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    Hey Mummys. I have 2 beautiful little girls. My eldest daughter is 5 in January and my youngest is 1 next week. Both me and my partner would love a boy. Any good suggestions as to how i can get pregnant with a little boy. Any help would be terrific.



    I couldn’t get pregnant for over 3 years..

    The doctor said i had less than an 8% shot! Can you believe it?

    Now, i have 3 beautiful kids..

    I have to say, for any other woman trying to conceive i suggest they check this out because it worked for me.

    Just copy and paste this into your web browser>>> <<<

    Hope this helps

    Jess x



    Egg whites = bad news. Raw eggs can be dangerous. That’s not a smart tip. Don’t listen to that one!


    Me and my guy had unprotected sex for 9 months prior to becoming preggers.. We werent trying though.. Just being ”stupid kids” Lol.. We were however thrilled when we found out we were expecting.. Such a wonderful surprise.. Anyways.. Ive heard if it takes more than a year to get preggers then you should see a doc about it.. How long have you been ”trying”?


    I forgot to add that stressing about becoming or not becoming pregnant can have affects on becoming pregnant.. Thats why although we are wanting to be pregnant again real soon Im not focusing too much energy on it.. Im trying to go with the flow and trust it will happen for us when its meant.. But I also understand the worry and frustration youre experiencing.. If youre at all concerned you should see a doc but I would give it a good 9-12 months of actual TRYING before becoming too too concerned =)..


    I understand.. I agree with your babysitter too.. For some reason things are more likely to happen when we’re not thinking about them.. Just have fun with your hubby and try not to think too much about becoming pregnant.. It might happen quicker.. Good luck to you though!.. I hope this is the month your little one decides to start its journey! =)


    So …. i have been using this MAYBE BABY MICROSCOPE for 3 months now… i heard so many things about it!!!!!! So i was hoping WHAM bammmmmm it would work straight away …. 3 MONTHS in and nothing… i dont know girls….. does anyone know of anyone who has used it before! Frankly i think i have wasted my money!!!

    Im going into my 9 month of tryin to concieve!!! Getting very impatient!! Will it ever happen …. im starting to stresss that i could be infertile :/ Such a stress head! x



    Hi Ladies! I have a strange question for all of you. I recently signed up for these free trying to conceive pregnancy tips. Most of them seem pretty straight forward, but one of them made me raise my eyebrows. this ‘tip’ goes on to say that most lubricants are not good to use when you are trying to get pregnant as most lubricants will kill the sperm. Instead, it suggests, to use more natural lubricants. One of these ‘natural’ lubricants recommended is…egg whites. Yes, egg whites. I went on to research this on the internet and found that the process to use egg whites as a natural lubricant is as follows: Take the egg out of the fridge for about an hour, to get it to room temperature. Then, separate the white from the yolk. Using a turkey baster or an eye drop, insert the egg whites inside as soon as possible after cracking the egg. Has anyone ever done this?



    Im turing 30 cmg Dec & married for 2.4yrs. Still not pregnant yet, my cousin’s whom married after me already hav kids. Feel so dispressed & always have tears whenever i tink abt it. When i see any preg ladies, will feel how fortunate they are and feel so sad abt my conditions. Im so sad but i am not able to express it to my husband nor to my parents. I do not want them to know how sad i am or how badly i wanted to get preg. Coz I just dont wan them to worry more abt it, coz my parents are already worried abt it. Only god is the only person whom i can share my thoughts n really hope 1 day he will answer to my prayers. I wish good luck to all the gals whom r trying to get preg.



    Hi ladies! my husband and I are going to start trying for our second child as soon as this period is over. (I am due in a couple days.) I am excited about a second child, but also nervous as my 1st child has been the love of our life, and our general focus, for the past 2 years. I hope he doesn’t feel less loved. I know this is a common (and silly) concern, but it’s hard NOT to worry about how he’ll feel. 🙂 Wish me luck ladies in conceiving quickly. I wish you all the same!



    Starting the BD on Wednesday, wish me luck x x



    Hi Ladies

    Me and my husband will start trying for our second pregnancy. My periods just got over yesterday and I am stressed ,excited happy and sometimes upset since my first one hasnot been successful and I lost on my 6 months due to IC

    Wish me luck and anyone can give me tips on relaxing or anyone have been successful on the sencond one please write to me

    Thanks and love Nouna



    JBaum, use Pre-Seed ‘personal moisturizer’ which supports sperm


    There’s no way in the world I’d put egg whites up my vag! I agree, try Pre-Seed, as it’s true that most lubes are harmful to sperm, but pre-seed assists sperm on their journey.



    We got pregnant with our son the first month we tried. So now we are waiting on the results of our third month. Ugh! I guess I figured we would get pregnant immediately! My periods are almost exactly 28 days now as before even though I am breast feeding my ovulation should still be on target right?

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