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    Does anyone here had tried chiropractic treatment to increase fertility? We have been trying for 3 years and tried various infertility treatments which include IVF but nothing worked. We don’t know the exact cause of our infertility and that made us hopeless. Recently I happened to read an article on ‘ Increase your fertility with chiropractic care’ ( ) and it explains how chiropractic care helps to increase infertility. They state some studies which found improved fertility function after correcting subluxations by chiropractic care. I wonder whether this treatment would help us to get pregnant. Any thoughts?



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    Hello OP! I’m sorry I can’t help much. IVF with donor eggs is my last and only option to have a baby. I’m only at the beginning of my journey if I can say so… Now I’m looking for information where this procedure can be done and what is needed for it. This is so hard for me to accept the idea of having a baby from donor. The biggest concern is that baby won’t be mine genetically. How do you feel about this? Anyway I hope both of us will find answers.



    Hey there! My name is Julie, and I am a young mom of a pretty girl Caroline. I had gone through hard times of infertility, but thanks God I am a happy mom now! I had the support of my loving husband and my big family. We have gone through all the problems and tears all together. The pregnancy period went smoothly! I worried a lot because I am young and inexperienced with my first. I also was so scared of loss… Bad thoughts didn’t let me sleep at nights. Now I realise that over thinking might make it worse. It is always stress for your body and the baby. I am ready for the second one with no fears at all! Dreaming about the boy, but of course it does not really matter. I cannot understand people who are willing to have a girl and then getting upset finding out it is a boy and vice versa. Whoever I have, I would be more than happy to have a second child. They inspire me and they keep me alive. It seems like Caroline is the meaning of my life. Moms, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one thinking the same way! Girls power :))



    I had some unknown reasons of somehow not conceiving which I also failed to understand despite of trying for all the methods. From healthy diet, sex postures, Ovulation days and all. I tried everything but failed every time and this was day by day leading me to depression . but then I started searching online for other conceiving methods. I started from local hospitals and clinics to country and with my daily search I made a list of top clinics abroad too.during my Research I came across ‘BioTex’ clinic . I did a small chit chat with them on Skype . Thoroughly went through their website and comments. Reviewed every detail precisely and then made the decision .I am glad that the decision that I made to choose this clinic was not wrong.Good Luck

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    Hello, I appreciate the courage you have. I hope you know the value of healthy diet to conceive in a natural way. It is a good indication that you are aware of your health and want to conceive in a natural way. I will try to provide all the relevant information I have on this based on my own personal experience. I can understand your mental and physical condition currently and totally understand why you are so much stressed out. First and the foremost factor which affects our health is stress and depression which decreases the chances to conceive naturally. I faced the problem myself that’s why I am telling you this. I always appreciate my husband for showing such support to me and he was the one who saved our married life from falling apart. He took me to a famous gynecologist in Ukraine where we discussed every problem associated with conceiving naturally. She suggested me few tips to follow and go through the natural process of conceiving naturally. I can totally understand that it is every woman’s dream to conceive naturally and become a mother. I followed the tips suggested to me by my gynecologist and after 4 months I got the good news which I have been waiting for from past few years. You too can follow the tips and I hope it helps you.
    She firstly told be to start taking all the healthy food possible filled with vitamins and healthy dietary fibers. She told be to cut down all unhealthy food and start consuming food that contributes in increasing hemoglobin level. If you have proper hemoglobin level your body has good blood circulation. If one has good blood circulation she has good chances of conceiving naturally. You can also start with doing exercise. Move step by step and take care of your health from inside and out stay happy and positive. As I got the result you too will get the happy new soon



    Hello, i suggested this to my friend as well. You can conceive if you find the below-listed information all in your favor. First, you have to notice that are you having a regular period if not mark all the dates when you are having your periods and how delayed your periods are from the last once. You should know yourself only when you are ready to conceive and when is your next period and how regular are they. When we are going to ovulate it is the best time for getting pregnant. The next you can do is always having a proper diet filled with healthy vitamins and fibers. A balanced and healthy diet keeps your hormones balanced. You can do some intense body workouts which will surely help you to maintain your health from inside out. If you still find problems in conceiving consult a gynecologist as i did in Ukraine. Best of luck for future.

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