Ttc after loss

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    Just make sure u go & pee b4 he walks through the door!! 😉



    AOTD- I think I love almost every Disney Movie, but I think the Princess and the Frog was really cute.



    Butter, trust me I am a snacker too! But it has been easier for me since I am all by my lonesome here. I havent bought bread since DH has been gone and I really just have not been keeping as much junk food in the house as I used to. I think all I have now are crackers and nilla wafers! And I havent been working out almost at all… well really aside from the 5 mile run on Friday I havent worked out at all. Though I have been walking both my dogs twice a day each. Not far or long walks but just enough to get me moving and it keeps the puppies nice and calm.


    RED — hope you are doing okay today. Hope things get started for you soon!



    MIN-So….do you think I should lie about my positive opk and delete the one I got the day before the HSG which was completely dark? I should have taken the beginners class when I signed up for FF. LOL



    Avery, I had my HSG on the 8th of September, and I ovulated 10 days later (my norm… CD18-20) IDK about the implantation… could be, or the spot could be just a spot from the procedure… I spotted off and on for about a week and a half.



    Apparently it only wants short messages, sorry about this gang, it’s the only way I can comment right now. LAME.


    BLESSED – thanks love 🙂


    Hello ladies. Sorry I havn’t posted in a few days, but read the posts as much as I can. I feel a little in limbo at the moment…Not confident enough yet to move to PGAL, but don’t want to come in here talking about symptoms and whatnot. I do have a blood draw and an u/s tomorrow morn just to check if the sac is in the right place. There are so many new ladies in here and I wanted to say I’m sorry for each one of your losses. I hope you all find as much comfort and support as I have in here the past several months. God bless you all.



    FARMER-Good Morning, I’m okay, feeling pretty much like I have the last couple of days. Temp still way above the coverline (my chart is on my page). I am 8dpo (cd22 of a normally 26day cycle) today so the next 2 days will be crucial for me. I also usually start spotting 2 days before AF. How are you doing?? Probably getting all rested up now that you’re in the 2ww!!



    Well the bitch came today! I guess for me the side effects of clomid hit me later in my cycle. I had hot flashes early on but nothing really until about a week after I ovulated. Atleast now I know what to expect this time around, super sore boobs and emotional wreck from cd17 on. It’s weird too because I woke up with a headache and not sore boobs and sure enough AF was here. I feel better knowing atleast. So I will start clomid again in two days and just try again!



    kimkayb : Thank you. I have been doing lots of reading and I know I need to wait for 1 cycle at least. I think I am just trying to think of other things at this point other than the little one I lost. I have decided I will wait until I get 1 period first then I will try again. I keep changing my mind every few minutes BUT I know what I need to do for the best. Good luck and I really hope you get good news soon…xoxo



    ITALY- good to see you, love! as for not going insane with each monthly disappointment — we do all go temporarily insane. no joke. but I think the forum really is an aid to getting us back on track — I know it’s certainly been a help for me. we all have our awful days and our insane moments, but the support and encouragement and laughs and shoulders to cry on really help. I hope this *is* your month this time!! good luck. 🙂



    oh EM! I am so sorry you are so ill! that is just terrible. I’d bring you some chicken soup and saltines and 7Up if I thought it would help – but maybe would need to wait a day or two. (((hugs))) And I would come dressed up in a complete Haz-Mat outfit like they always wear in 24. lol. Anyway… we’ve missed you heaps. And I seriously hope you feel better soon!! Rehydrate yourself as soon as you can. (((hugs)))



    DANIELLE – I’m sure these days are nerve racking. In my first pregnancy, I made it to 13 weeks and had round ligament pain from 5 weeks onward. So could definitely be your body changing to make room for baby!

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