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    I have been a humanitarian worker for 3 years. I have been in most of the third world countries and some of the largest slums in the world. In my last visit I handled a victim of rape. I took the necessary precautions like gloves and the like but at some point due to the trauma she used a surgical blade to cut me. I took test and found out she was infected with an STI. I got infected but I treated it early with antibiotics and other medications. My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant and I read somewhere that STIs can cause complications and even infertility. Should I be worried??



    hi, pid is a very serious disease that can cause blockages in the Fallopian tubes. its good you are on antibiotics i really don’t know whether there is another kind of medication. but i think you should go get more check ups and do that often. once or twice every year. and yes you should be worried about your health.



    hey dear i am so sorry for what happened to you what i know is that sexually transmitted diseases can affect your ability to have children. That’s particularly true for women. Left untreated, even an asymptomatic STD can eventually lead to an episode of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID is one of the leading causes of preventable infertility. Women with PID have scarring on their fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs. This makes it difficult for sperm to reach an egg.



    hey there yes you should be worried STIs like PID Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) can sometimes lead to serious and long-term problems, particularly if the condition isn’t treated with antibiotics quickly.

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