Ttc after loss

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    As for the question – I love a nice pair of heels – LOVE THEM – but never get a chance to wear any…so I would have to say – my favorite shoes that I actually wear are definitly flip flops – only get to werar them 2-3 months a year though!!



    AOTD; Our oldest is Ryker J. With Ryker we were brainstorming names and my FIL’s name is Tye and my Dad’s is Robert so put them together and you get rye so we added a little to get Ryker. It means powerful leader and rich. (We didn’t know this though) As for the J, it’s my DH’s middle name passed down 3X’s. Our 2nd is Jaxx Robert. I don’t know what it means but I wanted something unique and that’s what I thought up and we liked it and Robert is a family name. With the one that we miscarried, her name was Ella Erica. Ella means beautiful fairy woman and Erica was a SIL that passed away a few years ago. As for what we’ll name our next ones. I’ve pretty much got a book full of names that my DH has to go through. So who’s still joining me with AF so that I can know who my buddies are? And the squirrel story was freekin’ awesome. That’s pretty crazy. So how do they pee? Do they squat down, or stand up? Yes, I’m curious and just trying to get the picture right. Good luck for anyone with the big O today!



    You know I think candle light is the best light source for the romance ; ) It seems like it makes everything look firmer and prettier, which is deffinately a plus. I already did the AOTD yesterday but I wanted to share that. I also love baths, so candles and a bubble bath is, or used to be one of my favorite de-stressers. I haven’t done it in forever, but it sounds great after a day of sledding! Hope everyone’s feeling good today 🙂



    woohoo 2angels!!! good thing you were bding like rabbits!! that would be crazy if we all got BFP fingers crossed! Em is the best shes so full of information 🙂



    I crocheted a scarf today. It’s really pretty. But it was my last project I had lined up to keep me busy….. soooooo, now what!? I think I might start trying like a new recipe every day – not quite like ‘Julie & Julia’, but maybe close, lol. 😉


    RED — Happy Birthday! Hello everyone!


    MIN — your chart looks awesome!!!



    JMUNCY-welcome.Im sorry to hear about your loss.I wish you luck! ANDANTE-Glad to hear you and dh had a good talk.And loosing weight sounds great.I really need to do that.Ive been carrying the extra weight for a few years now.ugh. KIM-how many weeks has it been that you are waiting for AF? You might need something.I know that after one of my d&cs..I had to be put on pogesterone to jump start af.I would mention it to your doctor.I will defenitly check out your blog.I do not have a picture of my morkie on my profile but I will try to put one up.


    NATURAL – Oh no!!! I’m so glad that you’re okay after all that – I can’t even imagine 🙁 Take care of yourself and allow as long as you need to heal, both physically and emotionally. ((((HUGS))))



    Dani-Thanks for the laugh, it was very much needed today. 1DPO. Let the waiting begin.



    AOTD- Mine is the living room, its the only place I really get to what movies and what not. My DH has his video games hooked up in the bedroom so very rarely do I get to watch tv in there.



    KARI and JAMIE – so sorry for the BFNs and hope that AF is kind. I had a major temp drop today and cramps so l am out as well. ANNIE – I know you feel lonesome on your own with IVF, so I will join you. Unfortunately our appointment is not until the 9th, so it may be too late for this next cycle. Hugs to all of us and still praying that our time will come. MAMAG – if it is not good news hun, you make sure that you come in for some hugs. ***


    MLE – Very brave of you for do your own injection. How often do you girls have to inject ? Daily or monthly ?



    MG- Yeah I like to take several to make sure they are right. Lol. But I couldn’t resist and my step sister is supposed to start trying next month also so hopefully I won’t need them next month and can give her some. I am a little more hopeful now but we will see. We did BD last night so that puts me BD 3 days before O. When I got pregnant in Jan we had 3 day between and it worked so fingers crossed it does this time around too. Still planning on BD again tomorrow night and then hope for the best. SARAH5- So glad that you are feeling it better. I have found that it helps to talk to people that have been through a loss also, people that have never suffered a loss don’t know the right things to say and they don’t mean to be hurtful but they are. I hope that we can continue to make you feel better.



    Morning ladies…I wont be around from Wed the 28th thur May 5th, i am going out of town to meet up with a friend i made on this site 2 years ago when i was pg with my will be our first time meeting..but we talk everyday

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