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    So in the past couple weeks I’ve had these symptoms:
    ~gassy(both ends. lol)
    ~sharp stabbing pains in both sides of abdomen
    ~dull cramps in pelvic area
    ~shooting cramps on Sept. 19( the day I was supposed to ovulate)
    ~’growly’ tummy/indigestion but not hungry
    ~achy legs and hips some days
    ~backache(mostly lower back)
    ~slight breast and nipple tenderness some days
    ~MAJOR heartburn
    ~moody(some days very depressed, some really happy for no reason, some really cranky for no reason)
    ~dull headaches constantly
    ~runny/stuffy nose starting yesterday
    ~one day I was really weak in the legs and could hardly stand
    ~some crazy dreams
    ~sleeplessness and in turn fatigue
    ~shooting pain up through my vagina/cervix when I sit down
    ~frequent urination/feeling like have to pee when don’t
    ~increased CM the last few days(one day creamy and the last 2 days is just watery and wet)
    ~acne breakout
    ~decreased appetite/food aversion
    ~MAJOR nausea some days, mild nausea other days(nausea is the only symptom that has been present every day)
    The onset of these symptoms was on Sept.27. Last ‘normal’ AF started on Sept. 5. On Sept. 29, I went to the bathroom once and wiped and there was bright red blood mixed with wet CM. Then nothing the rest of the day. On Sept. 30, I had little bits of brown spotting all day. On Oct. 1, I had the same little bits of brown spotting all day but one time i went to the bathroom it was really dark brown and stringy/sticky. All of this spotting was only when I wiped. And there were no other signs of AF. Then on Oct. 2, all of a sudden I had major cramps and lower backpain and went to the bathroom and I had medium to heavy light red blood. Then Oct. 3 it was light to medium, same color. And Oct. 4, it was spotting and same color. I only had normal AF cramps the one day. Now let me tell you, for 5 years I have had regular periods. Always pretty much the same. Since going of the pill in Aug 2009, it’s been the same, just worse cramps and backpain and worse PMS. When I’m gonna get AF it usually goes like this: one day I will be cranky and have cramps. The next day I will have cramps and backpain. Then the next day I will get major cramps and backpain and fullblown AF that is medium to heavy and dark red color. It gets heavier the second day with really dark red blood and sometimes chunks(sorry TMI). The third day goes back to medium flow and starts getting lighter colored. 4th day is light flow and same color as day 3. Day 5 is just spotting and that’s it.
    This past month has been crazy and I think I am going crazy. My husband and I have been TTC since going off the pill and I’ve had many many cycles overanalyizing all the symptoms thinking I’m pregnant. But this time is different. Never have I had so many symptoms like this and such a weird AF. So I took a test on the afternoon of Oct. 4. BFN. Then another test in evening of Oct. 5. BFN. Ok, so I must be going crazy???????? Tell me what is going on with me!



    My period is due today and usually comes in the morning however its now 7:30 pm and AF is a no show. My boobs have been super sore for about 2 weeks now, i’m more tired than normal and my appettite has increased. Has anyone been pregnant and had these symptoms this early? I’m gonna test tomorrow morning but i’m wondering if i should really bother cuz i don’t wanna waste a test. What do u ladies think?


    Mrs. Scheele- Yes I had those symptoms with my 2nd pregnancy that early! I had really sore boobs and usually when its my monthly I only have a little bit of sore boobs or sometimes no boob aches at all. Also my 2nd pregnancy for like a week I was craving a cigarette and I dont smoke so I knew something was up! Haha..GOOD luck to you 🙂 My first pregnancy all the symptoms came later I only had cramping when my period was supposed to show and no bleeding and then the next day felt weird shooting pings in my uterus and the 5th day late I was like huh .. maybe I am pregnant. Sure enough that hpt blew up PREGNANT before I could even put it on the counter. I hope you see what you want too when you test! I just had my 2nd and last baby 10/10/2010


    oh and as for testing if you only have one test I would say wait maybe a day or two just so your sure your period is really late because If you are wanting to be pregnant and you have been spending a lot of time thinking about it, it can make u late (or maybe thats just me) I was just like you though it always came on time and in the am.



    my last period b4 this month was oct 24th and before this month i have been feeling pregnant, tired,frequent urinating . I am concerned now because my period came 21st Nov( that was 3days late) but not as heavy has my normal period and not as painful. This is my first time trying to get pregnant, right not i feel full (pregnant). Am i pregnant?



