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    Hi TTC ladies. My hubby and I are ttc our second baby. Our first little boy will be turning 1 this month. Since I had him, my first cycle was 35 days, then 2 cycles were 31, the 2 were 30, and then we were ready to TTC, so I had a pretty good idea of when I would ovulate, I had a 35 day cycle. What’s up w/ that. It was supposed to be 30 or 29 days. Now I have no idea what’s going on and how long this one is going to be. And the other weird thing is that I have been breaking out really badly right in the middle on my cycle, rather than right at the end. So annoying. Has anyone ever had that happen? Does it mean anything? Thanks. And good luck ladies.



    Well, ladies. The moment has finally come for me to say….’We’re preggers!!’. It’s been a long road and I am so greatful that this has happened. I am a bit nervous in telling people and I don’t think that I am going to tell anyone else. I had two positive pregnancy tests taken at the OBGYN’s office and I still need confirmation…I know, I know…be thankful, but I am sooo nervous. Sometimes, I don’t know what to think or how to feel. I am sooooo excited, all I could do was cry when the nurse told me about the positive. Anyway, thanks to those who were with me and encouraged me when I had the nerve to get back on… I became very discouraged and couldn’t bring myself to log-on as much. But I did want to come back on and share the news and the hope! Baby dus and much faith to all!



    Well Ladies, hope everyone is having a good day!! Tomorrow is our rehearsal for the wedding and Friday I took off!! So one more day and then I can try to relax and get stuff done for the wedding!! :):) I am so sleepy still 🙁 CD4 and I wish it was over with lol…. Do yall know anything about Chemical Pregnancy’s? Its just that AF is really heavy could that be stress?? :/



    OMG noone can give me an answer, I feel like im going crazy not knowing what it all means..why do they (the doctors) do this to us?



    Hello Ladies,

    i used a OPK this month for the first time-I saw the smiley face on CD11 @ 7pm we BD at 3am and at 6am the next day i and therepeated the test and there was no smiley face and we BD CD8, CD9, CD12 and CD13 do you think we have possible conceived? I am usually 26 or 28 day cycle. Does anyone know how the LH surge last? Do you think I missed the window of opportunity. Thanks for any ideas or information.



    Hey Ladies! Just wanted to say hi to everyone….. I see lots of new faces in here! Congrats angelic! To all my old friends I am doing great. Started my class and I have now lost 40lbs! It is getting hard because Nov 4th is comming up so soon 🙁 I miss my angel. Anyways baby dust to all of you!



    Hello everyone I am new to the site.Well I been tryin to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years and I been off the pills for along time now.So what should I do?


    I have my period every 14 days arrg what a pain.. I been off birth control for a month now I been on it for 8 months I think. My daughter is 9.5 months and we are trying for baby number 2 we want them close together.. good luck to ya all
    Baby dust



    15dpo, no af and no sign she is ariving anytime soon….have GYN at 10.30am so I will know one way or another…having the odd burning like cramp, but nothing like af cramps..



    DRhoping2be…i would suggest waiting a few days and then testing again. My AF was due on the 20th. I took a test on the 17th and it was a BFN…took another on the 19th and it was positive. So i would wait and see what happens. BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!



    Hey Ladies! MFARMER – Sending loads and loads of baby dust to you!!! MOMMYRYAN – Uh oh, I’m due sept 19 and I’m so worried about this hot summer!! Not that I’d change a thing, but it is going to be an uncomfortable one I’m sure. You’re comment is making me nervous. LOL! MRSCOOK – Are you still checking in? How are you?? BOOM – How bout you? I wish they had a side forum that we could get into to keep up with each other:) LIZ – Glad to hear things are going well with the movement and all. I can’t wait for that! Maybe next month:)



    mrscook- i usually never get m/s until 7-8weeks for some ODD reason!!! But I wouldnt be too worried!!! IT WILL HAPPEN!!!



    boom i am due to start on feb 15th.



    congrats diva!!


    Momtobe – I was on Clomid last month in fact!! I believe in signs too!! Good luck! STICKY baby dust to you!

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