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    pregnant women should auit smoking. congratulations for those who have quit already. for those who haven’t, it is never too late to quit. suppport World No Tobacco Day.
    On may 31st, we celebrate World No Tobacco Day which has been declared by the World Health Organization. To engage and educate the public about the issues, a free ebook is being given away.Support World No Tobacco Day today! Visit for the book’s website.



    I have smoked since I was 17. My husband and I conceived our first baby in 2007 and I successfully quite smoking the minute I found out I was pregnant but unfortunately started smoking again two months postpartum when my breast milk dried up and I had no motivation to ‘not smoke’. I smoked for another year…conceived our second child in 2008 and this time around quitting was TERRIBLE! I struggled so much, stopped and started again. Finally at around the three month mark I did it! My baby is now three months old and I have still not picked up the habit again!!! I hope i hope i hope I can continue…not smoking.



    Lin-CONGRATS on quit smoking!!! It’s a big change and it might be hard but I KNOW you can continue to be smoke free. On Monday I was at a family get together with my close friend (her family was hosting) and this lady was about 6months prego and she was smoking up a storm!! When I saw her smoking I was in complete shock, I couldnt believe what I was seeing. We started talking & she told me that none of her children have been over 7lbs & I said do you think it has anything to do w/you smoking…she said no. I’m NOT judging you ladies what smoke while your prego bc who am I to judge. I just wish you would TRY to quit BEFORE you get prego. I know it might be harder than it sounds but its worth it in the end. If you cant stop smoking then seek some help & ATLEAST limit your intake. I smoke 5 cigs a yr so Idk what it’s like to be addicted to cigs but I STOPPED once I found out I was prego & didnt smoke again until 4month pp. I wish all you ladies who are trying to stop smoking the best of luck!! Dont give up hope.



    NavyWifeTG is a fake name and person. This person used my information and photos to create his/her page. Do not listen to them! This person took alot of time to acquire photos and different things about me. They are also posting photos of children that are not mine because they could not find a photo of them online. Do not befriend this person because they are not who they say they are. Thanks for your time…



    i smoked during my first pregnancy (couldn’t kick the habbit) My son was born 7 lbs 8oz 21 hes a healthy boy. im currently 15 weeks pregnant and proud to say I quit when I was 9 weeks 🙂 I have smoked for 6 years and i will never pick one up again (hopefully)



    I was unable to quit smoking during my first pregnancy, and I’m lucky I had a healthy 8 lb baby girl. For this pregnancy, but husband and I both quit smoking during my first trimester. I actually had an easy time of it for the first little while, but then my husband started smoking again about three weeks ago. He’s been smoking on and off, and I’m having the worst cravings, and extremely vivid dreams about smoking. I know I’d be an idiot to light up a smoke after more than 2 months… I’m just very frustrated.



    I feel you. I quite too for this one and my husband did too at first. But recentley I have had alot of personal problems going on that now I have a few a day im only 2 months from my due date! I hate that I have started again. I tried not to but thats all I think about! I hate myself and always think people think bad of me!


    Jen, My best advice is don’t buy any. If they aren’t in the house and you don’t have one then you can’t have one. It takes about 5 minutes for a craving to end. Try to do something for that 5 minutes. Vacuum, call a friend, check your email, take a shower if you are under a lot of stress. Tell yourself you’ll have one tomorrow, wake up and repeat, I’ll have one tomorrow. I cut straws in half and chewed on them, perfect size and had hand to mouth with it. Another bit of advice, visit the sites of what smoking does to the unborn. It will give you the motivation to quit. You’ll think of what you have read when you reach for a smoke and hopefully reconsider. Good luck. I went cold turkey 11 weeks ago. I still want one but, it’s not going to happen.



    I am 35 weeks and I am still smoking. I can say that I have cut back ALOT. I’m down to maybe 4 cigarettes a day. But I’m still trying to quit. I have been under an extreme amount of stress lately, and my severe anxiety doesn’t help the situation. I can’t take any anti-anxiety medications becuase my doctor won’t prescribe them to me. This is my 2nd child, and I’m worried about what I’m doing to him. But I don’t know what is more harmful, me smoking, or my severe panic attacks that land me in the hospital. I’m only posting this for advice, not for other mothers to tell me how horrible I am. So if that’s what you have to say, then don’t. I just need some help in quitting all together.



    Hi! I’m 18 weeks and struggling to stop smoking. Before I was pregnant I was smoking +/- 35 siggies a day and cut down to 5. But 2 weeks a ago I have this big craving for smoking and smoke now +/- 7 a day. It’s so difficult, every one in the office smoke and my husband and when we have braai’s eveyone smoke. Just wish I can wake up one morning and don’t have that craving for a siggie!



    hi all. i am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my first, and i am having a terrible time quitting. before i found out i was pregnant i smoked at least a pack a day, and when that test stick turned positive i decided to quit. i haven’t smoked an entire cigarette to myself since, and i usually have no more than a whole cigarette’s worth per day (hitting my fiance’s cigarettes occassionally). he refused to quit with me, which has made it incredibly hard! everytime he lights a cigarette i want it so badly that i get furious with him until he lets me have a drag. i feel terrible doing this in front of other people, and he has been saying that he feels terrible letting me smoke, like it would then be HIS fault if something happened for LETTING me smoke at all. i even DREAM about cigarettes… it has been so hard, but i am trying…



    I am 27 weeks, 4 days along.. and I seriously tried so many times to quit.. it’s so frustrating.
    I hear ‘You shouldn’t be smoking’ or ‘Smoking is bad for you and the baby’… well.. I know this..
    I’ve been smoking for about 6 years now.
    I used to smoke a pack to a pack and a half a day, then as soon as I found out I was pregger, I cut it down to about half a pack a day.
    Then at the beginning of my second trimester, I cut to about 5 or so a day.

    Now.. I smoke any amount on any given day. Sometimes half a pack, sometimes 4, it all depends on my stress level..

    I really wish I had the will power the people have that quit the moment they found out.
    I don’t want to hurt my baby girl, or affect the breast milk 🙁


    I wish I could quit smoking but, I stay very stressed out if I am not smoking. I have meds to help with stress and it really doesn’t help.



    just wanted to leave a little support for struggling mothers out there i am a mother of soon to be 4 my first 2 i was not a smoker but my 3rd one i smoked and i smoke heavily a pack a day i manage to get dwn to a very decent number that my dr approved of but i still felt guilty after my son was born i picked back up my habit 2yrs later i am preggo again i was a pack a day but at 9 weeks i started bleeding went for ultrasound heartrate was 70bpm i stopped that day even though it was later found out that it was due to a severe uti 15 weeks later it still hard hope we all find the strength to beat this for good



    I just want to let everyone know that quitting is POSSIBLE! I am 29, have five kids and one on the way. I have smoked off and on since I was 16. I say off and on because I quit every time I was pregnant and since I had three children within three years there was a 3 year stint there that I did not smoke at all. I always seem to pick them back up thopugh. It just is not hard for me to put them down. I am almost 8 weeks pregnant this time and I laid them down three days after I found out I was prego ( I was only 4 weeks then) and haven’t stuck another in my mouth. DH and I have never smoked in our house nor do we allow others. This helps keep the children from being around the smoke and has helped me since I quit.

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