Polycystic ovarian synrome pcos

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    I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago and I took Clomid to get pregnant. The first dose didnt work. So the second dose was doubled and finially I got pregnant and was able to hold my daughter with no preoblems…I’ve had 5 miscarriages in the past before I had my daughter…Now with this pregnancy I also took Clomid. And again I took double the dose and what do you know I got pregnant and everything is going great with this pregnancy!!! But before I got pregnant I didnt have periods for like 4 years. And was unable to get pregnant on my own…



    Weight loss….what has been an effective way to lose weight while dealing with pcos…iv been exercising 3-4x a week and nothing….i cant cut my calories to an extreme right now because I am breastfeeding and will lose my milk. Is there any sort of healthy diets or life style changes made that you have seen results? I am also on met 1000mg 2x a day.



    hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS and TTC for 1yr, currently taking clomid on my third month of, I am mid cycle still two weeks til my next CD but after sexy time this afternoon with my bf, i was bleeding, almost like AF but no cramps, cud it be nesting I am quite worried about it I want a baby so badlyx



    hi ladies. have any of u had one of ur cysts pop/// if so wats the pain like?



    mj- implantation doesn’t take place right away. It takes a few days to a week or maybe longer, I’m not 100% exactly how long. Keep trying though!



    Mommy2one it is very painful it’s more that cramps, for me my legs would get numb too.



    I was diagnosed with pcos about 7 years ago. I had maybe 1 or 2 periods a year and was put on birth control to regulate them. I went off bc after about 4 years and started trying to get pregnant. I was on Metformin and Provera. I was overweight also. I had Bypass surgery in September of 07 and have lost 140 lbs. As soon as I lost 60 lbs my cycles became normal and my hormone levels balanced out also. I couldn’t try and get pregnant yet because you have to wait 1 year after surgery but the doctor told me I should no longer have any problem. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and everything looks great!! Keep your heads up and do whatever you can to get to a healthier weight. I tried everything and weight loss is the only thing that worked for me.



    Hey Ladies a success story!!
    I have Pcos, annovulation, insulin resistance and the likes. I have a healthy 3 year old. I lost my daughter at 13weeks to birth defects and finally a year later I am pregnant. I concieved using Clomid, pregnyl 5000, metformin and a fertility specialist. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and am hoping for a sticky beautiful baby. I wish you all well in your attempts at ttc and hope this helps you believe it can happen!! xxxx



    I have PCOS and was diagnosed when I turned 30. I had all the usual symptoms, infertility, messed up cycles, hair in places it shouldn’t be, weight gain beyond control, type 2 diabetes. I was 310 pounds when diagnosed.

    I lied to myself a lot and kept eating unhealthy foods and was pretty miserable. My marriage was terrible too, he was abusive.

    Then a few years ago I started following tips I had read about for healthy eating. I started watching my portions, not drinking my calories, drinking more water, eating nuts, seeds, veggies, etc.

    I left my husband and divorced and am with a younger, nicer and way better looking man now.

    The weight began to come off and now I’m at 244. I started walking. Then some yoga. Pilates was great and the stationary bike helped on days when my feet hurt. I started to become more fit and enjoyed exercising (good music helps!). I climbed Mt. Monadnock in 2007. AT THIS WEIGHT!

    In October 2008 I was having problems with my cycles and had a uterine infection, which was treated. I had some ultrasounds done and they found ZERO cysts on my ovaries. Amazing! The insulin resistance I had problems with were almost gone. My A1C levels was a 5! PCOS was disappearing? Does it do that? I looked up some more info online and some people had reported it going away with the changes in what they ate and from getting decent exercise. Thank goodness!

    So in Feb 2009 I got sick and was given antibiotics.

    Then I missed my March 2009 period. hmmm…

    I was on birth control, but it seems that the antibiotics must have messed it up because I’m now 37 and 10 weeks pregnant.



