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    i have question and want an answers
    Can abortion cause infertility in the future?Can I get pregnant without Fallopian tubes?Can Mirena cause infertility after removal?



    There is no evidence that surgical or medical abortion can cause infertility in females. As long as it is done in a safe setting by a qualified practitioner, abortion should not change a woman’s ability to get pregnant again in the future. However, undergoing multiple procedures might have a lasting effect on the reproductive organs Yes, a woman with no Fallopian tubes can get pregnant by way of IVF (in vitro fertilization). Having no tubes does not translate into not ovulating (i.e. not releasing eggs) unless there is another problem affecting it.
    For IVF, her oocytes are collected directly from the ovary through a procedure called ovum pick-up of follicle puncture, and then fertilized at the lab. The resulting embryo or embryos are transferred back to her uterus, so that pregnancy takes place. In principle, there is no association between Mirena being removed and female infertility. Many women have reported becoming pregnant almost immediately after the removal of Mirena.
    In fact, the recovery rate for fertility levels seems to be higher than with other contraceptives such as Depo-Provera. On the other hand, it is true that it might increase the chances of miscarriage. To sum up, the answer is no, it does not cause infertility, but the chances for complications to appear are higher.



    My sister has a concern. Actually, I am having the concern about her. So, imagine, she is 39. She already has two babies from the previous marriage. Recently she got married again to a younger man. Now she is thinking of having the third baby. She was recommended egg donations, as the doctors said that her eggs are not suitable. Do you think she can carry a baby in her age? Is it safe enough? I am worried, as she generally has quite a weak health, some hearts problems. I think surrogacy might be an option, still, she wants to carry a baby on her own. Do you think it is dangerous both to her and to the expected baby health? Any good stories to share?

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    Hello my dear friend, I hope you are doing well and having a good day. It is a good thing to search for good advice at this forum and I hope you will find good solution to you problem and confusion. When it comes to facing the time of abortion, you should not worry about any infertility problem because of it. It is not right that you can face infertility problem due to abortion. But it will always depend on your way of treatment for abortion. If you are visiting any good Clinic and having services of any professional and certified health expert, it will be normal for you and you will not face any kind of infertility problem due to it. It is very important for you to visit any certified and trusted clinic where they can provide a safe treatment solution for abortion. When it comes to finding solution of another question that is it possible to get pregnant without fallopian tubes, I will say that it is possible for any woman to get pregnant. In such cases, I will recommend you to visit and infertility clinic where they can provide IVF treatment solution. IVF is very helpful treatment solution where you can easily get pregnant even without fallopian tubes. When I was facing infertility problem, I was very stressed and depressed due to it. I visited Ukraine with my husband to find good treatment solution and I got Good help with IVF treatment solution. In Ukraine comma there are many certified and trusted infertility clinics where couples can good treatment solution in such problems. I hope it will work for other ladies who are facing problem of infertility. Best of luck for your future and beautiful life my dear.



    hi there i think more than two abortions can be a risk to your health and alsoabout fallopian tubes i know if one tube is blocked you can get kids if your other one is open.



    hey there
    Having multiple abortions can result in a higher risk that the placenta will implant abnormally in future pregnancies.
    women who have had their fallopian tubes removed will not conceive a baby without medical intervention



    hey dear there are two types of abortions. A medical abortion is done by swallowing medication, and should have zero effect on future pregnancies. A surgical abortion can be done a few ways but always involves an instrument being inserted into the cervix. In rare circumstances, abortion can cause damage to the cervix or uterus in the process. “This would be more common with a woman who has had multiple abortions.



    if both of your fallopian tubes are damaged then that means you cannot get pregnant but if you have one fallopian tube thats functional you can conceive.



    If you’re still not pregnant after a year of trying, I urge you to talk to your doctor. Mirena will not affect fertility, in fact the moment the mirena is removed, your body is able to conceive.

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