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    How can I quit smoking?



    I think it’s tremendous to give and receive encouragement from each other. Try to be patient when loved ones nag you, they are coming from a place of great fear for you. In a more honest and forthright moment, what they are trying to say is, ‘I love you and I am scared that your smoking will take you away from me.’ These words were actually said to me, and while at that particular time it didn’t immediately prompt me to quit, I sort of stored it in a pocket in my mind and it was very helpful to remember it when I was quitting and going through withdrawal. It helped, and I am certain someone feels that very way about you. Think about who that is in your life as you are trying to quit and wrap it around yourself. Withdrawal is uncomfortable, but you may be surprised to discover it is not as horrible as you had imagined. Stay strong and positive, and remember: nagging isn’t ALL terrible… after all, you’ll be doing quite a bit of it to that little one sooner than you realize!



    If you are pregnant and want to quit smoking, I recommend battling your quit using several ‘weapons’ and employing ‘allies.’ If your doctor permits an NRT, and you are comfortable with using it, use it. Keep cold water and sugar-free gum on hand. Don’t keep your quit a secret, let those who know you smoke know that you really want to commit to quitting and would like their encouragement (even if there is a wee part of you that still wants to cling on to smoking, LOL!). Stay away from the store(s) you typically purchase cigarettes. Break away from routines that involved your smoking habit. Join quit groups like Read materials on nicotine addiction and how to break it. Look up videos on the effects of smoking. Pray for and/or meditate on the healing that is occurring in your body each day you do NOT smoke. You are pregnant, resist the temptation to look at this like a wild bear trap — you hate your addiction, but also feel like you cannot escape it and that it is somehow harder to quit when pregnant. You have a boost up on men trying to quit because of your body’s enormous capacity for healing right now (turbo circulation!!). This is actually a fantastic time to quit smoking.



    I was smoking about a pack a day before I got pregnant, then within a wwk, i went down to 10 smokes a day, now im working on 5 a day, then none, im a little over 7 weeks now and I want both (baby and I ) to be as healthy as possible, my fiance is very very supportive ,



    Hey ladies.. i was a smoker pre-pregnancy… and when i found out i was preggo i did not quit cold turkey.. i slowly quit… it was SOOOOO hard but i am so proud of myself and i know that my baby will be healthy-ire because i made the decision to quit.. i am now 37 weeks preggo and due on November 23rd… i KNOW that after i have my baby i am gonna want a 10 foot cigarette lol BUT i am gonna try not to start smoking again… I reember reading in a pregnancy book when i was trying to quit that if you fail and smoke a cig DONT get depressed and give up… TRY AND TRY again.. the more depressed you get, the more you are gonna want a cigarette… the whole time i was trying to quit i just kept telling myself to try and try again!!!! Good luck ladies and enjoy your pregnancy!!!



    first time here..

    i smoke since i was 12 yrs old..

    till 27..

    ttc.. to no avail..

    im soo encourage to quit smoking after reading all these comments..

    wish me lots of luck and baby dust pls.. i need it!



    I want to smoke one cig but I dont know how safe is. I had my baby 3 weeks ago via c-section. Also I’m breastfeeding…so would it be okay if I smoked 1 cig? I not a smoker at all but lately I’ve been wanting just one. If I do smoke I plan to wait at least 24hrs before I breastfeed. So is it okay if I smoke just one cig?!



    Hi guys im new to this forums, im an avid smoker as well, been smoking for a long time now and i finally found out i was preggo! Well I’m not doing the usual 1 and a half packs a day anymore, I just take a few puffs off a ciggie and throw the rest away and while im smoking the cigarette i tell myself vocally and mentally that the ciggie tastes awwwful and is bad for my baby…that helps me stay off the cigs. 😀 im 5 weeks preggo btw 😀



    CLAIRE: Actually, the way you describe your quit is the same as a lot of folks I know who quit smoking for good. People approach quitting smoking in different ways: some have to ‘rip it off like a band aid’ and others have to psyche themselves up — as you indicate. That makes some sense, too, since most of our smoking habit IS psychological attachment. PREGONOS: If you can keep your smoking to a single cigarette per day, I think you are Superwoman! I’ve personally never known anyone who could do that. Cigarette manufacterers design cigarettes deliberately for continued, and increased, usage. Check out some quit sites speciffically and read on nicotine addiction. Good Luck!!