    ok. here’s the deal. i tried that pregnacy calculator and the ovulation calculator but now that i am not on any form of birth control and havent been for some time now (we are both allergic to latex and spermicide so the latex free condoms are out because they have spermicide). anyways as i was saying when i was on the pill my cycle was 24-26 days. now that im not on anything i dont know what my cycle is because i was on the pill from 17 to 27 im 28 now. and actually last year i was on the needle and it took a while for my period to come back.. but anyways i wasn’t on any b/c because of mine and my b/fs current living situation. we dont live together and not by choice either. heres the deal: the last day of my last period was around the 20th of october as i dont know when it started. the on halloween weekend i broke some rules and snuck the b/f in for pretty much two nights where we had our fun. and havent had a period since. i didn’t think much of it for like the first 6 weeks cuz we’ve had scares b4 but now its been more that that and still no period. also like 3 weeks after i started craving milk and lots of it in the form of vanilla shakes (i am allergic to milk) constipation (i am also on methadone so i think im double constipated cuz at least before i was still going about once a week) i sleep all the time. i’ve been constantly feeling nauseous for like 2 or 3 weeks now all the time. tender nipples. pee all the time which sucks b/c i messed up my bladder a few years ago from holding it in all the time so now when i have to go i HAVE TO GO. lol. anyways im afraid to buy a test.



    watered- stop stressing and buy a test. If money is an issue, you can go to a planned pregnancy center for a free test, or the doller Store to get a test. The people at planned parenthood might be able to help you in case you are pregnant, but I woulndt put it off anymore



    ok I have lower abdominal cramping, sore bbs , and a little darkening of the areola. i cannot take a test until january 9th. my last period was dec 14 and accordin the calcualtor i ovulated on the 27th. so i’m 7 dpo and having these symptoms is it possible i’m pregnant, ya think?



    My husband and I have been trying to concieve since our miscarriage in August of 2009. My period has been somewhat irregular over the last 15 months. 5 were 29 – 30 days, 2 were 28 days the rest were early (25-27 days). Today is Day 28, no period. 5 days ago a had a small spot of blood when i wiped. But that was it. I have been nausious on and off all week (puked 3 times), very tried one minute (feels like I need a nap), but then waking up between 6:30 and 7 every day – and wide awake full of energy (I usually don’t get up till 8:30 and I haven’t been a morning person…ever). Boobs are swollen and sore, Nose bleeds almost every morning (it’s dried and crusty when I blow my nose, but blood is there) and a runny nose like crazy during the day, I’m also spitting more. I can start crying at the drop of a pin, but I’m not sad. I tell my husband I just can’t turn it off, but then I can rip someones head off in a heart beat (I do bite my tongue 99.9% of the time), but then I can be incrediably happy and in a great mood, singing and dancing. Im not a big eater during the day (but i eat lots at night), but I have recently found my self absolutely starving by 10 am and eating less at night. I can smell anything and everything lately (which is driving me crazy). and I’ve been having these crazy foot and leg cramps waking me up in the midldle of the night. I pee 10 – 15 times a day and have been having frequent headaches. I feel a little bloated but no cramps as of yet (and I have painful cramps which require heavy duty medication). and (to put it lightly) my ‘plumbing’ is backed up…I haven’t done a pregnancy test (just cause I don’t want to get my hopes up considering I have had a few longer than normal cycles). Does it sound like I am pregnant or could it just be my period is on a longer cycle???



    Well – here is an update. At 6:30 this morning, I did a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!!!!! YAY! We are very excited.



    very weird browning but i got a very postive pregnancy line… im still spotting brown with discharge i guess its normal obgyn here i ocomw!



