Ttc after loss

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    KATIE – I am so sorry hun for your loss – I am heartbroken for you…I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling. You have found a wonderful place with an amazing bunch of girls. They offer so much support and encouragment. So feel free, to scream, cry, vent – anything. With time I have realized that the pain and hurt of loosing a baby will never truely go away, we simply learn to live it…I do promise you though, that it will get easier…I know it must be a hard thing to believe right now…If you need anything, please let me know. I am always around. ~Hugs~


    AVERY – Where are you hun??? Miss you!!!



    sofia, I got AF 4 weeks after my d&c surgery, however, it was a weird AF. Not sure if I ovulated that month.


    MAMAG – Have a nice nap love – you are going to be exhausted today…Yeah for the meds refill though – save you that l-o-n-g drive!



    Ladies – my bloodwork and doc confirmed what I had thought, we concieved, and lost. Last bloodwork showed hcg was down to 2. AF was only 5 days late but still, it just sucks beyond belief. She said all my thyroid and everything else was normal and we can keep trying, I don’t know if I can take it though. DH wants to fly me in for a few strategic days but I don’t know if I want to do this at all. It would be one thing if it took a while to concieve or had an early loss before Joel…but now is different. I don’t have it in me to fight, I can’t put myself through any more heartache. Not sure yet where we are going from here. It’s kinda wierd if we stop trying I won’t be around here anymore, I don’t even know what to think of that, I think about all of you so often…


    HARDY – wow , sounds like a good sign!!! What POD are you???



    MARIE- okay… everyone changes their names and I always get so confused! 🙂 I will try hard(y) lol to keep it all straight. 🙂 again, I want you to know how sorry I am for your struggles. I can’t imagine how difficult that is right now for you. (((hugs))) CAN- wow, can you spell drama? lol. thanks for the affirmation. I seriously was talking with Dh though, and we were laughing about how this roller coaster feels a cruel joke, and how soon you’d be trying to oust me for not being honest. lol. gosh, i wish it *were* just a fake nightmare instead of hard and cold reality. anyway, thanks for being there with me through all the junk. I wish I could help bring everybody brighter tomorrows. I just don’t know though. I just don’t. DTP- thanks, love. I know… we don’t understand. and never will. and I guess that’s okay. I hate going through this, especially so many times!!!!! but I do openly acknowledge that I will see my children again someday. and I am trying to have hope that someday, I do not know when or how, God will give us more children to raise here on earth. we can’t give up, even though it’s tempting. (((hugs)))



    KAT- Happy Birthday To You…Happy Birthday To You……Happy Birthday Dear Katfish…Happy Birthday To You..oooo..uuuu.ou.ou….ou!!!!!
    MIN- Yeah I can get to your chart from your profile page.I dont know whats up with my friends on ff.I can see your names under friends but it doesnt show the link to click on to get to your charts.The only one i can get to is MRS.And everyone else I cant get to.And i cant figure out how to send invites.gggrrrr!! CAZ- I heard that too.that during AF we only bleed the amount of 2 tablespoons.I think thats crazy! If its only that small amount,then whats the rest of the stuff thats coming out of us?hhhhmmmm. JORDAN- i think alot of girls use the opk tests.I do atleast and they are pretty acurate with letting you know when you O. ARIEL- I’m sorry your feeling a bit down and hope your feeling better today.How did the apt. go? RED ,MRS,JDUBB and MUM-Thinking of you gals.Hope everyone is doing great. I am at work.I had to switch shift with the morning lady today because she had a funeral to go to.And I am so tired since i didnt sleep much last night.BLAH



    Good night ladies. I won’t be back on until Monday… have a good weekend everyone!


    MIN – Thinking of you today and can’t wait to read your update!! Good luck Fabulous 🙂


    Whoever asked about uneven boobs – yeah it happens! I think it is usually after the 1st time you are pregnant. I really want a life and some bigger ones, but DH says mine are already great – I’m glad he thinks so, but I want new ones!



    GARCES- I didn’t know we had due dates a week apart. I will be thinking of you on Saturday. (((hugs))) but hey, go little eggy, go go go!!



    Well AF is due today and is still a no show! I will re test Thursday or Friday!



    My MIL actually does crap like that ALOT… says i got Ean this and that..but its for my house only..drives me nutso



    GARCES- hmmm, very curious indeed. 🙂 so when are you testing? tomorrow? or are you waiting until just prior to your appointment? hoping hard! EM- hehe, we know what you’ve been busy with, girl. no need for excuses. 🙂 AMALTHEA- happy birthday to the DS! I know, seriously, how the heck does time fly so quickly when the kids are little? siiiiigh. too fast. ROCHELLE- are you here, lovey? are you hanging in there? I’m worried about you. (((hugs)))

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