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    kent-take a test already woman..LOL just finished baking some banana muffins…was craving them. That and chocolate milk is the best thing ever these days…had dr appt today. It went well. WE will see what the u/s says!



    MFARMER-Boo to the BFN-YAY to the weight loss!! KENTS-I thot u were more fertile while breast feeding too??ANGELIC-Your dreams sound yummy-Im experiencing lots of heartburn for some reason…haven’t had it this bad before and when I was prego with my son I had heartburn all the time, just hope thats whats causing it!! **BABY DUST**



    Hi all! I normally do not go by O calendar b/c it can be disappointing if your body says something different. However, I’m optimistic about this month prediction!



    ok so on fertility friend my chart says i ovulated on Sat like I thought I would 🙂 today I have cramps.. they arent bad so im not thinking anything of it. Im 3dpo today and my temps are going up… today when i woke up it was 98.5. anyone noticed anything being 3 dpo?



    oh yayyyyyy maybe we conceived a girl??? thats dreamy to think about. im about 90 percent sure im el preggo. lol. i feel just gross. my tum is turning and i cant get enough of sleeping. if i could get someone to watch my boys i would sleep alllllll day no joke.
    and im having trouble eating. i like tuna salad and crackers. and im afraid to eat that because it sounds gross. i hope this isnt all in my head like last month. its like i want to be pg so im hoping im not just looking for things ya know?
    im getting up in the middle of the night a couple times to pee and its frustrating especially when the 2nd or 3rd time is JUST before the alarm. ugh.
    i guess i will test tomorrow just for fun. dollar store tests. i will be cd 23/ 9 days dpo .prolly too early but im a pee stick aholic.

    someone tell me, have you ever had yellow discharge in early pregnancy? it doesnt smell bad but im wearing a bad (because of the yeast infection meds) and i see yellow and by the end of the day the pad is yellow. its a pale yellow.
    any thoughts mamas? i noticed it before i started the meds for the YI.

    any input is appreciated lol.


    Congrats KatieNJohn!



    Hi Elizabeth! Nice to hear from you. So sorry you’ve been battling all of that sickness in your house!! Hope you all find your way back to healthy soon. We found out the sex with my son. I kind of want a surprise baby this time too but DH wants to find out. I think I’m going to cave, not for buying things but to explain to the big brother:) It’s hard saying your brother or sister all the time. As for the movement, I’m sure the baby is just too small to feel all the movements right now. You’re probably only feeling him/her when she’s acting crazy:)



    I had my period april 19 2010 and it was regular.. I than got my iud placed on April 28th of 2010. I was suppost to start on the 17 of May 2010 but It is now the 27th and I still have not had my period.. My breast are sore and on Friday the 21st I woke up I was dizzy, now my breat hurt bad, I took a pregnancy test on the 24th at planned parent hood and it was negative.. I am now 9 days late could I be pregnant??



    I forgot to mention my super smelling powers. Lol! I swear, I’m like a bloodhound!



    hello there everyone…I am back here again after 2yrs, my lil girl turned 2 this october, and we think she is ready for another sibling :). We are now trying to conceive again, we have been trying for abt 3months now, but we were too casual abt it :D….so all the best everyone!!! lots and lots of baby dust!!!! 🙂


    I know I should be counting my blessings and be happy. I truly am happy. I am somewhat a little worried. I have been so sick with every pregnancy except for the miscarriage I had in 2003 and this pregnancy so far. I have only been sick three times maybe. By now my morning sickness is all day and I barely keep anything down. I am not complaining just wondering if this has happened with anyone else.



    Boom- awesome!! I am excited for you!!! I know that I couldnt wait to have mine!! And they were always a month a part 🙁 But one good thing is with the next they said that they would see me more often 😉 sooo I think I may get them every 2 weeks :):) We need bfp’s pleaseeee!!!!!!!



    I have a question. Last month my period was a few days late and I took a test and BFN. I started my period and it was a normal period maybe a day shorter but thats all. This month I’ve been using ovulation tests and watching CM and temps and so far I am on day 20 and no ovulating yet! I usually have 28 day cycles. Do you think it would be possible for me to have ovulated late last month and not tested positive even if I was? I have no idea what’s going on.



    angelic!!!!!! yay!!!!!! im so happy for you !

    just checkin on all my ttc ladies. thinkin of you..
    im now in week 12 and the first trimester has been…..horrible. i need energy. i havent felt like myself in months. definitely ready for 2nd trimester!

    wish you all the very best. DONT GIVE UP.



    When are you ovulating?

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