surrogacy? anyone?

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    I’m in the process of surrogacy now. I should say I’m in a very beginning of it. I was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis in the age of 17. I had 2 terminations of pregnancy because of this disease. That was hard to survive both physically and mentally. After losing my babies, my husband left me for another woman. She gave him children I couldn’t give. I spent years in treatments, medications and depressions. I thought nothing will ever change and I’m doomed to spend miserable life. But there was a man who changed my life. I met my second husband when I was 28. Of course I told him about my diagnosis. We decided that it’s too risky for me to get pregnant again. So the only solution for us was surrogacy. We are from Sweden. Surrogacy here is legal, but surrogate mother has all rights for baby and we’ll have to adopt our child. And also prices are pretty high. We decided to go to Mexico for surrogacy program. I put all my hope in it. And of course we paid so much money for it. Unfortunately our surrogate mother had miscarriage on 27th week of pregnancy. As it turned out the clinic didn’t check her carefully. She had some problems with health and I still don’t know, was it intentionally hidden or was it doctors’ mistake. My husband tried to support me, but I saw this incident influenced him greatly too. We were visiting psychologist, but no treatment can heal this pain. Our desire to have children was stronger than our fear to try again. We collected some money and decided to go to Ukraine this time. There are many good reviews, their prices are much lower and we’ve heard a lot about their doctors. We’ve already contacted a couple of their clinics. I wanted to ask maybe someone had surrogacy there and can advise good clinic? Reviews in the internet are so contradictory. It’s better to talk directly with someone who underwent this procedure.



    I’m so sorry about your losses! I know how painful it is to lose baby. Nothing in this world can cure your heart after this. I had undergone heart surgery in teen age. I wouldn’t survive without it. I’m grateful to my parents. They found good doctors for me. I still do medical checks to control my health.

    I met my husband in a very young age, 18 yo. We got married when I was 19. In a couple of years I’ve got pregnant. We wanted to have children more than anything else! I was warned about risks. My doctors told me I’m crazy if I leave a baby. My heart could not stand pregnancy. It might cause problems not only to my health, but baby’s health as well. Also doctors told me there is high possibility I might die. All this scared me and I was confused. After long discussion with my dh we decided we should make it. I don’t know if I regret about this decision. I don’t know maybe I would regret my whole life if I made an abortion on early term. Unfortunately doctors made me to terminate pregnancy on 6th month. I had dyspnea, edema, blood circulation disorders. I felt pain in chest. My heart was aching not only because it was hard for it to work for two, but also because I knew I should make my choice. I had to choose either I will live or my baby and I will die. Unbearable pain had never left me. I think it will never fade away. It became part of me…

    I’m sorry to read that your surrogacy in Mexico failed. Those doctors have nothing saint! How could they not check surrogate mother properly?! I’m glad you didn’t give up! It’s hard, I know. We should keep living!

    Fortunately my first surrogacy has a happy ending. I hope yours will have it too! I had surrogacy procedure in Kiev, Ukraine. I was fully sure that surrogate mother was healthy and had her own healthy kids. You made the good choice! Ukraine is becoming popular among foreign infertile couples nowadays. So I hope they will help you to become a mother!



    Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it and I’m so happy for you! How old is your baby? Your experience gives me inspiration and belief I still have chances. I’m so tired from tears and depressions. I want to feel happiness. I want to hold my baby. I want to become loving mom. I dream our family to be complete and my husband stop to comforting me all the time. I want him to be a happy father. We spent so much money in Mexico for nothing. Not only we paid sum, which was set in our contract. The clinic also gave us check in the end of our failed(!) procedure. There were charges for services we haven’t even used! And they didn’t tell us about them in the beginning or during the process. I know I shouldn’t pay and we had to make something with their impudence. But I was broken and devastated. I wanted nothing but get over that clinic and end that process as soon as possible. But I couldn’t change the past. May I ask you which clinic have you chosen? There are many clinics in Ukraine. I want to choose the best one. I hope to find the one which has high rates of successful procedures. And the most important is proper check of surrogated. I’m scared to make previous mistakes. I understand that no one can give 100% guarantees. Still it’s better to be sure that all medical checks are done carefully by professionals. How much did you pay? I hope it’s ok to ask this. I know prices in Ukraine are lower than in other countries. Does this fact influence service? Were there problems with language or movement across city? I’ve already found some maps in English in the net and also downloaded some apps. I don’t know if they help. But at least I’ll be prepared little bit for being in foreign country. I will be grateful for any help! Thank you.



    Please don’t be shy and ask whatever you need. We should help each other and support. Who else will understand us better then somebody, who felt loss by themselves. Our girl is 1.5 years old. She is the most beautiful girl in the world!) I read such review about Mexico not for the first time. I’m not saying all their clinics are bad. But some of them just ruin all impression and status of reproductive medicine in the whole country! Such clinics exist everywhere unfortunately. Also there are hundreds of fake agencies. They take money away from miserable people and continue to live happily. That’s why I advise you to contact clinics directly.

