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    MEG– it sounds like you missed your pills and had unprotected sex exactly around the time of your ovulation so yes there are chances that you could be preggo, just take a test and if it’s negetive then see your doctor, your doctor will send you for the blood test which can confirm pregnancy with very low HCG levels which are usually undetectable on HPTs.



    Thanks richy I am bcuz idk wat could b goin on I havent been stressin or anythng and besides me an my DH hav been tryin for about a yr n a half an I hate to believe that I cant hav kids or that I hav a fertility problem that would really kill me 🙁


    This is the best I have ever seen! Long but soo worth it parents!!



    my bf and i have been ttc for a few months, this month we only got around to IT 3 times. all spread out. my last af was on June 16th. I had some pinkish dripping for one day around July 8th and then a few days later i had a uti. the uti is gone, but the frequent BR breaks are not, ive been cramping kind of like my AF would cause for a week now but no AF. ive thrown up twice in a few weeks and i never get sick. i took a negative pregnancy test and i praying i dont get my AF. ive had this constant dull cramp in my lower abdomen since I had the uti. anyone else experience any of this? praying for a baby!



    Does anyone know if the signs of pregnancy are different when you’re breast feeding than when you’re not? I have yet to have my period since the birth of my son (8 months ago) so I don’t really have a basis to go by. It could be my hormones changing, but I don’t know. My hubby and I are taking precautions so perhaps I am paranoid.



    Hi everyone! I am 5 weeks and 2days and I found out last Monday. Im so exicted but I have some concerns. I had bloodwork done on Friday and my HGC levels were 224 and then I had bloodwork done again yesterday and the HCG levels are 396, my OB put me on prometrium to help prevent any problems if possiable. Im not bleeding and have only had some cramping and ive been told its very normal,long as its not hard cramps,which its not. I guess i’m just a little worried about my HCG levels and hoping they go up. Im suppose to go tomorrow for bloodwork again but is this normal? Ive had no morning sickness,a little nausea,anyone else in this situation or been in it? I have a 6year old,but its been awhile.



    Hey everyone. I am confused about something. If I am indeed pregnant, I would be 4 weeks and 3 days. I took a pregnancy test this past saturday and it was neg. I am still having symptoms. Can anybody clarify this for me?



    Okay so here is the deal. My last AF started Nov 8th, 2010. My cycle is 32 days long and was due Dec 10th. I never got it. I still haven’t gotten it. I have taken like 5 or 6 pregnancy test all came up negative. The last one I took was on Christmas morning. I have very regular periods usually. I know that logically yes it is POSSIBLE that i am pregnant, but my question is if it is PROBABLE that I am? What should I do? I asked my mother and she said to wait and see if I get my next one but I want to know if I’m pregnant cause I need to know if I should hurry up and stop smoking.



    Hi everyone.
    i’m 16 and i’m 8 weeks pregnant.
    a few weeks ago i started feeling nauseaus. i threw up but only two mornings. i haven’t thrown up in 5 days. is something wrong ?



    No 6teenanPregnant I think everything is fine i am on my fourth kids and i rarely throw up, just get nauseous here and there not even every day, good luck.. Hope all goes well for you..



    thank you lilrob10 (:
    i’ve been getting really nervous. like
    sometimes i read about stuff and get scared
    because i have the same symtoms. but then
    i got to the doctors and everything is fine. so much stress :/



    i was wondering how soon can a woman think shes pregnant like can i suspect it like in the first month, and how soon a woman can see changes like her belly getting bigger 🙂



    Myer- i found out in my first month. it’s still early to tell so if you suspect you’re pregnant wait a little bit and go to the doctors. im currently 8 weeks pregnant and because the uterus expands at a rapid pace i am showing a little. but not enough for other people to tell. it’s more comfortable for me to wear sweatpants than jeans. i hope this is helpful.



    i need help girls cos this thing is driving me crazy, not stressing just confused lol, 09 i had the implant put in, after causing my arm pain and constant bleeding, i got it removed 3rd feb 10, on the 4th i gt the injection which is meant o last 3 months, i was due to go bk may10 for another injection but i didnt,,,,,, on 7th april 10 i had a period, then mays period didnt come, waiting for junes period to come on the 7th it ended up coming on the 20th, so i expected july to come on the 7th n it come on the 20th, so waiting for august to come.,, i was expecting it to come on the 20th and well its still not here….. bout 3 weeks ago i had a lil pinkness on my tissue after goin to the loo, thinkin this was gna b my period starting.. since then ive had low back pain. heartburn, tiredness, a small craving, lots of weeing, headaches,dizzyness n feeling slighly sick.. last few days i have constipation…. wen my period was 4 days late i took hpt it was bfn, n the 3 i took after that have been bfn… i havent done a test in a bout week cud i b preg or am i having a hysterical pregnancy.. please help me xx



    Ugh I feel like crap today!! Stopped the pill about 2 weeks ago and today I am crampy, tired, and have felt like I was going to puke all day long. The tests are negative.

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