    Hi ladies I have not been on here in such a long time as I have been on the ttc forum. I have an extream case of PCOS that I can go yrs without AF. Unless I take meds to bring it on. I was 15 when I found out I had PCOS and am now almost 39. I am still trying for my first. Like MegansMiracle I was also married (15 yrs) and now DIVORCED Yeah the best thing for me. I am now with my true love and we have been trying for just over 2 yrs now. I tried clomid but it did not work for me. So now I will be trying femara. My profile pg gives more info if anyone is interested and would like to add me. Thanks ladies and GL to all who are ttc.



    Hey u guys! After reading many of u’r comments, i just want to share some information that i got from my doctor. (I’m 32 years old by the way, and have had PCOS for many years)
    There seem to be two types of PCOS. The first one seem to be caused by to much body fat. An obese person can start to produce a larger amount of special hormones that will destroy the normal balance in the body, and will make some women develop PCOS. It is actually the body fat that is responsible for this unbalance in the hormonal system. That is the reason some overweight people that lose weight, actually get rid of all of their PCOS symptoms! Pretty awesome really! My cousin lost heaps of weight, and got pregnant almost right away… The other type of PCOS is caused by insulin resistance. The insulin that is made is not effective enough, so the body has to make more insulin to compensate. The high amount of insulin that is in the body, will affect the other hormones, and will make an unbalance in the whole system.
    (In both types it is the inbalance in homone system that makes women with PCOS not ovulate like other women) It is with this particular type that Methformin can be very effective, cause it makes the insuline more effective, and then the body doesn’t need to produce that much of it!
    I’m aware that nothing is black and white, and that nobody would be 100% one type or 100% the other…. It is a very complex condition! But it is a bit helpful anyways to know a bit more about which type u are, cause then u would know what probably would work best for u when it comes to getting u’r hormonal balance in order.
    I’ve never been overweight. Always been very active, but found out i was gaining no matter how much i exercised and ate healthy. I lost everything i gained, and more, just a couple of months after being put on Metformin. My cycle became normal and consistent, and now i’m pregnant! Soon off to my 14th week! I’m amazed, and thanking God for my miracle every day!
    My doctor has also said to me that there is a possibility for me, now that i am pregnant, that my PCOS will disapear after i’ve given birht! It’s because all the hormones that comes with the pregnancy can make massive changes in the whole system! Exciting!!
    Maybe all of u knew all this… just felt like sharing it anyway, cause i find it interesting! Good luck to all of u that are stil TTC. Like other people have written, don’t give up! There is always hope!


    I am only 18 and was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after I turned 16 years old. I decided since I was younger & still had a better chance, I would try to have a baby, I am still unsuccessful. Never have I EVER would’ve imagined that it would be this hard to have a baby!
    I have most of the symptoms – but i’m a little underweight, not overweight. I weigh 102, and am 5’3′ so slightly underweight.

    On August 17th, I had my 3rd surgery. But this was not for PCOS, I also have endometriosis, another cause of infertitlity.
    I’m almost through recovering from this surgery, so maybe after getting all of the endometriosis out, I can try a little more before being referred to a specialist.

    If any of you ladies want to share similar stories with me, or your exciting news of getting pregnant, feel free to add me!



    Well, I came off B/C at the end of June. Thought I was pregnant because the boobs were sensitive, had bouts of nausea and vomiting, very emotional, and lastly 4 weeks late; however, I seemed to have started what I guess is my period. It started Monday (July 27th) very light spotting and has gradually gotten to a medium flow. I haven’t ever had a period quite like this so I’m wondering if I could be pregnant? I also have PCOS; therefore, I know that periods can be unpredictable. I actually didn’t have any for an entire 14 months; however, I lost 41 pounds and got my hormones straightened out so then I’ve been having normal 28 day cycles until now. Also I did 3 HPTs 3 weeks ago and all were negative. Don’t know what to think.



    So my reproductiving endocrinologist prescribed me clomid earlier this month when I went back for my 6 week follow up appointment. They had originally said they wanted me to lose 20 pounds before the prescribed it. During that 6 weeks I lost a little over 6 pounds. I started provera that day! I took provera Aug. 9-15 and AF came Aug. 20-28. I took my first round of Clomid Aug 22-26. I’m scheduled to start using and ovulation predictor kit on Wednesday (31st). Has anyone had and experience with the predictor kits and if so which one? I’m hoping the one I bought will work good for me.

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