Ttc after loss

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    My hands r so sweaty i cant hold my phone anymore. My battery died as i tried to upload a pic of amy.



    AOTD: I’m with Jamie on this one, but thankfully only our a/c is electric, with gas heating…the other thing is my slow cooker. I love preparing meals in the morning and then have the smell of them wafting through the house during the day!!



    P123- welcome. You’ve come to the right place.



    todays symtoms- sharp pain in left bb. nausea. creamy cm. shortness of breath after periods of time. above avg.body temp.



    Plant: it is very frustrating when trying to get PG! not so frustrating when not trying 🙂
    So I have decided I need to make the best of each cycle by using OPK tests. Hoping for a BFP this cycle 🙂



    caz- why would your bb’s be sore if you didn’t take your b6?



    OKY/BABY – if you are considering starting to temp next month I HIGHLY recommend the book ‘Taking charge of your fertility’ by Toni Weschler. It is an amazing resource and taught me lots about my body! I wish I had read it before I had started to TTC.



    res – I have had 2 chemical pregnancies. The DR’s didnt do anything for me. I suffered 2 losses after the 1st chemical pregnancy, not related though, and I went on to carry a successful pregnancy after that. The 2nd chemical pregnancy was betweeen 2 successful pregnancies, and that was 2 pregnancies ago:-) I’va also had ALL c-sections with mine, and I completely agree with the lingering c/s pain caused by the scar tissue. It will definitely manifest itself in different ways,lol.



    Maddux- was reading about your sister and thought I would put my 2 cents in, maybe offer some explanation for the question on why she still feels sick. I got pregnant in Febrruary and found out at 4 weeks in early March. Around week 6 I started getting terrible all day sickness, I was literally at work getting sick in my garbage can. This continued for about 2 weeks then dissapeared. I tell you this because I found out at 12 weeks that I suffered from a blighted ovum, which means the egg was fertilized, but stopped growing at a very early stage, possibly right after I found out I was pregnant. My body carried on like I had a baby growing and acted accordingly. At the 12 wk ultrasound there was no baby, just an empty sac with a placenta, which had to be taken out with a d&e. At 13 weeks I had the d&e but my body never seemed to realize there was no baby and I never started bleeding or cramping or anything, and had i not gotten the d&e this might have went on for much longer. So it’s very possible to be sick at this point, even though the baby has passed. It’s a cruel joke our bodies play on us.


    AOTD – LOL!!! As soon as I read the question RED, I thought of CAN!!!! Seems like so long ago….As for – my toothbrush.



    KAYCE – Thanks sweetie. You do have quite a different chart this month. I hope it means good things.



    PIGZ- any of the PreSeed products will be good for you. I use the ‘Fertility Friendly Intimate Moisturizer.’ And while I have never used EPO for that use, I have heard (like you said) that it can increase cm. I don’t know about the cramping – I wouldn’t think it is related. FIRST40- with that early of a loss, I wouldn’t think there would be any medical reason you would have to wait. Unless you’ve had multiple miscarriages in the past, which would make me highly suggest you get testing done prior to ttc again. But otherwise, like the other girls said, you and DH need to make the decision that is best for your hearts. (((hugs))) I’m so sorry. CAZ- I screamed. Could you hear me??



    That would be awesome to have a cycle sister KAT!!!! This is the first time I have been charting and being active on the trying to conceive forums. As for my chart….I have not dipped below the cover line post ovulation…just wondering if I’m suppose to? After ovulation I have stayed above it but it’s up and down every morning. Granted…I work evenings and get up much later than most…but I get up mostly the same time every morning. Are you also 6/7dpo? I’ll actually be 7 today…well….you know when I finally go to bed and wake up. ;o)



    red~~thanks for the info!



    Red—(((big hugs))) to you today

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