TTC after a rehab!!

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    I am new here. Let me make the post short. I have been under alcohol addiction treatment from a centre in Toronto and now I am a sober :).

    We are planning for our first baby. But how long should I wait for TTC after a rehab? I don’t have an idea about that.

    Please share your thoughts.




    Nearly every drug addict or alcoholic has poor nutrition when they start recovery. Addiction isn’t a healthy lifestyle, so they aren’t getting regular well-balanced meals. Addiction can change a person’s appetite dramatically. Just two examples make this point – meth addicts typically lose a great deal of weight because of a suppressed appetite, and alcoholics can have weight problems because of the empty calories in alcohol.Proper nutrition helps the healing process. Nutrients supply the body with energy. They provide substances to build and maintain healthy organs and fight off infection,stablish good eating habits well before your pregnancy so you can be as healthy as you can from the start. Once you become pregnant, you may notice some differences in appetite and food preferences. While these may be unavoidable, you can handle it all better if you have been sticking to a healthy diet. Plus, everything you eat will benefit your baby down the road.Now is the time that you need to engage your support network. You need to have people around you that will encourage you after the baby is born. You may even want to arrange for some help after the birth so you can get enough rest. Watch for anything related to your relapse triggers – family issues, sleep loss, trouble focusing on positive things under stress, etc.good luck 🙂



    Hello my dear friend, thank you for sharing your personal experience with us and I hope you will find a good solution of your confusion at this forum. When it comes to going through such condition, your body really needs time to recover. It is a good thing that you go through Rehab treatment and now you are living a happy and alcohol free life. If you want to get happiness of a baby, you should switch to a Healthy lifestyle. It is never easy for your body to recover from a long time of alcohol damage. You will need time to recover from this condition and you should wait for right time. To prepare your body for pregnancy, it is very important to switch to Healthy lifestyle. You should add some exercise and yoga in your regular routine because it will help your body to recover from damage and you will find benefits with your pregnancy with these exercises and yoga. It is also important to add some healthy nutrition to your lifestyle because nutrition is very important when you are going to recover from alcohol phase. To prepare your body for pregnancy, you should take proper meal and you should add some nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals and iron in your regular diet. You should wait for right time and you can prepare your body very quickly with a healthy exercise routine and good nutrition. You should also try to live happily and stress free life. It is very important to get rid of your mental stress if you want to increase the chances of pregnancy. I hope you will get help with it and you will get happiness to become a mother soon.



    Greetings Everyone!! I am new here. I would like to start by sharing my IVF success story. I was infertile like many of the women. I was unable to get pregnant due to medical issues. I badly wanted a child. The news of me, unable to get pregnant was the worst news for me. I completely gave up the idea of having a child. But one day my husband asked me to try IVF. I knew it would just be a waste of time, but I went for my husband. In the first cycle, I got one egg planted. That egg later grew into a baby boy. It was completely unexpected for me. Even now, I sometimes think about how I got pregnant and became a mother. This all was made possible due to completely professional and dedicated efforts of my doctor and clinic. I just want to say that females who are battling with infertility should never lose hope. Keep believing and always try. Results will come your way.



    Wow, these stories are incredibly inspiring !! I heard a lot and read success stories. Also I personally know one success story. My cousin was always very thin. Her whole life was reproached with anorexia, although she simply had a fast metabolism and good genetics. I remember how she honestly tried to gain weight, but the changes were not significant. In fact it was never her problem, she liked her appearance and the doctors said that there was not much harm to health. Carrie realized the seriousness of the situation when she married. She became pregnant in the second year of marriage and everything was wonderful. After a while, doctors began to fear for her health. She became very pale, she had a sick look. This pregnancy killed her. The body was unable to bear the child. At 5 months the doctors had an abortion, which was incredibly difficult morally and physically. It was a great sorrow for our whole family. About a year Carrie was defeated. She found a website like this, where many women supported her and gave many advice. She decided to try surrogate motherhood. After all the necessary tests she went to Kiev to sign a contract. It was a very successful and pleasant trip. Carrie have great impression from the clinic and from the doctors. Now they have a big real family. Great hug for everyone.



    I’m glad that the doctors from this clinic helped you. I read many reviews from girls who have successfully completed treatment at this clinic. But I really liked that the staff of the clinic and doctors speak English. This means that there will be no language barrier between the doctor and the patient. And no one except you and the doctor will know about your problem. I also liked the location of the clinic. After all, it is in the center of Kiev. Therefore, it did not take long to find it. Also I was pleasantly surprised by the building of the clinic. It does not look like ordinary clinics. I’m here for example, when I go to a regular hospital, I immediately fear. And here not. The situation is more pleasant. Staff understands, patient)))) In addition, I was surprised that the clinic has a lot of fresh flowers) It pleases and raises the mood. And it was very pleasant to see spacious chambers and bright doctors’ offices.



    Your stories are very inspiring! You are a really courageous woman to experience so much. Really appreciate you ladies and its really good if they are actually providing good results.I don’t know about your mentioned clinic but I have a lot of knowledge about IVF.



    Thanks Anna, thank you for your good reviews. That’s amazing that your knowledge on IVF is up to date and you can help many other with this.lots of hugs

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