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    I know how that feels with the hubby smoking and blowing smoke in your face, doesnt really help. I’m 20 weeks and I still struggle. when i got pregnant I said i Would Not ! easier said than done. I hate cigarettes!!! I wish they wernt so addicting! If I dont smoke when I want too I eat and eat and get really full then i really want to smoke. Help!



    I maybe pregnant (a week late but no test yet) I have three miscarriages and smoke at the beginning but quit and still lost the babies, I am struggling to quit and have quit for now at least until a negative test shows up. I have had such a hard time quitting and know i have too but we are tight on money this week (unexpected car problems) and cant afford my usual candy and things is there any tips anyone has to quit? the hardest part is that my husband smokes and he tries to be supportive but we live on the third floor and its hard for him to walk all the way down stairs to smoke every time…



    I quit smoking three months ago when I was about 6 weeks pregnant. It was actually not that hard because of the intense morning sickness I experienced, the smell and taste of them made me ill (and still do!) I smoked for 10 years and was never able to quit for longer than a day. I have no doubt in my mind that if I had’nt been so sick I would have never been able to quit. I know that it will be a struggle to stay quit after this baby is born, especially because everyone I know including my boyfriend smokes. I’m trying to remain positive that I will be able to stay quit, it’s not the first time in my life that I’ve had to give something up for good. Good luck to all of you out there trying to quit or stay quit! It is a challenge, but we can do it!



    I am trying to quit smoking! it is so hard! i have been smoking for about 8 years already, so it has not been easy. My first child was not affected by me smoking, but how do I know that will happen the same way this time. I don’t know that and I can’t help but to worry. I feel so guilty when I smoke! I just wish there was an easy way to quit, without all the stress of doing it cold turkey. Any suggestions?



    I too have been struggling to quit smoking, even before I found out that I am pregnant. It is starting to make me feel sick, so I pray it will make it easier to finally quit!



    I am currently a student researching if there is enough awareness of the effects of smoking to the unborn child during pregnancy, I would appreciate your feedback!
    Q1) Have you seen any information regarding harmful effects during smoking to the unborn child through media advertising? (Television, Radio, magazines)
    Q2) Did you receive any information/support regarding the risks from your healthcare professional?
    Q2) Do you feel further information is needed for you to understand scientifically the possible health effects smoking can cause?

    Thankyou for you time.



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