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    Im kinda confused bout something.. i have been having pains that feel like ligament pains. i started my period (or what i think was my period) on aug. 15th. was on for bout 3 days and i got off.. a week later i started spotting for one day. i keep having very bad headaches and lower stomach pains.
    could i be pregnant? and having symptoms already?



    I’m 5 weeks 5 days link but i DO NOT feel pregnant. I mean not even in the slightest. I’m not bleeding or in any pain..i just feel like this is a dream not really true. My OB doesn’t like to see her paitents until 10 weeks that awhole month!! I’m just soo worried. Should i at least ask them to check my HCG levels?



    Hi all im after some advice i have been having lower tummy twinges and cramps feeling heavy down there esp today at work! Also ive had sore boobs and nausea. Could i be preg? af is due around the 19th of this month but it isnt regular but goes on about a 21 day cycle. Also today i hav had very sore leg cramps and my tummy feels very uncomfortable! arghh i gotta just wait but who knows really. We arent trying but we arent avoiding pregnancy either and havin unprotected sex.Did any1 get any of these symptoms?



    I am hoping for ‘pregnancy signs and symtoms’ this month…wish me luck :)! Good luck to EVERYONE!!! Baby dust to you all!



    Good Luck



    Do every pregnant womans areola darken?



    well i took a tes BFP
    it was a wir ass period



    ALSO im having brown staining on the painty liner size of a half dollar with dlittle discharge ( NO ODOR or foul smells NO PAIN)
    a week an half later i went to the obgyn clinic to get checke dout because i let it all come out naturelly they say im fine everything looks good. the pregnancy test came out negative.. did it go to zero? i guess
    so my period come wicked weird ive had 2 former pregnancy everything went good im a quick healer an my body is healthy. (ive also had a miss carriage befour both pregnancys) an gotten pregnant soon after. SINCE I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS TYPE OF (very unusal period) it had no fllow i could not feel it come down noone of that no pain ( faint slight funny weird cramp…is it my body adjusting back to the way it was or implantatiion bleeding. i dont use condems an i dont use the pill. o this is day 7 i have a back ach that doesnt seem to leave an getting faint cramping on an off. some constipation. littl heart burn. but this could be many reason. 7 days now an still having brown staiing with little discharge. has anyone experienced this or has personal experience as i have never had this happen to me. is it a infection should i go bac to the obgyn. inside my body i feel completely fine.
    please anyone has any information that gets me at ease please help. i knnow you no dr just experience from woman who have babys an experienced this thank you (dr’s or people who dont no whats its like cant tell you the situation your possibly feeling)



    i just recently had a misscarriage about 10 weeks of twin pregnncy. it was hard emotionally.
    i was having sex through the misscarriage. i had no idea i was misscarriing it was very light light pink on an off not even enough for a pad.
    any way.
    i went to go get a utra sound an the misscarriage was in progress.
    1 day it was very bad second day got so much lighter then the 3rd day it completely stopped by the afternoon is this normal? i would think not. also ince its stoped we continued having sex we had no problems with pain. my period was supossed to come it did ‘SO I THOUGHT’
    i was spotting on a panty liner.(pee problem when cough or sneeze). an for that day it was only like literally no lie 4 small dime spots.
    next day same thing went on for 2 days 3 days alittle heavyier enough for 2 small pantiliners that day or at the most 3 but never finished it. 4th day very very light 5th day close to nothing spotting. then it completely stopped 6th day i saw pink /red only when i whiped nothing more. not sure if it is done or is gunna keep going. can somone tell me if this sounds like implantation bleeding? why so long? or is it a period? never have had a period like this befour al reguarly even after my 2 pregnancys. any answers would be great thank you.
    (sorry its so long) somone have any similiar experiences tell me. would bring me comfort



    How soon can you start experiencing pregnancy symptoms? It’s only been about a week but im having lower back and abdomen cramping/im feeling light headed/and have heartburn? Is this all just abcoincidence or could i be pregnant?



    Back again ladies… this time still questioning. i thought i was, but i had af…. it should be here in 5 days or less… by this time though headaches are gone… breast are no longer tender, and only mild cramps till it happens. I still have headaches that will not go away, my bb pain gets worse. Do they tend to throb? and hurt beneath your breast as well? they feel so bruised and seem to be fuller. my back aches like no one’s bussiness and heartburn everyday when i don’t eat food that should cause it. part of me is freaked or worried cos this yr my sister in law had her baby and now my cousin, so it’s baby making season for the fam… but next week i’ll do the hpt. but please, answer me on the bb questions ladies, please, and thank you



    Hi All, I had a mc (10 wks) in August and had to have a dnc. We are still trying and I had my af once since then. I was due again last monday. had some light spotting in my cm and only blood once. I did a test but it came back -ve. I’m not sure whats going on… does it take a while for the cycles to even out? Am I being over eager?



    hi all!! im in need of sum advice! I had my af this month but it wasnt normal, lasted 7 days and was only really regular bleeding for a day and that was it! I hav been gettin funny cramps and feeling nausciuos and dont know whats happening like do i wait til my af comes next month? Also i hav been on anti biotics for a mouth infection and hav been havin pain killers so this worries me alot!! I am gettin the tooth pulled out in a days time and i hope that im not preg cos i hav to hav local anesthetic to get it out.



    I need some advice here. Okay my lmp was 9/28, i started spotting and some bleeding on and off for about 4 days. It had started and stopped w/ brown spotting. I feel pregnant but not sure. My boobs hurt and i have backaches, im extremely tired, emotional and of course moody. When i was bleeding it didnt seem like my period it was very diff and weird, i didn’t even cramp.
    I’ve taken 3 hpts and they were all negative but the last time ive taken one was 2 weeks ago. I was thinkin about takin another one or getting a blood test but im kinda scared to know, i don’t want to be disappointed. Please ladies i need advice just send me a private msg. thanks



    So I have been feeling bloated for about a month now and my period was due between the 16th and the 20th of last month. I also have been constipated. I don’t think Ive using the restroom a lot though maybe because I noticed. Oh yeah I have been feeling extremely wet and just I think it’s my period it’s just discharge….My next period is due next week. Should I wait until then or should I test now?? Let me know on my page…

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