Pregnancy signs and symptoms


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    alo rooey,i know wot u mean bout symptoms coming and going,some days il be sick as a dog and others il be fine,and some days my breasts feel to sore 2 touch and other days they feel fine,freaked me out to but i think its normal hun x



    Thank you, I am sure they are normal. I will try not to worry so much, and enjoy what I have ;o)



    I didnt know I was pregnant with my daughter for 4/5 months. It seems this time I am gaining a belly quicker and looking mucher more pregnant than befoere. Anyone experienceing this? Am I doing it to myself.?



    I’m kate, user of “tbilika”.

    I live in Georgia – Sakartvelo, in east part of Meskheti, in Akhaltsikhe.
    I’m married.
    I really love my husband, his my life and love
    In may I will complete my 2 year of marriage and still no pregnancy and baby.
    I feel little bit worried.
    I did medical screening in the reproductive clinic and there’s no any problem to get pregnant.
    I have a great menstrual cycle, basal temperature rises well as it needs, the follicle develops well too but I can not get pregnant.
    The feeling to become a mom makes me crazy, I want it so so much.

    Please send if there will be any advises that will help me in my case, I really will appreciate.

    I saw the photo of you and your kids, they are so lovely. Take care of them. Babies in our life they are really precious.




    NotSureAtAll.. You need to test.. Even a cheapy dollar store one.. The not knowing is very stressful.. Which isnt good for you or your boyfriend and it really isnt healthy for the child that MAY be growing in your tummy.. Oh and Planned Parenthood offers free pregnancy tests and are very discreet.. Just call em up.. Typically you dont need an appointment.. They usually ask you to fill out a form and give your social but you dont need to give the information to be tested… Good luck to you…



    I just got a positive pregnancy test and im 8 weeks pregnant it’s my first pregnancy how could i not know so far along and why did the test’s before say negative\



    I have posted this question in a few other areas this morning… Does anyone know if symptoms of pregnancy are if you are BF? Are they different than not? I gave birth to twins in Sept and in Jan had a few days of light spotting, which I thought was AF returning, however I spoke with my Dr because I thought that was odd, since I should have at least 6 months of period free since babies were born… he told me sometimes that nursing twins and they go through a growth spurt, it can stimulate uternine contranctions and cause spotting. Well I have been SO nausous the last week and a half (still BF) but my left breast is very sore, and the tummy issues… I am starting to worry. We planned on having more kids, just not this close together… I wonder if I need to test….



    Ok ladies i have a silly question. Is it normal to have discharge like 3 days before your period is supposed to come? The discharge looks like the kind i have when im ovulating, but i already had that egg white C/M when i did ovulate. Any ideas ladies?



    Not sure if I am pregnant. My husband and I usually do not have intercourse (prefer oral), anyway, about a month ago we did have brief intercourse and now I am wondering if I am pregnant. We tend to go oral versus intercourse because he has a tendency to ejaculate early. Is it possible for him to ejaculate a little causing me to be pregnant? I am at a lost for words right now, as he is 51 yrs old and I will be 36 in June. Any advise would be appreciated.


    Moonpie- Very possible, especially with someone who triggers easily. Happens to teens all of the time. Men don’t have to have an orgasm to be ‘dangerous’.



    My bf came in me on the 1st & 3rd of this month. Well last week I had what I thought was my period (I havent had a period since Feb. 17, 2008 bc my son is 3 months old) and it was very light and it only lasted three days (before I got pregnant my period would last for 5-6 days). Lately I’ve had really bad headache/migraines, I’ve been feeling nausea, my boobs are really sore, and I’ve had some cramping. It’s really hard to say if I’m pregnant or not bc all those sypmtoms can be explained. I have a history of migraines & the sore boobs could be bc my baby hasnt breastfeed in a month. I’m really scared to take a test. If I’m pregnant I’m going to be so mad bc I was just about to start birthcontrol but now I gotta wait. What do you ladies think? Could I be pregnant? My bf doesnt think I’m pregnant. Any replies would be great.


    **btw when I was prego with Brody I didnt have ANY symptoms…not even a missed period!



    Ok, the test this morning showed ‘negative’. I cannot remember my Febrauary period but will fork that one off the a bad memory. I have not started this month (March) so guess I will wait till April to take another test.



    ok so i’m 99.9% sure i’m not pregnant but i FEEL pregnant…. my dd is 3 months and i’m ebf plus i got the mirena iud at my 6 week check up. i took a test last week and it was negative but i’m super queasy, bitchy, tired, and have these intense cravings. maybe just hormones readjusting??



    c.ruth, thanks for telling me that. For me it is like yeah I want to be pregnant but I don’t want to be with how things have been going as in financially. I can’t verify towards periods. I am very irregular where I can skip 3 – 4 months on monthly gifts. But I have been enduring symptoms for like 2 weeks now and my stomach is starting to firm up and the extra weight isn’t starting to sag but curve towards the upward position. I still argue with my boyfriend. Cause he will go and say yes you are pregnant. I yell how I am not going to say a word until I go to the OBGYN but no luck on getting an appointment for the next 5 weeks at least. 🙁 I really want to figure it out cause I am even starting to get wierd cravings. Right now I so badly want to chow down on raw meat. I want to know soon. I haven’t told anyone what goes on cause his mother scares the crap out of me so I don’t want her to even hear about it until we are certain. Figured I could get some advice from others. He keeps saying pregnancy is the only explanantion but it is that I am going through almost every symptom there is and looking like I am pregnant but I don’t FEEL pregnant. Which is why if I really am shouldn’t I be able to feel it? What do you think?



    NotsureatAll, who knows, I had those symptoms before i got pregnant all the time, i ruled out it was my birth control pills making me feel that way, plus i wanted a baby and my mind put energy into making me feel pregnant. before i got a positive, i got sick with a cold, and didnt start my period. I tested and it was negative, a week later tested and it was faint. so who knows, but good luck, and i hope this eased your mind a bit.

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