Polycystic ovarian synrome pcos

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    I want a baby!!


    HockeyGurlie – I know things seem tough right now but trust me you can and will get through this. I was diagnosed with PCOS and Endromytreosis at age 16. By 18 I had my first laporoscipy. I have had 2 children already and am pregnant again. I will not lie though. It hasn’t been easy. I have under gown several surgeries and lupron injections to get to where I am at. The hardest part is this current pregnancy. I have had a lot of pain but to me he is worth it. Hang in there and stop pressuring yourself. It will happen when your not trying but just enjoying your spouse.



    hey girls, i went to my gp the other day after day after yet another missed period and i have been told its time to start trying. so im looking for help on any ideas on ways and how to concieve. i have been given till the 29th of feb to try on our own and then i see my gyno and he will put me on clomid. so please help me out girls i want my miricle!!



    Hi im trying to conceive for more than a year. 4 months back only I came to know im having PCOS.My LH level is high. Doctor gave lectoz 2.5 mg twice in a day for 5 days. After those two months I ovulated. First month I was having 2 eggs. Second month I was having more than 10 eggs in that 2 were big in size remaining was small. They gave injection Lupride and T. Duphaston. Nothing worked. Im very depressed.



    Hey girls. Can you have pcos and endemitiouses?



    I have PCOS and i am 17 weeks pregnant so yes you can get pregnant, Has anyone been put on clomid???? That is how I got pregnant! After findingout I had PCOS I became very depressed!!! I blamed myself I thought I was broken, but now I realize that everyhting in life happens for a reason. I am 29 and I thought I was the only person in the world with this, but once I got preggo I started to explain to people that I have PCOS and I need fertitly treatments……Well once you tell people you learn I was never alone out of all the close family I told 3 of them have PCOS and needed help and they were to embrassed to tell anyone so now I tell everyone if I can help one person they my voice is heard!! We all will get through this!! 🙂



    hey is there anyone else out there?? Im pregnant and 7 weeks, AND just found out there are two babies growing!!



    ForcedPatience- Im really sorry for your loss. Its been shown that people with pcos who take metformin threw their pregnancy, have a lot lower risk of miscarriage. I think the statistics are 30-40% chance of miscarriage when you have pcos, and being on metformin it lowers it to about 10 % . Might be something you might want to consider with the next pregnancy. Again im really sorry for your loss.



    hi ladies have any of u had ur ovaries flushed?



    Hi all, i have pcos and have known for 13 years, after diagnosis i became very depressed as i thought at the time there is no way I will ever concieve, my partner and i had unprotected sex for 5 years before i saw a Dr and he prescribed a great specialist whom put me on Clomid and tracked my ovulation through regular blood tests, this was successfull and after 5 months i was pregnant, pregnancy was smooth and i gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I was convinced i could not concieve on my own so I ignored the Dr’s advice and did not proceed with the pill after i had her and Bang, I fell pregnant 9 weeks after i gave birth, with no intervention and was not aware until i was 16 and half weeks pregnant that I was carrying, I thought my extended abdomin was a cyst and i soon found out my ovarian cyst had a heart beat. All the symptoms until then the Dr’s put down to post natal depression. I now have two beautiful healthy girls born 11 months apart and 7 years on we are 20 weeks pregnant and expecting another girl…So my message to all of you out there with PCOS, dont let it get you down, the possibilty of having children is extremely high if you are getting the right treatment and getting to know your ovulation cycle( BBT and mucus etc)
    Good luck to all



    hi girls need help bad. i had a pregnyl injection on the 18th of april and i did a preg test the other day it was negative then today i was due to get blood tests done and my partner suggested doing a test so i did and it showed a very faint positive is it just the pregnyl injection or am i pregnant?



    I just wanted to pop in and say that you can become pregnant with PCOS. I have known to have PCOS for about 5 years or so. I am 33 weeks pregnant now. I went through about 3 different cycles before I got pregnant. Before the doctors would do blood test at the end of each month to see if I ovulated, but that was not effective. This last doctor did not do blood test but made me keep a temp chart so that I could see the actual days when I ovulate. That worked. So keep your heads up. My only regret is that I wish I would have tackled this problem early on instead of allowing a very conservative physician to guide me. So I changed docs and got results!



    IM HAVING A BABY 🙂 !!!


    I have PCOS. We were trying for one year with no assistance and no luck. Then I started Clomid and after 5 cycles still nothing. We switched the IUI and the 2nd cycle worked. PCOS does not mean that you cannot concieve but stress does effect ovualtion and sperm count so my advice is to relax, it will happen, it just takes a little bit longer for us!

    impatientmommy, I am currently pregnant with a girl.



    I have PCOS and after years of trying and miscarriages….I just hit 10 weeks pregnant today and did it without fertility drugs. This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten and it gives me hope.

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