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    Hi all, we have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years :(. My periods are not regular and I have tried cloderm and provera, but that didn’t help. I am fed up! My husband talked with a doctor and he has been planning to start my treatment again. One of my friends suggested me to attend an infertility perinatal psychology treatment to get rid of my depression. I am confused! Should I attend? Have any of you tried this?



    there are other treatments out there. i know the journey has been tough, trust me you are not the only one. women go through this and count your self lucky your husband is with you and walking with you every step. as for me i did not try that but i went with Biotexcom, its in Kiev. look them up



    I had some unknown reasons of somehow not conceiving which I also failed to understand despite of trying for all the methods. From healthy diet, sex postures, Ovulation days and all. I tried everything but failed every time and this was day by day leading me to depression . but then I started searching online for other conceiving methods. I started from local hospitals and clinics to country and with my daily search I made a list of top clinics abroad too.
    during my Research I came across ‘BioTex’ clinic . I did a small chit chat with them on Skype . Thoroughly went through their website and comments. Reviewed every detail precisely and then made the decision .I am glad that the decision that I made to choose this clinic was not wrong

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