Ttc after loss

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    Ludi – I agree with Min, it wouldn’t hurt to have a wee break for a couple of months and then get back into it. Maybe your body does need a wee holiday. Your call obviously though.


    CANADIAN- one word WOW!!! Talk about a post-whore!!! Please – give this girl more buisness – she has way too much free time on her hands!! LMAO!!! And yes- Jenny at the gym with crochless pants definitly qualifies for MAJOR WEIRDO!!! hehe!!


    Hey Jenny, how are you doing?
    Mama – I had a lot of headaches when I was pregnant and I used cool strips. I’m in the UK but I’m sure you must be able to buy them where ever you are. They seemed to take the edge off of it but never really got rid of it completely. I must of looked lovely – I seemed to have them permanantly stuck to my head for about 3 weeks, lol


    OMG – We are all so going to have to see that movie!!!LMAO!!! Love it!!



    KIM-we like the same movie! I’ve seen Finding Nemo so many times cuz my daughter watches it very often. I never get sick of it. The great thing about Disney is that all their films cater to each generation. Toy Story 3 was excellent also. My daughter didn’t cry like I did from it…but that’s what I mean….a child can enjoy it for one reason and an adult for another. Fox and the Hound was one of my favorites growing up. I am at work and all we have been doing is flu testing tonight… many flus. Not many postiives so that is good!!!!!


    HARDY — I have had 2 D&Cs and they were never the same. I think your body is just healing and maybe it thinks you should be having an AF, but really can’t. I would just wait until a full AF arrives to figure it out. our bodies are soooooo crazy!


    BECKY — hope you are having a good week. I am sorry you are having a hard time figuring out when you O, but I think it is very hard to figure that out sometimes. Thinking of you!


    MAMAG – I so understand how you are feeling hun. When we took down the crib and set up the big boy room last week – it broke my heart. I hate not sseing the baby stuff all set up, but I couldn’t do on looking at it and knowing it would be staying empty…Yesterday I even packed up boxes of baby clothes and put them away…I was tempted to give them all away…thinking maybe thats what I need to get pregnant again…DH said no know – he is trying to be so positive for me…Hopefully we will both be setting up our new nursery really soon ~Hugs~


    CAN – Am I surprised – ordering Victoria Secret at 4h30 in the morning!!!! Only Miss Hardon!!!! lol. So what sexy undies did you order?? Something to juice up that novel of yours??!!



    Morning Girls, Sun is shining! I think its like 65 out there right now so I am off to the beach! I only have so many nice days like this so I gotta use ’em! Sarah, we’re praying for you, cant belive we got another BFP…. well a SLP (small little possotove) LOL. Luvable, missed miscarriages are especially cruel. They trick you into thinking all is well because on the outside everything is normal, morning sickness, tender boob yada yada yada… But when given the news that nothing is in there or that the baby is there but its heart has stopped beating is always just cruel. We will pray for you. Rochelle, good luck in the hunt LMAO! Can, you can come to my beach anytime! I cant believe you guys can live somewhere so cold!!! I would never survive!


    JENN – I am CMV immune – as soon a we are pregnant we are tested. But even though we are immune, pregnant nurses never work with CMV patients….Its time you get your butt of that place!!!! Good luck today! Let me know about this new job of yours!



    Kdazzy- wow that was fast! Congrats


    CAN – baby names eh??? Now thats cute!!! And he actually admitted it!!! Nice!!!



    I am so COLD right now in my COLD house that I might go make a HOT cup of tea to fill me up. And later maybe my HOT hubby will give this COLD wifey a rubdown with a HOT lotion massage. It’s worth asking. 🙂


    RED- yeah my ultrasound is Wednesday. It’s at 9 am thank GOD! If ti were late in the day i would loss my mind. I don’t know if it is just DH being gone, or the hormones kicking in but I have been overwhelmingly worried the last 2 days. It may also have something to do with the manic speeding in the parking garage on her cell phone that nearly hit me in the cross walk Wednesday….yeah she stopped about 2 inches short of my knee caps. i was beating on the hood of her car to get her attention. I had already decided to jump b/c i figured at least if i got high enough i could deal with broken legs and at least give the baby a fighting chance…. of course I had a little spotting ever since. But it think it was prob the rise in bp. I thought about going in for an early scan but then I was like no let me hang on to my little shred of happiness as long as i can. I just can’t seem to shake this feeling like i am waiting for the inevitable. So Wednesday can not come soon enough!

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