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    Yay! My results from the ELCAP (Early Lung Cancer Action Project) come in negative for any pulmonary nodules. I decided to put all the years I smoked to some good use and participate in a study to potentially help in establishing new protocols for early lung cancer detection. ELCAP is an international study. If you know someone over 40 years old, current or former smokers, has no known cancers and has smoked for over 20 years at a pack a day or more, they still need participants — just look it up on line for more info. The great thing about it is, you get a free scan of your lungs, heart & surrounding organs (it was revealed I have a hiatel hernia & enlarged thyroid!) and, if you still smoke, they help with smoking cessation. Currently, most people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer find out too late. I do think they need more tools in dectection, however, I also believe that many smokers do not seek medical attention as quickly as they should. In the past, I didn’t. I didn’t want anyone to tell me I really should quit smoking.



    Hey ladies I am only about a month along and my doctor has told not to try to quit- just do it. I smoked with my first child and she has not lung problems out all. I plan on laying them down on new year so til then I’ve cut down. I already have high blood pressure so I have to do everything to lower it. Wish everyone the best of luck, off to see dr again tomorrow.



    i’ve been smoking on and off of course.. 13 years now.. I quit when i had my daughter 10 years ago.. and i quit this time too.
    I personally didn’t find it hard.. i get bad morning sickness and between having my head in a toilet for 2 months and smells driving me bonkers, it wasn’t hard at all except maybe the first week i knew before morning sickness kicked in.

    I just hope this time That i stay quitted for good. Lots of x smokers told me that craving doesn’t ever go away ..
    Stay strong.. I know it’s hard butit’s possible if you really want it



    For those of you who have quit smoking — yahoo! Keep up the good work. For those of you who are struggling to stop — keep trying, throw out any cigarettes you have right now and start again. ChinaPeach, you are wise to think about remaining smoke-free post partum, and it is altogether right of you to be concerned. There are very important factors that make the post-partum period especially difficult for some women. Firstly, a powerful incentive for quitting in the first place will no longer be in play — the baby inside you. A flood of hormones will come cascading back into your system post- pregnancy. You’ll begin to start feeling like ‘your old self.’ Your old self included smoking. Another powerful trigger: exhaustion. Nicotine is a stimulant. Another trigger: anxiety. Many new mommies are full of anxiety and concern. The ‘old’ you was fooled into thinking a cigarette made you feel better. See if you recognize yourself in any or all of these factors in your post-partum. Identifying your triggers is your first step in fighting potential relapse.



    Hey everyone, I recently had a baby boy and I quit smoking a month prior to getting pregnant with him. I still do not smoke and am grateful.
    To this day I still think that my quitting smoking was a reason why I conceived. We’d been trying for 5 months or so and it was when I stopped smoking, I got pregnant.
    Now there might be NO connection whatsoever in my case but I’d like to think it was an interesting and most welcome coincedence.
    As for ‘how’ to quit- I ate (literally, haha) Nicorette gum for weeks, plus I sucked on Commit Lozenges. Personally the lozenges were more helpful. The gum got annoying and required relentless chewing in order to really work. The lozenges were stronger, for me anyway.
    For people who think ‘oh then I’ll get addicted to the lozenges/gum etc’ STOP thinking like that. The gum/lozenges are a thousand times less horrific for you than smoking. And you can break a lozenge in half if you feel you’re eating too many, or chew one less gum a day, etc… that is MUCH easier than weaning off smoking.
    do not rationalize with the ‘then I’ll switch addictions’ lie.
    (Its BS, it’s just a way to keep condoning your addiction to smoking.)
    Granted I had the benefit of becoming pregnant quickly after stopping smoking so I had the drive to stay quit, let me tell you, there were plenty of times while pregnant, when I had a bad day, was tired/stressed what not, when I could have used a cigarette. I remember going to a casino with my husband in my first trimester and thinking ooooooh a cigarette would be nice right now. But I didn’t take one, I knew it would NEVER be ‘just one,’ and instead got a starbucks coffee and a cookie…
    Ok not the best prenatal dietary choice but at least it wasn’t carbon monoxide!!!
    As time went on, I actually started to even despise the smell of smoke. It’s so intrusive and disgusting once you get away from it and then you encounter it. Seriously. Unless of course you have some fantasy with smoking, then you don’t mind it.
    I chose not to have a fantasy relationship with a deadly substance.
    Problem is, smokers don’t realize their addiction far succeeds their knowledge. I know this because it was true for me, for many years. I said yeah yeah I know it’s bad for me, blah blah, but would never want to give them up.
    Anyway enough about me, if you really want to stop smoking, please go get the gum and chew the hell out of it and DON’T SMOKE.
    Sure you think you won’t need the help of the gum etc but trust me you do, or else you’d have stopped smoking by now since you ‘know’ how bad it is for you… right??
    Message me if you would like to chat…



    I’m in the same boat as you but I smoke about 15 smokes a day. I use to smoke a pack but I cut down a bit. I really can’t quit. I go nuts without a smoke. I don’t know what to do either. :o( I feel sooo bad for smoking but how can I stop when I am soooo addicted. :o(



    Hi mommies! If you believe that you cannot quit smoking, ‘it’s just too hard, you’re too stressed,’ etc., etc., I recommend you lurk on I encourage you to take a look at the profiles of the people. They are typically about 20-30 years older than most of you. Their struggles, at the ages of 40, 50 and 60 years old, is what you have to look forward to if you don’t stop smoking now. Many of them suffer with the early stages of COPD and emphesyma, or worse. That’s pretty stressful. But you know what? They aren’t giving up. Most people don’t when they are diagnosed with a chronic and deadly disease, but doesn’t it make sense for you to quit now, while you’re young and have a higher lung recovery rate? Good luck!



