Polycystic ovarian synrome pcos

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    Hey guys i am looking for some advice. My SIL has been tryin to concieve for 6 years and has PCOS, me and my hubby were trying for 3 years and after an Op on my hubby we are now 14 weeks preg. It was difficult tellin my SIL and BIL cos of the obvious (us preg, them not..i know what its like when everyone around u is getin preg and ur not) but after about 3 weeks they seemed fine. I asked if she was preg cos of the way they were actin and they said no, they had given up, stopped tryin and all sorts a crap! Well they were!! an i found out last week she was 8 weeks preg and then 2 days later she M/C 🙁
    I was upset by the lies cos we were feeling really guilty for being preg and were not able to talk about it or get exited about it in front of them (which we r always with them)
    I do feel so bad for them, but they got pregnant!! a huge step after 6 years, so there is hope.
    MY question to u guys with PCOS, i want to help lift there mood, i was gonna give them a link to here for support but dont no how they will react?? Do u thinik ita gud idea or shall i just leave them and stay away??



    Odd question: Does birth control help a woman with PCOS become pregnant? I’ve heard that after taking BC for a little while, coming off of it will help your hormones stay level and induce ovulation. Do any of you know if this may work? I suppose it’s always worth a try.



    Hey ladies!

    Have not been here in a great while. Just found out today I’m prego!!! The problem is I have PCOS and I’m not currently on metformin. I have no idea how far along I am and can’t get an appt. until the 25th. Other than eatting very well what else can I do to keep this little one safe until I get metformin. thanks



    ChristinR…..It was suggested to me in my late teens to try to regulate my cycles with bc. It didn’t work for me. I hope it does for you. From the time I have been 14yrs until now at almost 44 – I am lucky if I have 1 or 2 periods a year…EXCEPT the year following the birth of my first son at 37 years old. I had a cycle every month for about 7 months and then they stopped again. I sought the help of a fertility specialist in my late 20’s….and was told I would probably never have children because I have PCOS and dont ovulate. I began seeing an endocrinologist in my early 30’s who treated me for hypothyroidism which is relative to PCOS as well as putting me at risk for diabetes later in life. I am NOT diabetic but I do take synthroid for my thyroid gland and metformin – which is a diabetic medication. I became pregnant with my oldest son at 36 delivered him at 37, when my periods stopped….I thought that was it no more babies….2 years later I was pregnant with my daughter – same thing…..I had a period for about 3 maybe 4 months they stopped I thought that’s it…….God is good to me. I had a boy and a girl – I’m done….then at 42 I found I was pregnant again…had another boy Aug 2014 and thought surely that’s it. I never even bled after being released from the hospital…(I had a cSec)….gave all my baby stuff away as my little one outgrew things because well now im 43 and surely its not going to happen again….this past summer…right before my youngest turned one we found we were pregnant again…..My 4th baby (3rd son) will be here at the end of Feb 2016. I think everyone’s body is different – I knew other ladies who said the endocrinologist didn’t help them – treating their thyroid and taking metformin didn’t help them…and that may be true…BUT I firmly believe my endocrinologist helped me learn more about PCOS then any doc I had visit with prior to her. Good luck and I sincerely hope you receive your hearts desire!!! ~ t



    Hey everyone, Im TTC. I had my first AF on metformin..lasted 3 days.Aug 13 day 1. Since I never had a AF on my own other than on Birth control. I have no idea when I will ovulate. If this month doesnt work then im put on clomide with the metformin that makes me sick so i guess maybe do the BD every night? Im also on the highest dose of metformin that you can have it does make me super sick. TIA



    TinaLouise – thanks for writing me back. I am going to give the birth control a shot for a few months, and see if that’ll regulate me enough to help me actually ovulate. However, I’m a bit worried that if I do become pregnant right off of BC, that my progesterone levels will drop again and cause me to miscarry. I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask my OB to monitor that closely. I just turned 23, and have never had any luck becoming pregnant. I mean, that seems young, but if feels like I’ve been trying forever. I get so frustrated with it!! When I first got my period, I was 12, about to turn 13. They’ve never been normal. I would bleed for a couple weeks. Never once got cramps. A couple years later, I started having such heavy periods that would last for at least 3 MONTHS straight. Which then put me in the hospital receiving blood transfusions & iron infusions. That stopped, and a couple years ago I started only getting about 6 periods a year which would last from 1-3 weeks and be extremely heavy with severe cramping, mind you – my first cramps didn’t come until I was 20. Now, I’m lucky to get 3 periods (if you can call them that) a year. I got a normal one in January and April this year. Then a couple of days ago, what – 7 months later?, I started spotting. This lasted about 10 minutes … Then nothing. Each day since then, maybe three consecutive days now, I’ve spotted for maybe 30 minutes and then it would stop. I’m completely lost. And I’ve not had insurance in a couple of years, so I think the last time I’ve even been to my OB was 2 or 3 years ago. Finally just now getting my insurance, so that’ll be first on my list… Though I’m scared to even go now, because i m sure I’ll hear the worst, that’s how my life goes. If anyone has similar problems, please feel free to share. I feel so alone in this.



    Hi I only joined the site today and so glad I did, its great.
    I am 24 years old and just found out I have PCOS. I am 5 weeks pregnant and only found out I had PCOS because I went for an early scan yesterday due to a bleed. I am so lucky to have conceived but am now worried about miscarriage, I have another blood test tomorrow morning and a 2nd scan in two weeks to check for a heartbeat. I have done some reading up on PCOS but can not find any info on the likelyhood of the condition causing any defects with the baby if I do go full term. I read that with PCOS the eggs that are realised are not always healthy (hense the higher risk of miscarriage), so can this cause you to have an unhealthy baby. Can anyone help me?



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    Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with PCOS 15 years ago and was told over the years by 3 OB/GYN’s and one fertility specialist that I would not be able to conceive without fertility drugs. I never took any fertility drugs and have been off of birth control pills for 10 years. I found out over a month ago that I was 24 weeks pregnant and believe me, I was in shock. I lost 40 pounds last year, so I believe that helped me to conceive. There is hope to all of you out there who are TTC.



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    I have had PCOS for almost 13 years. I am now 29. It has been rough let me tell ya. I had a miscarriage last July, lost 50 lbs and got preggo in Feb of this year. It can happen ladies. Weigh is the biggest issue that cause infertility with PCOS. Lose weight, your cycle becomes normal and you conceive most of the time.



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    HI ladies. I’m hoping these will be words of hope for all the ladies that are having trouble trying to concieve. I was diagnoised with pcos 6 years ago and after 8 years of trying I found out Sunday that I am pregnant and it happen naturally.I also have never been pregnant before.So i was quite shocked I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that I was not going to have children. I think what helped me was in the last 9 months I have lost 80 pds. I did this by exercising 4 days a week and watching what i ate. So all around it has really paid off for me. But now I am so worried about M/C cause it has taken me this long to get pregnant. Oh well all I can do is hope and pray I reach that 12 week marker and then I think I will be less worried. But good luck to all and don’t give up.



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    Hi ladies, I went to the doctor yesterday after TTC for 10 months for another pre-conception interview. After the interview, the doctor suggested that I may be having signs of PCOS and had me come in today for an external and pelvic ultrasound to confirm. The tech said that my ovaries displayed ‘classic PCOS’ and on the monitor they appeared to have black pearl necklaces around both the right and left sides. Today I started Clomid which is supposed to help ripen my eggs and stimulate my ovaries to release at least one if not a couple (very scary!). Have any of you with PCOS tried Clomid? Did it work for you? Did you have single or multiple pregnancies? Just curious, and nervous. Thanks.

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