Ttc after loss

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    Congrats Aussiegirl– YAY!! BFP’s all over the place today!!



    what area of nursing are you in? I was a NICU nurse but stopped after I had my Benjamin…not sure I could go back to doing that type of nursing though now…



    OMG you guys I just got back from babysitting 3 little Satans! I cant wait to raise my own kids to not be evil maniacs!



    LOL that last post makes it look like im loosing my mind! LOL But at least im smiling today! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Girls!! Oh and whats this about our babes playing soccer? I missed that? i like that thought…they are all little friends in heaven! Awww ๐Ÿ™‚


    Sorry for all the posts in a row! Couldn’t help myself. I got my boys back today from my mom. They are so great and they had a great visit with her and my dad. I am the luckiest daughter/mom alive!



    EM- sounds like you are doing an incredible job. I can hardly wait to see pictures. don’t get overheated, okay? go for dips in the sea for little breaks. ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. LAKEN- you know, for me I *don’t* keep my mind off it. I can’t. It’s impossible. grief has become a part of who I am now. and that’s okay. bding is never the same anymore, and neither is pregnancy. we’re different women than we were before. and even though it hurts like hell, we’re actually stronger for it in the end. (although it feels like it takes an eternity to get there……) ((big hugs)) to you today. message me if you need to chat. AUTUMN- that’s so touching about Josh. so sweet. I know what you mean about the sibling thing: I so badly want my little boy to grow up having little siblings to protect. I have a huge fear that he will wind up being an only child, lonely, etc. but I know God is in control, and I trust that someday Gabriel will be the oldest of many little redheads in my brood. ๐Ÿ™‚ ((hugs)) to you, and hoping you find encouragement somewhere, somehow today. SHEE- sooooo glad you got your visit from auntie. send her to Em’s house next, but then I need her the next week. okay?? have some wine and some ibuprofen and watch some movies and eat some delicious junk this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ woo hoo! NIKKINU- oh my gosh, yours was the post I really wanted to see today. Huge congratulations to you!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I hope that everything goes incredibly smoothly and that you get incredibly sick very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ smooches to that itty bitty baby too!!!!


    Ok plan for the day- 30min on eliptical, shower and dress, g-store for odds and ends and fresh producee, Prep 8 nights of meals (already started on most), bender ball abs, clean….ok got to bet motivated since it’s almost noon.



    Sheework, neither problem is fun. Difficulty GETTING pregnant nor STAYING pregnant ๐Ÿ™


    Thanks MAMA G. It’s not so much the clomid that has me down as having another propblem. I only tracked 1 mth before the chemical preg and it was a 14 day LP, with the chemical I got a faint but definatly there pos at 12dpo and then a lighter pos on day 13 then started af on day 15. Then tracked the 6mths DH was away just to figure things out and I like knowing when to expect af, always a 13-15 day LP. Now after sprout my lp is no more than 9 days with spotting even before AF. The MTHFR is enough bad news, but we were handeling it ok and had a plan we felt good about. We we ready to start TTC after my next AF and now we don’t know what is up or why I’m having an issue I never have before. We were just so looking forward to this part being over and now we don’t know what to expect. **sorry for the long whine**



    Have a wonderful day canadian. Looking forward to hearing about your re-connection with Ted.


    Shaw- oh sweetheart! Saying a prayer and sending good thoughts your way. Let us know when you do what is going on!



    That’s awesome news amber.



    Awe thanks Sarah… we are awesome…. and IDK red… this whole search for a better dr is not going so well…. seems most of them are not up to my high standards or will not take my insurance…. crappy… Guess we will wait for a little while longer. I just hate this. I hate waiting, I hate not having answers… I hate that things arent even really being looked into! I just feel like they do not care, well to be honest they dont care…. after my first loss I was told ‘we deliver 300 babies each month, your one loss is meaningless to us’ so yea…. Its hard to trust people who dont care about it. I hate that I am feeling so down lately… I just cant get out of this funk!



    Em no i haven’t had any af since D&C 9 weeks ago. I saw the dr at 5 weeks for my check up and told him I’d no af and he said to call him at 6 weeks if still not shown up. At 6 weeks i called him and he was already on holiday (I’m in Italy and everything shuts down for August). Anyway I called him today and he told me to buy some tablets to try which are progesterone tablets and wait and see. I just wish he’d told me that when I saw him before as he must have known he was on holiday for 3 weeks. I did go to my gp but he told me to wait and speak to the gyn, To be honest I want to find a new op-gyn but want to get this sorted first as he knows my background. Don’t you just love doctors!!!


    hi ladies, just a quick post to let you know i was admitted to hospital last night and had d&c this morning. unfortunately they didnt get it all out so am still here. should find out tomorrow when i can go home and what happens next. hopefully i can go home tomorrow xx

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