Ttc after loss

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    Hi Ladies…..we didn’t get to BD last night. We tried but at 2am and the pressure DH was feeling it didn’t happen. Now I am concerned it was not enough. We BD CD 9, 10 and IUI on CD 12. I definitely ovulated in the middle of the night last night as the pain is gone and my temp is rising. Kind of bummed cuz it was nearly 2 days after IUI. I really hope some of those sperm were alive and waiting and just didn’t swim out of my fallopian tube into the great abyss. SINNA-Monsters Inc is another one of my favs. I bought both Toy Story 3 and Monsters Inc for my DD for x-mas…kind of bought them for myself too. PLANT-I hope they were not O pains you were feeling and you still caught that egg!



    Welcome HICKEY and sorry for your loss. RES – you have such a nice doctor. LISA – It sounds so complicated, we become very knowledgeable about our bodies when we are TTC for a long time.



    FIN – I’m good thanks, still nervous about symptoms coming and going, but I gather that’s normal! I have to sit tight a whole month, then get my scan on 20 Dec. Hoping for a good Christmas present there – if all goes well, I’ll be 9w5d. Hope the police can sort out the checks soon – I remember waiting for all that stuff forever for my residency. Is it hard to leave the army? Must be very hard for you if he goes to a war zone.


    Chloe- so sorry to hear about your loss. Have you checked with your dr to see about regulating your cycle?? Don’t lose hope! πŸ™‚ emma and chrissy- so sad for you *hugs*



    RED- LOL I didnt really look up at all when I was reading…and yes that helped ablot.Even when DH was lighting the candles…I looked at



    AOTD–They have to match! Usually with bows :o)



    I just suffered losing my baby at 15 weeks 5 days. I created a page on facebook to get bring awarness and support to what I’m trying to do. I’m making beautiful matching bracelets for demise babies and their mothers. I’ll be donating these to the local hospitals but am willing to donate them to anyone who has lost a baby or babies before – just asking for a small donation in return since this is all coming out of my pocket.
    I hope to bring some comfort to ladies during a hard time that I’ve experienced twice.
    much love.



    Question: I had my D & C on Dec 17th, and my Dr said I should O in a couple of weeks. Well, earlier this week I was starting to get EWCM and have had that a little every day since then. I’ve been using my OPK’s and I thought the line was starting to get darker indicating O in a few days. Well today my line wasn’t as dark. I’ve also been temping (my link is on my profile) and that looks funny too. Is my body just trying to kick start itself to O, how long does this normally take?? Thanks, Kim



    Kim- lol, do you really need an explanation??! πŸ˜‰
    I’m afraid im not elegant enough for kleenex! Mind you I am always blowing my nose so there are dual uses! I am actualy due my AF tomorrow and am starting to have cramps (i had them with both my last pregnancies also) My BB’s are still sore and always worse in the evenings for some reason and that is when the burning and tingling sensations happen too, along with slight shooting pains?? I get more frustrtaed with my body since M/C as it seems to change each month so can’t really tell if I am having PG symptoms or not…arghhhh! I wont be surprised if it is late as that is all I have been thinking about.


    Wow. that is all i can say. We heard a heartbeat today!! 105bpm. exactly 6wks. The dr couldn’t believe it herself- my ##s said there should be no baby, but I proved them wrong! πŸ™‚ She’s never seen it before- a medical mystery. But not everyone is average- Im just special πŸ˜‰ I will post the story on a blog later today. the power of prayers is amazing. **HUGS** and sending love to everyone today. i have been blessed and I know each one of you will be too. Thank you so much for your support- it has meant the world to me!



    Hello everyone, I thought I would give you an update on myself. Today is cd13, I had a -opk this morning but knew that I probably would. I went to my dr’s office for my u/s. On my right side I had smaller follicles that will just dissolve BUT on my left I had a huge 30mm follie πŸ™‚ So we then discussed my IUI and I told her that my dh has tomorrow off, so she said….Well tomorrow it is πŸ™‚ I picked up my Ovidrel and gave myself the shot @ 10am. My IUI appointment is @ 5pm tomorrow!!! Excited & nervous. Now to make hubby perform and put it in the cup!



    Best of luck Older, my fingers will be crossed for you! I hope we get some BFP soon!


    PLease Everybody feel free to check out my recent blog. LILPIGS, I have noted in my blog re. lack of AF,my ovulation and whats going on with my chaotic body. How far off ‘O’ are you atm beautiful? Sara. Xx



    2BBLESSED…my cycles are 28-29 days, but who knows what this cycle is going to be like cuz I just had a MC on the 22nd of May. I think I’d be having a 30-31 day cycle this time around cuz I am quite confident that I ovulated last Tuesday rather than last Sunday…I have never tried doing an OPK or checking my CM, I just seem to be very in tune with my body and am always spot on it seems πŸ™‚ Today, I am still cramping and my boobs are starting to hurt πŸ™‚


    FDSTRIPPLED: Yay!!! Congrats to you!! WOW! Lots of BFPS over the last few days! I am so happy for you! I am praying that both of our little beans stick! xxx

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