    I quit smoking using the patch and I feel so free! I smoked for years and wanted to quit so bad. When i did manage to quit I got incredibly constipated but with alot of water and I mean alot and avoiding unhealthy food my body is finally going back to normal. The patch from what I have read is considered safer than smoking and a recent study at the University of Calgary found there were no added risks from using the patch in pregnancy. I couldn’t have quit without the patch, every time I tried without it I ended up a crying angry mess. It hasn’t been easy with my stomach troubles but with the patch at least I had no cravings while I quit and now I have been free of smoking for 2 months. I never thought I could do this! Anyone else who is struggling maybe ask your doctor about the patch, if I hadn’t I would be smoking right now:) If I can do it anyone can, stay strong!



    Smoking is the hardest thing to give up and I totally understand. I started smoking when I was 17 then a short time after my Mum was diagnosed with terminal Cancer, even then I didnt quit smoking. Months later when she died I felt I needed to smoke more than ever to cope with the loss, and I wont lie it did help. I know in my mind and in my heart that ending up dying very young just like my Mum did (she was 37) puts the fear of god into me, but it still wasnt enough to make me give up, something that made me feel incredibly stupid and ignorant. I did give up at age 18 and managed a solid 3 years no smoking and a further year with just social smoking. I split with my partner and that put me back on full time smoking and it wasnt until years later and I got pregnant with my daughter that I gave up again. I found giving up while pregnant very easy to do as soon as I knew I never picked up another cig. I did so well I was really proud of myself but after she was born I did the worst thing and started again. A cig was an excuse to go sit in the garden while she slept and relieve the stress and have a bit of me time. In the last 4 years I have tried stopping many times without success. I am now pregnant again and just as last time I gave up straight away, this time I dont think I will make the mistake of going back to it again. I cant go back I dont want to leave my children behind because I smoked, my Mum will never bounce her grandchildren on her knee she will never see me walk down the isle on my wedding day, she wasnt there the first time I had a broken heart and missed so many things. I love smoking I do, giving up is not a choice its something I have to do permantly if I want to make sure I am around for my children and not miss all the things my Mum missed with me. I havent posted this to make anyone feel guilty, its just my journey with smoking and I totally understand how hard it is to give up, and I wish I didnt have to give up at all, but until they make a cig that is healthy or not harmful to smoke I am going to stay smoke free. Good luck to all of you.


    I understand Vicki! When I got pregnant, I quit smoking RIGHT AWAY! During the 4th month, all I could think about was smoking…and so I picked it up again. I went through the same thing, couldnt stand 2nd hand and HAD to be outside!! I kept thinking about how wrong it was and what it could do to my LO, but I have had major depression and high anxiety my entire life, along with eating disorders…and so smoking was the only thing that seemed to help! I carried her to full term and she was just over 7lbs. I still feel guilty about smoking, but things are what they are! And now that she is here, I am still smoking and just cannot stop, nor do I desire to at this point! I hate having to admit it to other people, you get ugly looks!!!



    7 weeks u/s could’nt see alot,it was an abdominal u/s. anyone else have abdominal u/s at 7 weeks that didn’t see much



    how much is anyone smoking? the lowest i can get down to is 8 a day, and half the time i smoke more than that! it’s SO hard, but the harder i try to cut down the more stressed i get then i end up smoking even more. I feel so guilty, and i know what i am doing is bad but i didnt realize cutting back would be so difficult. it’s hard to break a routine. my biggest worry is he’ll come out with something wrong, but it seems like everyone that i know who smoked had healthy babies…



    i am currently down to eight my doc wants me down to four by the end of my first trimester. she is pretty much following the same plan from my last pregnancy i am currently at 7 weeks



    for some reason when im pregnant i cant stand smoke but when im not pregnant all i do is smoke lolll i was hopin id quit smokin with my first pregnancy but as soon as baby came out i needed a ciggie lol…


    Quitting smoking is not a pretty thing, but it can be done if you really want to stop. I stopped cold-turkey New Year’s Eve several years back and have never regretted it.
    It seemed to me the biggest hurdles were those 2 to 3 days it took for my body to recover, and then breaking the cycle of the habit.
    I used to wake up with a cig, surf the net with a cig, smoke a cig before and after eating, use a cig to pamper myself when i was upset, go to the toilet, light up a cig…..Somehow I had to consciously train my brain to function again without the need for a cig.
    I’m not going to berate anybody for smoking because I think you all know how bad it is for you and your baby. Besides, beration begates rebellion and will just make you smoke more!
    The key to stopping is just that. Stopping. You can make it a game for yourself. If you get the urge, draw a picture or chew some gum or just say a curse word out loud. Stay away from smokey environments. Bottom line…YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. There’s no such thing as not being able to stop. Once you change this thought: ‘I CAN’T stop’ to ‘I DON’T WANT TO stop’, then you start to understand how much control you really have over the situation. And you can STOP feeling guilty and do what you need to do. If you don’t believe me, try it out for 14 days straight. Our society is designed to plague on your fears and make you feel you can’t accomplish anything unless you PAY THROUGH THE NOSE (can’t lose weight, buy a pill! Can’t gain weight, by a pill! Can’t grow hair, buy a this pill! Can’t stop smoking, hey I’ve got just the program for you for $$$!) Anyway, good luck to all of you, and to your babies.
    Oh, and just for the record, I craved cigarettes for about a year afterwards, but I never ever went back, not even for one. Because I didn’t WANT to. Now if I could just do something about this sugar addiction….lol…

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