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    I would love to be a surrogate but it all seems so far-out..and you dont hear of it where i live (UK).



    Has anyone done this before?



    I’m considering becoming a surrogate in about a year. I’ve enjoyed my pregnancy, but don’t want my children that close together. I’m hoping to give a family a child that can’t have one.



    It is definitely a precious gift.



    $25,000 is the cost of surrogacy in India. This includes IVF, antenatal, delivery etc. which is why many go abroad.
    The price alone is not the entire reason we went. Surprisingly the cost of surrogacy in UK is exactly the same as in India. A little known fact. Add in the airfares it actually works out dearer in India than in my own country!



    I am currently in the progress of becomin a host surrogate and cant wait to meet my IPs xx



    Anyone know the best way to find a gestational surrogate?



    I am a gestational surrogate. I am currently 4 weeks and 6 days prego!! We have another beta tomorrow, the first beta came back at 141 and ultrasound is on the 16th. If anyone is a surro and want to keep int touch one here let me know 🙂


    Hi All, My name is Angelique and here I am back again… I have two gorgeous lil girls Keira who is 3 and Alyssa who is 1; I used this website for both those pregnancies too.

    While I say here we are again we aren’t here for ourselves this time round, we have decided to become host surrogates so we are here for a lovely couple whom dearly want to complete their family. For those that don’t know much about surrogacy, host surrogacy is when I carry the intended mother’s egg that has been fertilised with her husband’s sperm or a donor sperm, but in this case it’s her husband’s. I am currently on a natural cycle trial moth and hoping all goes well we are looking at an October transfer, so fingers, toes and everything else that can be crossed is crossed (this helps with abstaining too, LOL).

    I am so excited to be able to go on this journey again as I so love being pregnant but don’t want any more children. I have only ever want two and I have two amazing lil girls

    I will be tracking my cycles and be updating as and when.



    HOw do i find a surrogate? and how would i know that the person would take really good care of themselves… i am starting to look into getting a surrogate to carry me and my DH baby. our first was a premie at 20wks and died. and my lo is 9 months now with cerclage delivers at 36. bu ti am unable to do another cerclage and even with a Tac i would be unable to move from wk 10-34. i did 13-31. .. i can tmiss out on my lo life for so long and know that i could still lose the baby and have a c section knowing the child will die:O( sooryy to be so dramatic.. its true. any ideas.. would a surrogate even be interested in me .. since others can’t even conceive and i simply can’t carry to term?



    Hello, we are looking for a GC who could make our dream of enlarging our family come true. We have already been through this process 6 years ago so it is familiar for us. We would like to do it independently this time as we did not have a great experience with the agency and it will be also less expensive. If you would like to help us or know somebody who would love to, please contact us. We live in Houston and would love to have our GC near us so as to be present at every step of the journey and know the GC closely. Thank you so much!!



    Hello everyone! Just found out that I’m pregnant with our surrobaby for a couple who is ready for their miracle child! They’ve been trying for 10+ years.



    Hi there! I’d like to share my final success after different clinics and failures and losses… I passed my final surrogacy program in Ukrainian center of human reproduction. I have my beautiful daughter and very happy. Concerning price, I don’t remember the cost of one attempt, but if you need you can visit their site and find contracts and that information. They have very attractive packages for very little price comparing with US). I chose all inclusive package. For 29900 euro they propose unlimited attempts, all treatment and medications are included in one price. Moreover they provide you with accommodation, they have villa and hotel near clinic. It was not luxurious, but good enough) And meals are also included in package. As for us it was very delicious Ukrainian food) In airport we were met by their taxi driver, who transferred us to the clinic and hotel. They always provided us with taxi and we hadn’t pay for it. Also we had our English-speaking manager, there was no language barrier) And finally took all responsibilities for child registration. I can tell that we paid only for flights. In Ukraine we were provided with everything we need in foreign country for free. Finally we paid 29900 euro as it was specified in agreement.



    Surrogate mother is always under the control. Every month they take all analysis, make the tests, and do the ultrasound. Intended parents can come in clinic every month and control all the procedure. And It is a big pleasure to be present on ultrasound and see a baby) During the last trimester there are special nurses who watch the surrogate day and night. If intended parents cannot be present every month in clinic, managers send ultrasound by mail. As about me, I wasn’t very nervous thinking about surrogate. I was sure that she was in good hands) As for biological material, clinic positions itself as a clinic which works with fresh material, cause it increases the success. I read that during the defrosting material loses its quality. And they transfer blastocyst ( five days old embryo), It also increases the possibility of implantation. I read a lot of articles about it. Nowadays this is proven. Concerning visits, as I remember it should be 3 times. First to check your health conditions and signing the contract. Second time it was when surrogate was chosen and doctor should take our biological material. And the third one for child registration. But as I said it can be much more if you want to visit ultrasound)



    If you are looking for surrogacy then ‘Gestational Surrogacy India’ is helpful because they charge a reasonable cost for complete treatment and provide surrogate of your choice.

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