Ttc after loss

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    Pauline – Welcome to the perfect place to heal. This forum can help you wether its answering questions or just being somewhere to scream. I am ao, so sorry for your losses, my heart breaks for you.



    LALA – welcome back! Hop in anytime to let us know how you are doing!



    CAN- I am sending super duper huuuuuuuge hetero hugs your way tonight. ((((((HUGS)))))) can we have a cuddle session? you and me? k. good.



    So on the topic of the appropriateness of this forum I want to add a bit. I feel sad that in our fun and moment of distraction we both neglected and offended a new comer. That being said, there have been times where I have posted in the regular TTC forum and my questions have gone unnoticed by the women in that forum. Some of us have been in here for such a long time. I think back to when I first joined and where I was in my life and all the feelings then and how much I needed the girls in here. Can, Becky, Girl, OBS, Shee and Shaw instantly became my sisters. Since that first day I posted in here we have had a few ups, oh so many downs and lots of inbetweens. It seems there is always a cycle of ok times, down times and up times… Since my first day in here so many new women have joined us, some of them came and went and some of then have stayed… we are a pretty big group now, it was only a matter of time before we got so big that we started to neglect our newbies. I realize that the topic over the last couple days was maybe a little more racey than normal, though I will say that we are all adults here lets not lie to ourselves and say that none of us are having sex. I will say though that the few days before the ‘raunchy’ topics we pretty generally down days for most of us. A few of our ‘verteran’members had been having rough times and a few newbies are suffering new, first time and recent losses. I know that we needed those few days of distraction… I know that I needed it! I am sad to say this but I worry that now we are going to head back into our down time… I hope that in the future we can accomidate everyone but unfortunately I worry that perhaps that is an impossibility. We will never be able please everyone all the time. I will always love the women, the sisters, I have met in here. You all have helped save me. I have needed you all… I am sad that a few will be leaving us because one person was displeased with the topics and conversations in here. I know that I will not leave this group because of how much I know I needed this place. I have been in this group for over a year and if I have helped even one person on here then I know that the one person who was disapointed with the topics for 2 days is not going to change the reason I am in this group. I have lost 4 children in only a year and the women in here helped me through that time… I will not leave because one person was unhappy with us. I hope they find the help they need. Love you girls!


    O yeah…in the summertime my hair gets light brown with a nice RED tint to it…my aunt is a red head and my dad used to be!



    AOTD – I had a cinnamon raisin bagel and a decaf coffee (the Canadian girls will know it as a ‘double double’ – which is 2 cream and 2 sugar except I have mine with splenda and milk instead to make it a bit lighter on calories). RED – honey, I’m so sorry to hear about your evening. Take good care of yourself, we can all understand how hard that would be to get news like that. EM – yeah for snow!! We’ve got lots we can send your way if you want more!



    Keeping, how do you know you ovulated when you did? If you used an OPK it may have pick up residual HCG from your miscarriage, since OPKS pick up both HCG and LH. Also you can have strange temps after a m/c if you have been temping. There is really no set time for when you should get AF… generally it should be between 4-8 weeks after the m/c ended.


    AOTD (yesterday)- Silent Night. AOTD (today)- Snickerdoodles



    MUMMYTEEGS-Yes, I have heard that one can fall pregnant quickly after a m/c, but I had a D & C and did not have that luck. EMMA-IUI went well, it’s just weird to think that I could possibly be pregnant w/o having Jay there! lol, but we did also bd the following night too 🙂 Glad that you were giving the go ahead to ttc. 1STMRBEAN-I hope you are starting to feel a little better now & that your bleeding has gone or atleast slowed down a lot. MYWITTY-Any luck w/ AF yet? Sure hope she shows up soon. MOMMYBECKIE-Thanks for leaving us some baby dust 🙂 and for stopping in. JEN-Welcome to our forum. I wish you luck today at your d & c….I was quite scared but afterwards I realized it was easy & I had great nurses & doctors. ALLISON-Thanks for the anniversary wishes. And also for crossing your fingers for us…..I sure hope this is it! EMMA-I’m sorry DH is for dickhead again. That certainly wasn’t a nice thing for him to say. I tell my DH that when I do get pregnant that he’ll have to step things up a bit as practice for when we have a baby.



    Hey thanks for the potty training advice. I potty trained my oldest in the summer and the nudy thing worked with him. I hadn’t even thought of having him change himself. It sounds like good advice. Oh and I’m gonna have to go and get some cabbage leaves. Thanks for the advice 🙂 I’m sick of this. Allison, I’m so glad that you got to have an awesome gettaway. What a sweet heart you’ve got. Surprises are the best! We’ve deffinately got ourselves some keepers on here ladies!


    TTC: Heheh you said moron :p



    AOTD- I love this question because we can answer it all the time, and have different answers each time. 🙂 Hehe. Tonight we’re having bbq pulled pork sandwiches (I’m doing it in the crockpot) on homemade rolls, with a side of hot German potato salad (so easy, so tasty).



    hi i’m new here. i’ve never done this before,(just got a computer!) i have 5 boys ages 10,9,7,6,4, miscarried at 11 weeks after my 4th son,and recently lost 2 baby boys in a row at 16 weeks each one in june ’09 and the other in dec.’09. I am grateful for what i have but I would love to have another baby. I’m just looking for some encouragement because I am scared.


    MAMA – I am going to have lots of laughs this evening thinking of you in a head stand!!



    DANI – I am so sorry that you and your family have to go through that stuff. When my DS decided that he wanted to go and live with his father (my ex), his father didn’t even want him! It was one of the wrost moments of his life. I hope that your Stepson is mature and intelligent enough to make up his own mind about what is real and what is not. Hugs ***

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