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    I Have Tested Twice & Both Negative (None Took With FMU As I Didn’t Know About That Been Important Then) I Have Left It Almost Two Weeks Now But I Still Have Really Sore BB & They Have Increased In Size, I Have A Slight Back Pain, Feeling Sick Every Morning & Sometimes Night Times, More Sleepy Than Usual (I’m Never Sleepy Through-out The Day!) No Sign Of My Period (I’m Due One) .. I Really Do Want To Be PG. Could The Tests Be Incorrect? I Am Awaiting Test Results Back From The Doctor In The Next Few Days Took With FMU This Time. I Know Y’all Are Not Doctors But If You Could Give Me Some Advice I Would Be Really Thankful 🙂 TIA.



    You could ask for a blood test, they are more accurate… Good luck! 🙂



    I wonder if anyone can please help me as i think i am going mad!!
    We have been TTC first baby for a few months now and my period is 3 days late. I have done 6 home pregnancy tests and have all tested negative. I normally have some spotting before my period comes but havent had anything even though i have had mild cramps like its about to start a couple of times. My other symptoms are:-

    V Sore, tender breasts (never happened before)

    On-off bloated stomach

    Broken out in spots (normally have really clear skin)

    Had a few funny feelings and pains in lower stomach

    Have had bouts of nausea and headaches seem a bit worse (i suffer with chronic migraines so hard to know if nausea and headaches are just a symptom of this)

    Totally lost the ability to drive last night – like i had forgotten what to do!

    Went our for a meal last night and ordered steak – haven’t ate red meat for about 5 years!

    Has anyone else had similar symptoms and am i just imagining it because i want to get pregnant so much.

    Would love to hear from anyone who has been in my situation.

    Thanks xx



    Just in case this helps someone, I just got my BFP today and this is the notes I took for myself: TTC cycle#2… **TMI ALERT** CD9, lots of ewcm… Noticed a lil blood thru it… Same with CD10&11, CD12-13 still lots of ewcm, no more blood, boobs started hurting.. Nipples seem a lot darker! CD14 feelin engorged?? Boobs are hard and painful, was able to express quite a bit of milk!!!! ODD!!! ( Weaned my daughter off in october and supply was dryied up untill now!!! ) Lower back started to hurt really bad most of the late afternoon and evening… Feeling weird twinges in my lower abdomen…. Still getting ewcm… CD15 (O?) watery-thick discharge, almost somewhat stretchy but not quite… Lil bits of ewcm.., no more lower back pains, hair is greasy even tho I showered today.. CD16( 1DPO?) feeling off today, feels like I kinda have a weight on my chest and feeling nausious after eating a tuna sandwich, STILL getting bit of ewcm!!!!! 6pm, getting creamy cm now…&ewcm?!? Breaking out.. CD17…(2DPO?). Still breaking out, Getting twinges in lower abdomen, still getting ewcm, not goood 🙁 getting mood swings, annoyied very easily but I think its due to feeling defeated this cycle already. Sensitive gums after brushing my teeth CD18(3DPO?) Tuna still makes me queasy, but I get like that sometimes for no reason… Too early for m/s is my guess anyways.. Cloudy ewcm&creamy cm, feeling the odd twinges in lower abdomen, urine has been very dark the past few days even tho I’m very well hydrated.. Dark and cloudy. CD19 (4DPO?) Lots of ewcm……BLAH!!!!! Getting sick 🙁 ((cold symptoms= shivers, stomach ache, headache, simply feeling like crap)) AF cramps on and off. CD20 (5DPO?) Bleeding gums when I brushed my teeth, hungry!!!!! Keep munching constantly, its like my stomach is a black hole! LOL. CD21(6DPO?) Sick as hell ( cold ) no more ewcm!!!!! (Finally!)Lots of creamy white wet cm. CD22 (7DPO?) Creamy white wet cm, omg, cryied 3 times watching a tv show!!!!!! Soo PMSing!!!!! CD23 (8DPO?). Same as yesterday+breaking out . CD24(9DPO?) Same as yesterday+twinges on left side CD25 (10DPO?) big glob of wet white cm!!! +twinges on the left side again, still very emotional&hungry, 1 sharp painful stab on left side, lasted 10seconds CD26, (11DPO?) Nose bleed….. + BFP!!!!!!!! Omg!! I honestly thought I was about to waiste my last test this morning!!!!I’m still in shock, I only took the test cuz its christmas eve and figured it would be smart to not take a chance since I was planning on drinking tonight so it was the responsible thing to do… Good luck to you all!!! Merry christmas!!



    hi ladies need your help and advice. iv not been on here for ages well since I had my dd in December 2010. i had my period last week that lasted for 2 whole days! then 2days later I had lots of brown discharge. since the day my period started iv had awful headaches and terrible period pain well it feels like period pain and Iv still got the headache and pain now over a later. iv done a test which was negative. what do you all think?



