Ttc after loss

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    Thanks preciousbabybump! Seems like we are all great girls in the group no one wants to be in!! Have to think positive otherwise it’s all too sad. I love hearing of success stories after miscarriage if anyone has any????



    hey all 🙂 i am so on the bottom of this roller coaster of emotions right now… All I know is that I am not ready to TTC right now because i am not even ready for another loss. i know the odds are that it wont happen again but just the though of it happening scares me so bad. Also I am not ready to even be naked around DH let alone have sex… I told him last night that I was dont bleeding and he didnt push the issue… and he never would but i feel guilty if we dont BD for a long time… (i dunno lol) also i am having a hard time with any type of intense emotions right now. Earlier tonight DH and i were having a pillow fight… a super childish / fun time that I started and I was laughing like crazy and when it was over i had to go to the bathroom cuz i just started crying! What the crap!? anyone else have crazy emotions here?



    OBS: im so jealous! lol

    Ok ladies im losing my mind and trying to smile to keep from crying! So I called my Dr office 8 wks post partum and said ‘hey wheres my pathology’! Nurse Dawn informs me there isnt anything in yet and she doesnt know who or what was ordered in blood work? She said she would call me back….4 hours later nothing! I called Hospital directly. Pathology is trying to find my placenta results and will call me back. Medical records wont tell me my blood work without a consent. Basically im still clueless. Why me? I know AF is coming and im emotional due to it but damnit! I dont even know what to say to myself at this moment!



    Ladies- I know how you feel… Everyones pregnant…. Im definitely a Hater…. I avoid babies like the plague~! Its too hard…



    Oh semi-sweet, well done hun. Sending rainbow of positive thoughts ur way. Thinking of u. xxxxxxx



    Hello ladies I am joining you here today after losing my baby last week to a missed misscarriage in my 11th week. So I started birth control for one month on Sunday then we will try again. This was the doctor’s orders. we can’t do anything anyways until I go back for my post Opt check on Jan. 21st. I am excited to try again and wish you all luck too!



    I dont plan on leaving you guys… you all mean so much to me anyway. I feel like we are all long lost sisters who keep in touch through email. SO yeap I tried to leave for work today and my car REFUSED to start. Its not like I can just call in, I open the school… so I chuckled a little to myslef that ‘hey, cant have everything go right for me today’ and Hopped on my bike at 6am in 10degree weather and rode my bike the mile and a half to work this morning. IT WAS SO COLD! I was 2 minutes late and I had a parent watch me pull up (ON MY BIKE) and yell at me for being late! Thanks a lot lady… My car is broken and I oculd have been like everyother woman who just found out they are pregnant and just not come at all today but no I showed up on my bike with a smile frozen right on my face, yell all you want lady, you arent ruining my day! And dont count yourself out just yet linds. Good luck! Baby Dust to all!


    Morning all, I was wondering if any of you ever had implantation bleeding? Once last night when I went to the bathroom there was some very light red/ orangey discharge on the TP. Have never had that before so don’t know if it would be IB or not? It was only a tiny amount and hasn’t happened since. Yesterday I was 7DPO so I guess it would be around the right time. I don’t want to get too carried away, well I’m going to try not to, lol


    Hi everyone, how are you all today?
    I’m feeling very miserable. I’m due to O on thurs and I’m not getting any +’s on the OPK’s. I normally get them for 2 days before I O and this month nothing… So now I’m convinced I’m out this month before I even start. Why is TTC so bloody stressful???



    hello ladies… my name is Amber- and i just miscarried this past week. I have a beautiful little boy, named Charlie- who is 15 months old and the love of my life!! My husband and i are devestated with our loss, but we know everything happens for a reason. i just ‘passed’ the baby today as the drs office- and was told that after one cycle we can start trying again. i hope to get through this with all you ladies =o) .. baby dust to all!!




    Well ladies I am trying to stay positive but man is it hard. I am 5 weeks today and wish I wouldn’t have found out so early. What’s getting me is the lack of symptoms all I have is sore boobs and so very mild nausea. I hate that and I hate even more people being like stay positive. I am trying and I don’t think it’s negative to be kinda paranoid after 2 m/c. I had tested negative at 11 dpo so if you are getting negatives now don’t give up I got my positive at 18 dpo.



    Canadian, keep us updated and let us know what the naturopath says.



    Supper Soggy Canadian Crotch – thanks for the super name! and i think I am back! properly! sort of! well mostly in between trying to find cheap suppliers for various wedding and I think chicken cookies would be a grat flavour! lol you could dip them in gravy! hehe 😉


    MAMAG- so sorry for your daughter! Thank God that she has a good mama to help her make it through.



    Nikki, you are supposed to keep up with the vitamins but I dont think it is a huge deal if you dont…. Thanks everyone for the congrats… I want to shout it to the world but I dont want anyone to know about this one until I am sure its staying. I think maybe at week 12 or 14 I may tell people. I dont even plan on telling my mum… Though I know she will be asking me if I tested all the time.

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