Ttc after loss

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    thanks guys! af just showed up so no bfp but that just means I can have a nice yummy glass of wine to celebrate a proper cycle!



    jess – YAY!!!!! I was completely surprised to. I thought for sure it was just leftover hcg from my m/c! Congrats!!!!



    Congrats em!!!!



    mrsw – you are not crazy for feeling this way, it hasn’t even been 2 months since the M/C…you are entitled! I am having my SIL’s sister over on Saturday night, and she just announced she is expecting. It is the first time I have had to deal with it up close and personal, and I am nervous! I still don’t know how to react, and if I think about it too much I start crying…and I had my m/c in March. I think we all heal differently…I don’t think about it as much as I used to, but when I am around babies or someone who is pregnant, it all rushes back, and it is very painful.
    On another note…who is in the 2ww? I am, I think I o’d Wednesday am, and BD on Tuesday night…went to doctor Tuesday am and had a ton of good follicles, so hoping for the best!
    About Preseed, I was told by my fertility specialist that it is a good environment for the sperm, but it is only needed if you are naturally dry,other than that apparently it doesnt enhance fertility or anything, but I have read other peoples posts that swear by it, so hey…whatever helps you get to the final goal…ok, so I have rambled on and on…good luck everyone in 2ww and ttc, and dealing with your losses…love and hugs to all!



    Nikki Lee- At first i just went off the pill when we decided to have a baby and we just had sex when we felt like it about 3 times a weeks or so. I didnt know anything about my body I was 22 years old when we started trying. I thought i would just stop taking the pill and get pregnat in a few months…as the months went by i started reading and finding out more about my body and then we started having sex every second day ( so the sperm were stronger) but we still didnt do it like closk work either if we missed a day that was fine too.
    after about 11 months of being relaxed (as possible) I was gettting really frustrated and made an appointment to see a fertility doctor. He did all the inital tests and everything tured out perfect..I had a slight infection in the vigina…he said it was a common bacteria that women have..(again i wish i had asked more questions back then so i would know more now but wehave moved proviences and i have a new doctor now.) i took an antibiotic for that..and had the dye test done to see if i had any blockages in my tubes….nope, I had started charting my temp and checking for signs of Ovulation about 14 months in…I lost intrest in that very really made it seem like work and made sex less intresting when we HAD to do it. So I stopped charting and taking my temp and using O tests at about 17 months and just wrote down when AF came 2 months later I got my BFP!!

    This time I will just chat AF and hope for the best. We will be BDing every other day.



    ooooh ‘treasure boxes’ sounds nice! I am dying to go to a farmer’s market since it’s a summer saturday today… but there aren’t any nearby. siiiigh. at least I have my garden. although we’re only getting lettuce and spinach and herbs so far. hopefully soon my beans and squash and peas with flower and start to produce! 🙂 today DH is doing lots of yard work, and besides weeding the garden I plan on doing housework (oodles of ironing actually), and doing some reading and writing. I’ve been given a bunch of books to start reading about grief, losing children, etc. I want to start pouring through them. I hope I am BLESSED by them. 🙂



    the only reason I test at 11am is b/c you have to stop fluids and hold pee for 4 hours…my son has me up around 7-ish so I pee then and have a cup of coffee and before I know it – it’s 11am and I can test and have the whole day to drink and pee as I please! my OPKs get darker and darker each day they are positive. butterfly – not sure what to tell you sweetie, that’ s an interesting situation…when is AF due? victoriak – I have 26 day cycles since my m/c as well…



    Yay for Friday and a 3 day weekend (for those of you in the US)! DH and I had a good anniversary, we just spent the evening at home with take out and a movie. We watched ‘Dear John’; I read the book two years ago and was a little disappointed with the movie, but it was ok, not as good the notebook 🙂 SOON- as for the bleeding, AF can be super wacky after having a m/c and can take a few months to get back to normal; as long as the bleeding is not excessive I would try not to worry too much. I applaud you for not slapping her as well – some people can be so insensitive! I am glad your net made you feel better 😀 CAZ- sorry to hear about the bfn and temp drop, boo. When did you come off the depo? Your body may still be trying to get back in order. RED- So did you end up seeing robin hood? I’ve seen previews for it and want to see it, but as I told you we don’t go to the movies – we invested all that money in to a big screen. That way we can snack on our own food and pee when we need to without having to miss some of the movie lol ANNIE- if it’s any consolation I’m a little lost as well and haven’t found my place yet thanks for the love, right back at ya! MIN- I’ve been stalking your chart and praying that temp stays up! SARAH5- I can’t believe I totally missed your post from yesterday, ugh, I am so so sorry! I know that you must be screaming inside when keeping a smile on your face for your family. You are very kind and brave to throw a shower for your sister (((((BIG HUGS))))) KAT- even though you didn’t get a definite answer at least you got something. It was one of those freak accidents and you did nothing wrong, there was nothing you could do to prevent it. I hope you can find some sort of peace and solace in that. (((hugs))) to you. JAIME- lol, I have to say YAY, I don’t want you to see a false bfn, I want you to see a BFP on SUNDAY at the earliest LOL ALLISON- Shout out to you 😉 What CD are you on? SOW- So are you planning on testing Tuesday?



    It’s funny because a representative from the ‘Healthy Start Program’ called me to find out if I needed any miscarriage counseling and I told her no. I told her that I had already found a very supportive group and that I was coping very well just with that. Of course I was talking about this forum. My husband doesn’t talk about the loss at all. Occassionally he will ask me hold old would by boy be now? I’ll tell him based on what IAP’s ticker tells me (I am still keeping it).



    Aussie, I am so sorry sweety! We were all sending baby dust but there were a few brands that were recalled so we will have to get a new batch for next time! So girls, I am out working in my garden today and it is KICKING MY ASS! There are so many weeds and vines and just junk everywhere back there! It was kinda sad to pull down the morning glories but I gotta make way for all my veggies and what not! Hopefully I will have the garden 95% prepped today…. stepping stones may have to wait!



    jenn- the clearblue monitor says to use FMU when you test. however OPKs say to use afternoon pee.


    I am just visiting, I’m not a part of the TTC AL group, but I just wanted to say that canadianmomma2b, reading your post brought tears to my eyes, and I wish I had’ve known about this site after my loss. What you said is beautiful.



    I just realised if i get af in next few days I’ll be away when i o. I’m so frustrated i want to start ttc again but this waiting is awful and now it looks like if i get af i will miss my moment and if i don’t maybe something is wrong after dnc. Aaaaaargh. Nikki congratulations . Mama so sorry about your daughter i don’t understand some people. How can they walk away from the best thing that has happened to them.


    Daydreamer and NaturalMama- Congratulations Girls! It’s great to get some BFPs in here! Wishing you both easy, happy pregnancies and forever afters.



    All I am saying is AF had better get her ass on her God Damn plane tomorrow or I am going to strangle her and anyone else around me!!! I am so ready for AF and so ready to move on and it always seems that if AF doesnt show then I cant move forward… crappy!

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