Ttc after loss

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    2B: i agree to what Plant says. lets wait and watch. Azmommy: congrats!! and Good luck..waitng for ur next and darker test results FX. LilAussie: thats for checking on me, i am doing ok..CD 6 today.nothing much going on at my end. happy Friday Ladies and a great weekend ahead!



    Well, once again curiosity got the best of me and I picked up some pregnancy tests…… isn’t that so bad of me? I’m only cd23 but usually I find out pretty early if I’m pg. Anyway, I just haven’t been feeling normal….very tired, nausea comes and goes etc. Well, I took a test this morning and there was a very faint positive! I’m trying not to get my hopes up yet. Anyone know what causes the lines to be faint vs. way dark? Is the hormone level? Curious. Hope all you ladies have a great day!



    Wantsagirl – thanks! I would love to order online, I know its WAY cheaper, but living in Canada thiere is no way they would get here in time this month. I told DH that I want to BD every other day and try OPKs this month and his feelings got really hurt. He feels like I’m using him for sex for a baby. He doesn’t like that this is becoming a forced, planned event rather than just something that comes naturally out of our love for each other. 2B, glad to hear you don’t need a D&C. ((HUGS)) and hope your feeling bettersoon. Jakesibling, congrats!!!!



    brandyleigh – Im not sure about an answer to that. I never monitored my hcg after my d&c. I know after one of my natural m/c, it took over a month for the bfp to finally stop showing up… – Your theory makes complete sense, and I appreciate that you shared it. Everyone would love to make informed decisions, and if that is what we gain from other people’s experience and insight and giving us reason to research something a bit more, then that is not a negative thing at all♥ I didn’t mean to imply you were just trying to find answers to cope with the loss either, that’s me doing that with my situation,lol.



    well AF showed her face last night. did a HPT last friday at it was bfn but i had hope anyways. I know it takes time but i fell pregnant on the first try both prior times so i am scared that something is wrong since i had 2 d&C… dont want to look up horror stories on it though. If i dont get pregnant soon should i wait the 1 year of trying before calling my docotor for a follow up to make sure everything is okay?
    krisseig i have high hopes for you! Brandy looking forward to seeing your test 🙂



    talk about a pain in the ass ugh!



    i am so glad that i am not alone on this one at all when it comes to my dh. i thought for a while that our marriage was falling apart because of the mc, instead it was just him not wanting to show his true feelings with the reality of what happened. we were definately have our fair share of communication issues. but every night since we have been sitting down and telling each other how our day went but with more feeling and meaning behind the conversation. its been really nice and i think it has definately made us closer. we even agreed that besides you girls on here we are going to keep our next pregnancy a secret, at least until we are closer to the 12 wk mark! which is kind of nice to have something that is just you and him. i dont think the mc and sorrow that we have been through would have been as easy without you girls. everyone of you are one of the strongest people i know and its so nice to turn to someone who can understand where you are coming from. so thank you to each and everyone one of you ladies, i feel like i know all of you even though we have never met! love you all



    So I was just Trying to calculate when I’m going to ovulate, and if I was to get pregnant this cycle my due date would be the same due date as my first miscarriage in 2008, November 23rd



    tencow….I saw those 88cent tests too. Ours are at the end of an asisle, by the vitiam section.



    oh my goodness! im breaking out so bad! this is usually a sign AF is on her way………*sigh* 🙁



    AF is due in 1 day – i tested yesterday……and it was a invalid test, dammit. but decided to see if AF rears her face in 1day…..and then last night i had the weirdest dream, i dreamt me and my oh were visiting friends in a shopping mall lol – so i told him i need to go to the loo, i hurried out of the store to the chemist got a test and ran to the stores toilets, so i tested there and got a instant BFP – So i was so xited – test in hand i run out of the toilet to show my oh and by the time i got to him it was a BFN !!!! CRAZY DREAM HEY!!! But it might be because my due date of my angel is in 2days so its probaly my subconcious just being super mean 🙁



    Hey ladies just a quick update- af showed Monday full force and is just now easing up. Dh leaves tomorrow for 4 months. So I’m just going to focus on being healthy working out and what not- I go see the specialist on wed to see if they will do some kind of genetic testing to make sure there isn’t anything wrong… Hope u all are well. I’ll chec in on you all periodically.



    Am on cd10 and have alot of Ewcm does it mean am fertile



    kristy- its a natural herb and i get it liquid form from my naturopath its expensiv but it wrks! i pay bout $180 a bottle but the biggest bottle not sure if u can take with the othr stuf ur on but my cousin took it with ivf i suppose they would of had her on lots of other stuff as well.i take it with progesterone i wouldnt think it would matter taking it with the others.iv purchased from health food shop b4 pretty sure u can buy over the net but i lookd in2 where my naturopath gets it and they only sell to a licensed practicer so not sure if its more to pay over net but yeah iv googled the hell out of it .iv had total of 15 m/cs and at the end wasnt even getting pregnant anymore but i do wen taking that and my cousin also i swear by it!



    PreciousBaby, sounds like we are cycle buddies! I am on CD15 now. OPK was negative last night, but getting close, so I have a feeling it will be positive today and I will O tomorrow. FX that this is our month! Tencow, I can’t wait for you to test. It would be so amazing if you got your BFP this month. Weber, there are so many women in here who would love to be holding a newborn baby right now. Try to appreciate what you have and enjoy your new little boy.

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