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    My AF was 7 days late last month. We are now in our 4th month of TTC. This is getting frusterating. I am starting to wonder how long this is going to take.



    Congrats Mfarmer!!! Can’t wait to see pics!


    angel- that has to be so frustrating. Hope the docs can figure it out soon. Good luck.



    Cassie, that is how I can tell I am starting my ovulation cycle, there is what they cal egg white cervical mucus, because it almost just like egg whites. the abbreviation is EWCM. Mrscook, I hope that preseed does all it says, because I got some to use this month as well as FertiliTea. I hope they help. Here is a weird thing, My BBT during AF last month stayed around the mid-96’s for a week and a half, but this month they are staying in the low 97’s. does anyone know if that is strange?



    Lizzy- it may be too early for you to test Boomer- 🙁 sorry, hope it is next month! I am still waiting to ovulate, I bout the Clear Blue OPK soo lets hope it works 😉 Good luck to everyone this month!!! Baby dust to all!!!!



    2 days till testing…excited much!



    Hi ladies i am need of desprate reasurrance or somekinda.. my AF is due on Wedneday My mucus shouldnt eggwhite/ creamy should it.. usally it should be just creamy but not stretchy.. I am very bloated n got pains on my left side like ovarie pains. I am not sure wat the heck is going on,. Can anyone help pls



    MFARMER – You sound like me last month! I was 4 days late:( I hope that AF holds out and get you BFP in a few days!!


    sher- i was on depo for a year for my first took me 2 years to get my first daughter, with only having one shot id say roughly 6 months



    o.k i am confused,i have been monitering my cm and this month i never noticed ”fertile”egg white stretchy cm,now i am on 2nd day of cycle,On my period and i seem to have stretchy egg white cm along with my period,sorry for to much info..but has this ever happend to anyone.?can you ovulate during your period?


    Well, my husband and I have decided to start trying again after 4 miscarriages and 1 tubal pregnancy. We are going to try one more time. If it ends in a miscarriage or a tubal we are not going to try anymore. So we hope if it does happen it will stick. My af came ysterday so I will start my fertility pills on day 5 so keep your fingers crossed.



    I’m 3 days late. I’m probally just late this mth. But Good luck to everyone else!!!!!



    hi guys i guess good luck is going out to mfarmer at the mo 🙂 so good luck sweetie xxx have i missed any BFPs x



    mfarmer i want a december/jan baby too. were going to bd alot until i get my ovulation cm (tmi but mine looks like rubber cement not egg egg whites, and i know thats exact time of ovulation because i mark it. i ovulated 2 weeks late last month which is why af was so late, they say you start 14 days after ovulation and i was on the DOT)
    does anyone know why we ovulate so late sometimes and other times we are ‘normal’ as in the middle of our cycle? its all very confusing. our plan was to go away and ttc but since af was late, i was spotting on the first day of our getaway and even though we did bd, i doubt anything came of that.
    my birthday is the 29 th , i hope to have a nice bfp around that time for a birthday present. 2 of my kids have been spring babies 9both in may) and one in the fall (september) so i realllllly want a winter bundle. lol. plus i would really really love to not be hugely pg in the hot fl summer in my 3rd trimester. i did that with the last one when i delivered in september and i thought i was gonna die lol.



    KENTSMOMMY-I know!! We get to totally go through the forums together!! YAY! ELIZABETH7–if I knew that it would help that person in the long end, I would tell them now…they will respect you for it later. BRAYBRAY-that is when me and DH BD…the day after O day. Hang in there ANGELIC!! Sticky Sticky Baby Dust to you and all my baby dust friends on here!!

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