Ttc after loss

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    Ok, no really, its time for me to go to bed!!!



    Well canadian, there are 5g per teaspoon, so 3 teaspoons to a tablespoon, thats 15g… hahahahaha


    RED – I think I’ll even come over for supper – sounds scrumptious!! And please have that smirnoff and think of me – pomegranate is my fav!!


    Sad that drop is still ok you are still well above the coverline. EM- glad thingd are falling into place with you. hope it’s good news. RED- I’ll be sending up an extra one for you too!. None of my stuff is making sence to me (I’m sure its just the clomid making things look odd), but all my body signs say O is here or iminent, but the CBE and OPK are totaly negative…I’m just hopeing that maybe the clomid made the peaks happen to fast for my little sticks to keep up… i want to opk 2 a day but I’m almost out and afraid i’ll miss things as i’ll run out right when i need them….hope shipping happens quick. BUtterfly- sorry you are still down love. I will be posting some of my better pics this afternoon if you want to look. There is one (rare for SC) one It look grey almost transparent…got some awsome shots of that. Jon and I decided that if Sprout were going to send us a butterfly it would be that kind. So we’d always remeber him but still be able to see all the other bueaty and color in the world through him too.


    Ref- I am very sorry hun (((HUGS))). So unfair



    my temps are down and my tests are now negative. I think it is safe to say that I am having another early loss…:(



    Sorry I left you out Autumn, You will be in my thoughts the next time Bob and I have a date. And yes Mamag, I have a pair! I blame it on my mom… I have always spoken what I have wanted to and it gets worse if someone hurts my feelings or says something that bothers me. The only fist fight I ever got in was with a guy twice my size because he said that my mom had herpes, and so I told him that my mom got them from his mom… I won the fight by the way! Hee hee hee… Thansk for the OPK info… still no temp rise today well it did rise, only .1 degree though! I will try to do my OPK in the middle of the day today and not so late at night. I was actually surprised when I got the possitive because I had just went to the loo like an hour before hand and figured it wouldnt be concentrated enough. Red, I am sorry for the BFN… how many DPO? Canadian, YAY for tattoos!!! Only a couple more months till DH comes home and then I will get mine! Jenn… you POAS aholic you… 6DPO? hahahaha I have never gotten a BFP before AF was due. All of my BFP’s were around CD37 (of a 32 day average cycle) And yes Girl, the internet is such an enabler for us POAS aholics! Aussie, I plan on continuing the OPK’s until I run out… it was a pack of 20 tests and you have to use them all with in 30 days of opening the container so I might as well continue to use them.


    Cheer- hang in there honey. It took me a good week or two to be able to read things easily. And still I struggle to not use my medical charting short hand in here. – I even had a great ‘social fopas’ as my collage group use to refer to them (we’d point out stupid things others in the group did or said at our weekly meeting). People were talkign about using PreSeed in here which is a Sperm friendly lube. But early on DH and I worked of the BD ever day until we get a positive OPK (we refered to these swimmers as ‘pre-seed’ ) then eveyday for 5 day after the 1st + opk. I assumed every body else ment what we did when they said pre-seed until people starting talk about where to buy it… then I had to ask what they ment. which got some good qusetions going as I had already said the we firmly belived in pre-seed and used it every mth. And I thought Em was crazy b/c she said she thought there was no point in preseed that masterbaing accomplised the same thing…ROFLMA… I felt really dumb when i figured that one out!



    Red–ummmmm not sure when I was due. I did not have AF after removing mirena, so Dr was not sure. I miscarried on July3rd at about 7-8 wks with what they told me was twins. I called them yesterday, and they told me to start BDing around CD10. Does this sound right to all of you?



    Hardy, I am surprised that you bled for such a long time after D&C. SO just wondering, was that a normal to light bleeding, or was that heavy bleeding? Normally a scab bleed is passing a couple clots and heavy bleeding. But since you bled for so long after D&C I am not sure. Though I would not count this as AF either way. And even if it is AF I have become a little biased on the whole TTC after first AF off of a D&C as after both my D&Cs we concieve after first AF and lost those babies at only 6 and 7 weeks. Though, you are free to do as you chose! Good Luck


    Thanks red! Hubby has been exceptionally sweet *which is a smart idea* lol. And this kids know that Im sick and my tummy hurts. So they made me soup for dinner last night *sigh* they are good kids. Btw…I totally know how you feel, its actually great to be able to voice those things on here because you cant anywhere else. Lol. Are you TTC?


    RED – thanks hun – appreciated the hug right about now…I will talk to DH about your car tonight. I am crossing my fingers for you love – so hoping you will get that precious June baby. Have a great day xx



    ALLISON- Nothing… Doc just said to come back if grows… so I guess it will just stay there… Its not big and it doesnt hurt him..



    Can- have a great time with #3 and package those cookies nicely : )…and i’m going to try that this weekend i hope i don’t scare my DH lol he’ll prolly be like WTF got into lmao..thanks for the tips.


    EM – Hang-over this morning???lol!!! Hope you didn’t decide to finish the floors last night – you’ll have crooked floors!!! Love ya!!

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