    I\’m a novice to this so I hope I do this right & get my forum posted for real this time, as I\’m in dire need of feedback, educated guesses, experienced view & opinions, asap. I have a long-ish story to tell, backed up by accurate dates. However, I apologize in advance for bombarding you with so many dates & #s that you\’ll have to read through to keep track of my verbose tale. So, here is how it goes:
    On Nov. 16th, 2011, my doc put me on Junel 20 mg, which is the lowest hormonal dose. He put me on it for one main reason & one side reason. The main reason for Junel bc was to reduce the severity & the length of my agonizing menstrual cramps.The side reason for it was that my wedding anniv. was Nov. 23rd & I wanted to delay my period. I felt a need to delay my period since its always on time, hardly ever late….I\’m like reliable clockwork! Even when I was on birth control years ago, right after getting married, my periods never fluctuated & I never missed a period ever, except the 2 times I was preg.
    As you see, my period pattern can hardly be altered…despite the pill! My period still began on Nov. 22nd, regardless. 🙁 Anyway, so I began my new pack of Junel on Sunday, Nov. 27th. I experienced no issues with Junel whatsoever…& had a normal month with a normal 4 day period that started promptly on Dec. 24th, 2011, once I began the placebo pills. I was happy with my low dose Junel!! Too happy, perhaps? For it lead me to complacency.
    On Jan. 1st 2012 I had unprotected sex 3 times….& also missed my pill. I have a alarm set as a reminder at 8:30 AM, daily, to take my pill….but this time I did not take my pill until about 8:30 PM on Jan. 2nd ~ about 12 hrs later. So I ended up missing almost 2 days. Furthermore, I did not double up on pills as I did not know I was supposed to do so if I had missed a dose. At the time I was also taking Adderal (20 mg) for ADD & I\’m not sure if that hinders the efficiency of Junel bc!? The sex was very intense though he is sure he did not ejaculate inside me…. I know that, that is not a sure preg preventive..!
    According to the bc pack I was supposed to get my period around Jan. 16th—but never did! Not a drop! Like I said earlier, I am like clockwork & missing a period has never an issue, even when i was on bc years ago. Now I have some minor symptoms such as— the stomach feeling tight, as though there\’s something in there (psychological???? maybe…), Slight nausea that was more prominent a couple says back but is better today, terrible cramping, upset stomach—again, i hardly ever get an upset stomach, but lately my stools have been soft whereas, generally I\’m constipated & go to the bathrm about 2ice a wk., very gassy. I also have been highly emotional lately. A constant wet, gooieness is inside the vaginal opening with white discharge. I am not overly tired though! But these are some of the main symptoms, and last but not least, I am feeling extreme restlessness & anxiety. My sex drive has not decreased in the least bit, in fact, has been stronger. Does that make sense??? Don\’t quite remember this being the case with my 2 earlier pregnancies, but then I was 29 & 33. Now I\’m on the doorstep of being 40. I am sure that makes a big difference.
    I took a pregnancy test in the doc\’s office on Jan. 26 which was neg. I also took an ept yesterday that came neg. I\’m very puzzled as to what is going on with my body. Does this sound like pre-menopause? I\’m not experiencing any hot/cold flashes….or mood swings. What could this be??? I stopped taking Junel 3 days ago. Now I am bleeding & hope that it is just the pill withdrawal bleeding & nothing more. Please give me all/any feedback, opinions, & educated/professional guesses. I\’ve a blood test scheduled for later this wk & am very nervous. I thank you deeply in advance for your time.



    stressing some what please help…. went to the er lastnight and so they say baby is fine everthing is where it needs to be. woke up this am and brownish pee 🙁 im 6 weeks. is this normal should i go back to the er? i dont i want to stress about it if i shouldnt have to!! has anyone else been throught this??????






    I think every ladies who had their BFPs should post their symptoms from O till the day they tested!!! It would give us TTC ladies something else to obsess about!!! LOL!!! Even tho sometimes there is no signs! I will always remember the first time I got pregnant cuz omg how did I not know?!? Now I know what to look for but back then, I wasn’t even trying! I will always remember driving around on my machine ( worked in a warehouse back then ) and wanting soooo bad a bounty bar ( I don’t even really like thoses!! ) But I wanted it so bad that I parked my reach truck, went to my locker to get change for the vending machine and it was the best chocolate bar I ever had!! Still hadn’t clued in that was abnormal…later on that week I go past security at work and enter the warehouse and I look at my friends! Wow! You guys smell coffee?! Smells sooooo good! Nobody could smell it, when we got to the loading docks there was an order of java logs! everybody thought I was full of shit, that I must have known the logs were there but no! Crazy sense of smell!! Still didn’t clue in at that point… A few days later I realised, hum, haven’t had a bm for a week now, what’s wrong with me?!? Need more fiber I guess…… Its 2months into my pregnancy I realised, whoa! Haven’t had a period in a while! Took a test and was indeed 8 weeks pregnant at my ultrasound!!! How did I not realise that before?!? I lost the baby 2week later… Since I didn’t know I was prego, was 19yrs old and was in the bar scene and party, I blame myself for losing this child but I moved on… Have a beautiful daughter now and love the man I’m with <3 but the point of this story is that sometimes there's not many signals to early pregnancy, just gotta listen to your body 🙂 and maybe if I knew these were symptoms I would've known…. And really, I didn't get any symptoms with my daughter… Besides coffee made me sweaty and a bit nausious but didn't want to get my hopes up so ignored it and after a few sips, symptoms went away.. We were tryin so that was the only reason I descided to test 5 days before AF and was prego 😉

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