Ttc after loss

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    DEMETRA- I don’t have Hashimotos, but I do have hypothyroidism. I am on Synthroid (have been for about a year and a half now) too. Seems like we’re always readjusting my dose. When I’m pregnant, I need at least 100, but when I am not pregnant, I only need about 75. We did have a gal here called Min41, who I believe has Hashimoto’s. She is mostly hanging out in the IVF forum now, although I think she’s still on vacation. But look up her profile and send her a message. She might be able to encourage you. (((hugs)))


    Hey ladies, I just experienced my first miscarriage at 8 weeks. I kinda knew something was wrong at 6 weeks but was hoping it got better. But it didn’t , I was actually doing well emotionally the whole time. Then today my cousin had her baby and I just broke down. Not to mention imy close friend was 2 weeks behind me and another friend thinks she pregnant but doesn’t want to be. Ughhh its so hard not to be envious. But the one who is pregnant has had 3 miscarriages and has been here for me since the beginning. So that helps. How did u ladies cope and do you have any advice I could use?



    Kim and Nurse- How long have you been TTC? My doc wont even see me unless its been almost a year



    ERUB-Yay! Congrats!!! KELQ-Sorry about the bfn,.Dont give up hope yet.ALEX-Boo for not feeling well.I hope you get better real soon.REF-I know what you mean…I never ever thought Id be here with so many losses.Ive heard about other people going through it but never thought it could happen to me.What a wake up call.It warms my heart that you have found hope.Hugs!! MRS-I love you and you are a sweet heart.Your always there to help and giud me through my craziness and of course you always help me to post my chart since I am computer glad you have a wonderful RE.There are so many not so good ones out there.ALEX-thats funny you brought up the holiday birthdays.My sister just jokeingly said to me the other day that I need to wait a few month for ttc becase we have way too many birthdays around the holiday and its too



    So I’m either O’ing or going to VERY soon because I’m having major pains!!! I’ve never had it hurt sooooo much.


    CNJ, my appoint with doc when he prescribed the meds to bring on AF was at 9weeks post dnc. I chose to go hard jiggy with BD’ing for the last few days after the positive opk. Im going to hold off starting meds until i can do a pregnancy test to see how our conception efforts pan out. Although the doc did tell me the meds are safe and not counteractive if i am in fact pregnant. Tips on the opk, i find personally that testing am & pm is best. This poitive opk i have had just gone, i had a negative in AM & positive in PM then a negative again the direct AM after. Keep a good eye for that second line being as dark as, or darker than the test line. Thats how you know its party time. 🙂 Oh also make sure you havent been drinking too much fluid for the hours just b4 testing or your line may show up fainter than is in fact the true reading. Good luck! Sara. Xx



    and yeah FX for you to test! Missy: i’ve no idea on this number stuff, in my country i’ve never seen docs measuring those..i agree that a TVS should have been done. kristenNwayne : heres to positivity..hope it turns out to be a true BFP! YAY. FYI..from my signs i am 4 DPO today ( i am not temping, no OPK, only following CM watching rules. and diligently indulging into BDing;). my DH says its better to do it regular than to be sorry at the end, ans i liked his thought:).



    has anyone used progesterone suppositories and did they help to get you pregnant? I had a mc before my son and another one a year after he was born. My son is now 5 and my dh and I have been trying for a year and half with no luck i did six rounds of clomid and it put my cycles in order but i didn’t get pregnant this is now my fourth month off it and the doctor has now put me on progesterone suppositories for after i ovulate my progesterone level was only at a 7 this past month after ovulation. My pharmacist is a close friend so he actually made up natural suppositories for me and said that they will be better than the cream so i am hoping it works has anyone had any luck with them? TIA:)



    OPERATION-How is it a great step if you are telling me that you heard it impedes implantation? Uggh. That’s the last thing I need since that seems to be what my problem is. Implantation failures. I dunno but I don’t think it’s healthy for me to have not excercised in over 8 years. I’m already a healthy weight but I’m not healthy if that makes sense. I can’t remember the last time my heart rate went over 150 bpm!!! I feel good and I only have worked out 3 times so far. Since I’m just starting I only do 15 minutes on the elliptical. Random mode level 3. I’ll work my way up but first I need some music!!!! Got my hubby an ipod a few years ago, guess I’ll have to get one for myself. ;o) Not gonna get too crazy tho cuz this is the month it has to happen and I don’t want to impede anything! I’ve already gained 3 pounds! Muscle weighs more than fat….gotta keep telling myself that. ;o)



    I meant that as encouragement by the way, Caniac



    Thanks everyone, I’m so excited! Blood test tomorrow to check levels, and I’m sure an ultrasound around 6-7 weeks to make sure baby is where he/she should be. Cautiously optimistic, just feels good this time, ya know? Kim–So sorry hun, don’t lose hope. Your baby is on its way, I really believe that. *hugs* Agape–yeah, I know how that goes, it’s hard not to hope as hard as you can for that BFP. It’ll come, when you least expect it!



    Hello ladies, I was 7weeks1day pregnant yesterday and had my first appointment. Needless to say there was no heartbeat. The fetus measured 6 weeks4days. My dr wants to do a followup U/S on Monday and if things are the same we will do a D/C that day. This was my 4th pregnancy and all have ended the same. This is so frustrating and heartbreaking. They have tested my husband and I for everything under the sun and all testes have come back normal. They cant find any reason this keeps happening. I’m beginning to lose faith.



    Thanks Carmen! I won’t be excited until I get an ultrasound and know for a fact nothing is in my tube! 🙁



    brandy, from the little charting that i have done in the past i tend to o later but i do seem to have a 28-30 day cycle so fairly standard apart from o. so it must mean that i have a slightly shorter luteal phase. but this time around will be the most attention i’ve paid to my body and and the most effort i’ve ever put in. i feel like i really need to do all of this this time, i dont know why. maybe its because the mc happened so late. i dunno. but my doc did say that we could try again in 6-8 weeks or after one cycle (pending results which we are still waiting for) but he thought that ‘it was just one of those things’ and that he would expect to see me in his office again in about 3 months. so i want to start charting straight away and opk’ing fairly straight away. i am cd 5 so i might just start now using al the other methods to get a really good idea of my cycle and hopefully catch the egg this month!!



    CD21, about 6-7 dpo and I’m dying to POAS. Holding off the urge because I know it’s impossible to get a BFP this early. They should create a support group for POAS addicts like me!

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