    We had surrogacy in biotexcom. I don’t know maybe you consider this clinic too. The most surprising for us was there were so many people. There were couples from all over the world. Some came for their first meeting with doctor. Some came for fertilization. Some came for ultrasound check. We talk with couple from France. They came for delivery of their baby. They looked so happy, I will never forget those sparkles in their eyes… That was an exact moment when I made a decision to sign contract with this clinic.

    We chose standard package and paid 39 900 euros. The clinic also has other packages. You can visit their website and look for yourself. This package seemed the most suitable for us. Though lines were long and exhausting, we have positive impressions. Low price didn’t influence services at all. I must say I didn’t expect such care about foreign couples from the clinic. We were met in the airport! We were provided with a taxi and it was transporting us to the clinic and to our apt. Btw, housing was also provided by the clinic! Modern accommodation with all needed facilities. We were even provided with food supply and smartphones for communication in Ukraine! And of course we had a manager, who was translating everything for us and answering all our questions. As you can see the clinic considered every single detail so their patients feel themselves comfortable.



    Honey, I get it why you have so many concerns. It’s obvious that after clinic, which treated you like that, you can’t believe again. Even if it’s the best clinic in the world and there is no negative reviews. Your doubts are completely understandable. There are so many people, who faced such clinics/agencies/surrogate mothers(yes, there are fraudsters even among them!). They put all hope and have already imagined how they become parents. After such failure you won’t be able to believe again…I hope this time you won’t have to suffer again! Honey, be strong, I’m sure those people, who made this to you, will pay for their deception. Life is boomerang and nothing is left unpunished.

    Answering to your questions, those services are already included into the packages. We paid only this amount. The clinic had never asked to pay more or pay some extra fees. Our payment was divided into 5 parts. They never asked to pay 39 900 euros right away! It’s obvious we want to pay and see the result! And giving all sum on the spot is too risky nowadays. We paid 8000 euros during our first visit, after signing the contract. Then we paid 7900 euros during our second visit after fertilization of sm. Third payment 8000 euros we paid on twelve weeks of the gestation of our sm. 8000 euros we paid after the childbirth. And the last 8000 euros we paid after receiving all documents for our daughter to leave the country.

    They found our sm in 2.5 months after our first visit. We thought it will take much longer. So when our program coordinator told us this news we were on seventh heaven! We didn’t choose sm by ourselves. It doesn’t matter how she looks. The most important is her health, ability to carry a baby and presence of her own children. That’s why our doctor chose sm for us. Their doctors make all psychological and medical tests to be sure that woman is suitable for the procedure. Also they check sm during the program weekly. Our sm was 32 years old with 2 kids. So we knew she had all chances to carry our baby.



    Hi Dear!
    Sorry for what you have gone through but I am happy that you are still determined to conceive. Surrogacy is the only hope for women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. It is also the best method for mothers who don’t want to lead a childless life just because they cannot conceive. It is good that you have identified a clinic in Ukraine where you can have the procedure done. I have also read comments from other people, and I can see that they have given you enough details about the cost, the duration and what to expect. This is important since it can help you plan your trip and become a happy mother. However, there are a few questions I would like to ask on your behalf.
    1. When one chooses to have the exercise performed in Ukraine, do they offer legal documents to the child including the passport?
    2. Are there any restrictions on persons who can benefit from this service?
    3. One of the participants gave the details of the procedure and the packages available in Ukraine but did not mention the clinic that offers the services. Kindly share the link to the clinic.



    Hello anonymous user. I am glad for you. Really I mena it. Even though I don’t know you! I understand you. I know how it feels to be in your shoes. I would like to congratulate you for having the courage. You show infertility what your made of! I wish you all the best. I will have to go through something similar myself too in the near future. I don;t know whether it will IVF or surrogacy but, it will be one of them. I wish things go smooth for me too. I am waiting for my doctor to give the green light for IVf. As of now I am trying to live as healthy as I can. Anyways enough of me. Again I wish you the best. May all your dreams come true. Much love xx



    Hello first of all let me tell you I can understand what you went through at least part of it. I am also in the same boat, after failures while TTC to conceive via IVF which leave both me and my husband in the brink of depression. Thank god my husband just like yours is a second man who decided to remain at my side even when I many lashed at my unable to deal with my anger and those many feelings I had while trying to cope with the repetitive failures.Still I can also tell you went through more than me and I respect you for being able to keep forward. Im glad you found a man who is also willing to to remain at your side no matter what. So let me give you small hand, I am also researching Surrogacy and egg donation as my doctor told me those were viable options when my husband and I seek him to see if there was any other treatment and he told me about them, my situation is way lighter than yours. I only have low ovarian reserve, there is no problem for me to carry a child but it makes it really hard for me to get pregnant via natural ways or IVF. But enough about me while doing my research I heard the name of a clinic in Kiev Ukraine. They offer surrogacy and other treatments and almost assure you will get pregnant I advice you to check it up and I could tell you more about I found if you are interested.
    I wish you the best and good luck. I am sure the day will come when you manage to be a mother.



    everything will be alright. There are lot of clinics out there. Even the doctors can help you to get what it done to you. I have been working reallly hard and changing the ways to make it better.

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