    Hi Tess! Well yeah, kicking the habit is really bad, i found it especially bad for the first 3 days. I tried going cold turkey first but it didn’t quite work and i was under alot of stress, so giving myself a bit of leeway by saying that i can have a few puffs off a ciggie or have just one cig a day makes it easier for me to stop as i dont have the stress of not smoking everytime i have an urge and i think that, that really is a stress binder ugghh,….What you can also do is smoke 1 cig a day, half in the morning and the other half in the evening and do that till you think you are able to leave without the normal nicotine intake a day. Good luck ladies!
    xoxo claire~



    I applaud all my moms quitting smoking. I am heavily addicted to nicotine. I quit smoking somewhere along the lines in all of my pregnancies. However, when my baby was born, I not only resumed smoking, I ended up increasing my amount. In the end, I was smoking between 2 to 2 1/2 packs per day. I say end because 2 years ago I discovered I was pr/egnant and there was no option but to quit — or die. I think when you are looking at actual death, it helps a lot in quitting. It takes the option of smoking completely off the table.



    i smoked the whole time i was preggo with my daughter…she came 6 weeks early with no health issues thankfully, but it was still very scary…i just could not quit!!! this time i COULDN’T made me so sick and i was able to quit cold turkey…hoping to go full-term this time lol!!! i feel like i never smoked before in my life and i was a smoker for 13 years…only 1/2 pack a day though!!! hopefully i’ll stay smoke free after this pregnancy cause this is my last one. good luck to all the mommies out there that are trying to quit…i know just how very hard it is…



    I too smoked when i was prego- the entire pregnancy. no i am not proud of it & i was embarrased anytime i did it in public but i couldn’t quit- as hard as i tried i couldn’t. i did cut back to 7 a day verses a pack a day. My baby was born 6 pounds 2 oz only 1 week early. She is now a happy, healthy 3 month old. I am a nursing mom & hate to report that i am still smoking (been smoking for 19 years). I have read that it is better to nurse and smoke that feed formula and not smoke. I have done a lot of reading about nursing and smoking to ensure i wouldnt harm my baby and everything i found says as long as you smoke less than 15 a day the likelyhood of baby getting nicotine is very small. anything over that 15, it increases drastically.



    Quitting was SO hard for me! I had dreams about smoking the first 4 months I was pregnant and it was a little harder b/c my hubby was still smoking (he quit about 2 weeks after I did). I did quit cold turkey b/c I felt horrible smoking after I found out I was pregnant b/c I swore to God, that if he would allow me to have a child I would quit smoking and do anything and everything I could for my child. I do know how hard it is though. For me it seemed easier to quit cold turkey instead of ‘teasing’ myself but the first three days are the hardest as far as being irritable and feeling like having a cig would make it better. Then the rest of the week (especially when prego) I dreamed all night every night and I continued having dreams for a couple months that I was smoking. It was rough. I’m sure one thing that helped is that since I was prego I wasn’t hangin with the usual crew. I was in bed earlier and my ‘smoking’ schedule had changed. I did feel for months that I couldn’t hang out with my friends that smoked…like they would invite me over for coffee and we used to smoke and drink coffee! I’m like I cannot be around it…I’m too weak! Well, if I can offer anyone support or advice please let me know…wish you all luck with quitting and healthy babies!!



    I smoked for 13 years… I found out I was pregnant in Novemeber…. at first I quit cold turkey, right away.. but that only lasted a few days =( I started.. but cut back.. until in december I was only smoking one a day….. then finaly, no more! I think it was harder when my husband was around because he smokes… he’s been gone for the past few months now.. SO i haven’t even been tempted…. but he’s gonna be home in April. I REALLLLLY hope i don’t get the urge to start again. What i will say though is now that I quit.. I can’t STAND the smell of them……

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