Ttc after loss

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    Well ladies, I’m thinking it might be a no. My cervix went from lower, firmer and closed a few days ago to a little higher softer and more open last night. I’m tryin not to get too discouraged but it just makes me sad. DH leaves next Monday until Christmas. Sigh.


    October 22nd – today was my due date….I feel sad, I feel broken, I feel empty….I feel as though I have nothing left to give…but I am trying to get through, to have faith that I will again be blessed with a little miracle, to have hope….Thank you wonderful girls were all the support and for carrying me during this hard month…~Hugs~



    Laina, I am so sorry to hear that! I would be devastated!!!!


    RED – Hi beautiful!! Thursday today!! Last day to have to wait around….Thinking of you ~Hugs~



    Whew em!! thats great!!! 🙂


    RED – write quicker!!!!



    ♥ So….Just got finished throwing up….again…♥



    Butter OMG I KNOW!!!!!!!! Freaking out!



    Kerr… I am so sorry…. I wish it was easier for you. I quit my job for that very reason (I worked in a nursery) Hopefully that belly wont be empty soon!



    Red – Thanks for all the info and advice. – I used a cheap dollar-store test, and Yes, I have missed AF, but AF was supposed to come on the 6th, by now I definitely should have had a BFP if I had been pregnant. The reason I had hope was because with my first pregnancy, I had missed a period in December but wasn’t even pregnant till January 1. That being said I will take your advice and try to be very patient, and if AF doesn’t show up this week, I’m testing for sure on the 1st! Thanks for your support!



    just thought I’d mentioned a new book I just got. it’s Christian, so I know it’s not for everyone. but it looks really good. it’s called ‘The One Year Book of Hope’ by Nancy Guthrie. I am going to start it tomorrow I think. I know I won’t get through it in a year because there will be plenty of days I’ll miss. But I’m giving it a shot. I could use some hope in my life. 🙂


    MAMAG – Sending you a big hug hun xxx Those stove top cookies sound yummy. We also make stove top cookies – chocolat drop cookies – they sound similar but without the peanut butter…mmmm!!!



    Great one RO. CAN – just got back from my work Christmas break-up, full of champagne so I did a few 1 and 2 min jigs, but then I fell over on my but haha. Talking about weather, as most of you are now in the colder side of the world, let me remind you that my world is now experiencing warmer weather. Hopefully not the 47degrees celcius that we had last january when we had the bushfires! Have been clearing up around our block as we have a couple of acres and lots of trees etc. RED – What dosage of prednisone are you taking. When I first started ttc again last year, I went off my prednisone (I took it for the Rheumatoid Athritis). I am wondering if I should start taking it again and how much. I still have some and a script. MAMA – sorry about the weird CM – I know it is a long way away, but can you go and see the doctor and get your progesterone etc checked again – low progesterone can cause breakthrough bleeding and maybe the Clomid is starting to work against you. I hope it is still agood sign though. hugs ***



    Oh No Rochelle…. I am so sorry!


    Ok….BECKY: I dont track my BBT. I actually just feel my ovulation. So thats how I know when I o. It pretty acurate and Ive felt it for about 4-5 years. I used it as bc before TTC. Thanks for the imput though!!! HEIDS: I think a line is a line!! But you dont sound too sure! So keep on testing sweetie!!! Its not over til AF comes!!! Good Luck!!! MIN: I think you might be right!! Since my mc I have had a 28 day cycle, a 30 day cycle, and this month was a 34 day cycle. I just thinks its wierd because last cycle my LP was 12 days and this cycle it was 17 or 18. Lol….hopefully it settles down now!!! Thanks for the imput…it is greatly appreciated. MAMA: I am soooo very sorry it didnt work out this cycle. I know that these times are hard and very trying on us all. Keep you chin up and *try* to enjoy the Holidays!!! Try to relax and work on you, and hopefully the rest will just fall into place. My prayers and hugs are with you!! If you need anything, please feel free to comment me!!! Im going to work now….I LOVE YOU ladies!!!! Oops….RED: my stocking is mossy oak camoflauge…love it!!!

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