to say I am sorry again. Kent sounds like you have been having loads of fun. . . .everyone here is over the stomach bug that was going around. Everyone is happy again. Had a good weekend. Did everyone elses go good?



    Boom- i read the back of the test and it said 64% get a postivie at 6 days be 4 AF is due and 100% got positives 4 days be 4 AF was due soo If i knew when AF was really suppose to come I cold prob test a little sooner but I am just going to stick with Sat…



    mfarmer – I think we had the same cycle this month… when are you testing?


    I’m in my 2ww as well. Considering my cycle really does go back to normal, I should start the 8th -10th if we didn’t get it this time. I’m not too sure, because when I did get my period back in May, it lasted longer than they used to n then I had a lot of brown discharge (TMI) so had to wear a panty liner still n I just now had regular CM 2 days ago which would’ve been a lot later than I ovulate n no sign of EWCM so we’ll see.. We were trying when I would’ve ovulated if my cycle was back to normal.. but it already hasn’t been ‘normal’ so.. just have to wait and see



    2/10 of a degree for 3 consecutive days is a good indicator of ovulation. My temp went up 2/10 of a degree on the 24th, was still up on the 25th and 26th, so the 24th would have been my cover line and day of ovulation – I hope!



    Okay… So I am like 43 days since last AF and I did a preg test and got a BBN… Now I just want my period back so I can try again, what’s wrong with my body… I have been off and on the pill before and never had to wait this long… I am with you *Amanda*, waiting blows….



    Well i am about 5dpo and i have been having lower back pain, and cramping. My BB’s hurt a little but nothing to bad. I can’t test until next week and im wondering if these are good signs


    Sorry TMI qqustion, My last af was 17th jan so i would have ovulated already buy im still getting alot of clear cm, what could this be?



    Hi ladies…..first time posting here….We are trying again after a miscarriage April 13….AF came this morning so I am hoping we can get a BFP this cycle……



    Boom, I am in New Zealand. Very little country that we are.



    supposed to get AF today. Hasnt showed up yet but its ok. I guess we will just have to try harder next month. WAs hoping I was prego this month so that I was due in July. Then I wouldnt have to worry about getting the other kids up and out the door for school!!! Fingers crossed for next month! Baby wishes for you all!!

Viewing 15 posts - 736 through 750 (of 2,973 total)

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