    I am ttc , but I was wondering for all the ladies that are pregnant how long after you started ttc did you start getting symptoms . I have two other children but I dont remember that part , cause it has been awhile . Anyone that has an response can you add me and add a comment to my profile . Thank you so much :))



    Okay , I had my tubes tied about 16 years ago after my 2nd son. I did a detox wrap about 2 months ago then had my period and it ended on the 12th of April. Then about 2 weeks after my breast started getting very sore and still are sometimes I can’t even stand for anything to touch them. I always tired some days more then others , have been having headaches everyday and around 4pm everyday get sick to my stomach.
    Could I be pregnant after 16 years ?



    Someone help meee! I have recently come off the pill a couple a months ago which I went on immediately after coming off the depo provera injection in march, I recently started getting really sore nipples and the middle bit of the nipple which I can’t remember the name of (haha) is sticking out, I also had some heartburn for the whole day yesterday but today my nipples aren’t as sore and heartburn appears to have gone. I haven’t been overtired but have had some slight nausea and I aren’t due on my period for a week, can someone enlighten me please?!



    Hey ladies!! Im really worried. I have 3 boys already 8, 5 & 3. Me and my kids father over the past yr have been off and on. I am no longer on any birth control as of about 2 yrs now b/c the mirena gave me bad symptoms. However i am a user of Pinkpad for android if anybdy has ever heard of this app it allows you to document your period, symptoms etc. I had my cycle frm April 27-05/1. Pink pad shows my ovulation days as 5/6-5/12. On May May 4 & 5 me and my kids father had 2 slips ups where he *** inside me. I know it may be too early to detect via pregnancy test but fri-sun i experienced VERY bad cramps in my lower abdominal area. I never had these unless it was braxton hicks or actual contractions when i was preg w/ my other kids. But even after taking aleve, tylenol and ib profen the cramps didnt even subside. unless this is a symptom of ovulation, i did not bleed or spot and recently just came off period before this. Since sunday the cramps has subsided and since then i have had mild constipation, going to bed earlier than usual, still not time to take preg test (it may be too early) been eating and craving foods. breast tender/swollness and small breakouts which i do not have any acne problems normally. All these symptoms could be period like symptoms though. But the Intense cramps is what triggered my concern. Can anyone help- what is you guys opinions on this? Could it posisble for me to be preg or something else?



    Hello I-am-pregnant members!

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    Anyone else frustrated with super dry skin?

    Any fellow mommies tried Vain Pursuits skincare ? My Facebook girlfriends all rave about it, since the company makes products custom to each person, it’s target for each of you or something.

    So sick of sudden changes in my skin – any of you tried Vain Pursuits?



    Ellostaid74 , I haven’t heard of Vain Pursuits but make sure it’s organic and all natural since even topical applications can affect your developing baby. Shea Butter might be good (though don’t expect it to remove/minimize stretchmarks )



    Cramping during early pregnancy is actually a fairly common symptom and is normally accompanied by slight spotting. This cramping and spotting is implantation cramping and bleeding. This normally occurs 6-12 days after fertilization. Pregnancy cramping is milder than menstrual cramping and the spotting is very light compared to a ‘traditional period’. Cramping does not only occur during early pregnancy but also can afflict a woman during most of her pregnancy. Anyway, if you are TTC you should consider to read the ‘Getting Pregnant Plan’ by Michelle Adams e-book from In my opinion after I read it, it has a lot of information about how to increase your chances of conceiving, help you understand your body, how to boost your fertility and pregnancy stuff even if you have PCOS and irregular period too. Hope it helps.



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    Hey ladies! I really think I might be pg. I had a very faint bfp on ic, very sore breasts and instead of spotting (which I normally get for a few days before af begins) I have creamy brown tinted cm. Fingers crossed that its a sticky bean and hangs on tight because I have trouble conceiving and I am 35. Babydust all. Symptoms so far below.

    CD 18 – Positive Clearblue Digital OPK. Slight reduction in clear cm which surprised me. Clear cm must arrive earlier than ovulation to aid conception I guess.
    CD 25 – Convinced that I’m out. Feels just like af is going to arrive.
    cd26 – Ow my boobs! So sore. Mild cramps continue. A little confused as af spoitting should have started. Still neg hpt.
    cd27 – today. ‘Strain to see it’ faint positive on ic hpt. Sore boobs. AF but mild cramping. Sharp pain for a few minutes in uterine area I guess. Stomach feels fussy – not nauseated just icky.
    Af is due in two days. I have to go away for the weekend so I’m praying it doesn’t arrive. Nothing worse than traveling with af!

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