Ttc after loss

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    Well, I never thought I would end up in this forum, but here I am. I have one living daughter and 4 angel babies (2 from many years ago, and 2 from this year) now that we lost Skyler earlier this month. While we initially said we could not try again, we have decided to give it just one more shot. We have spoken with our OB/GYN, and she is going to take all possible precaution this time around. But I have some questions – my milk came in, and I have been pumping to donate. Now that we’ve decided to try again, I’m ‘weaning’ the pump in an attempt to dry up. When can I expect to start cycling again? Is 2-3 months after (assuming I’m cycling by then) too soon? Some people say 3-6 months. My doctor recommended 3 months… is 2 months really that much worse? I do want to get pregnant as soon as I can, but I do NOT want to put my 6th and final baby in jeopardy.



    Alison – (((hugs)))



    KAYCE – great news, so happy for you! Take care and keep us posted.



    FIN-with my history of early birth…I bet we will deliver right around the same time! I know you won’t be able to BD till November so I’m thinking we will be preggo buddies!!!!! RED-how are u feeling? Any cravings yet? My first was peanut butter on a spoon! In fact…that will be my first QOTD!!!!!



    Older1tsttime – Huge congrats!! How very exciting:) Suzm – have been thinking about you, so glad to hear that things looked good! Those numbers sound awesome. I don’t think I even passed 3000 when I had my m/c at 6 weeks so you should feel really good about that! Now go get an u/s and see that bean! 2bblessed – I ovulated late this past cycle so hubby and I had to bd every day for 7 days…yikes! But it worked! Glad you are feeling so positive:) KimKay – sounds like you will be testing in a few days. Fingers crossed for you!



    Hi everyone. I posted last week about the mc I had almost 2 weeks ago now. I haven’t had a chance to get back on to post until now but I wanted to thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I’m hoping af makes a return soon so that we can start ttc again. I’ve been temping, etc. to try to figure out if I’m going to have normal cycles again or if everything is in flux.


    Mfarmer- AF would be due on the 11th, but I O’d late on the clomid. So…3days late on the O puts me at the 14th also. But I’ll never make it. lol. Erubio- Sorry it hurts so bad hun. ((hugs))
    Monkey- Maybe there’s more than 1??? Just kidding. Anyhow, the important thing is that you got your BFP!!! I’m also anxious to hear what your numbers are.


    Red- I too will be thinking of you tomorrow. I wish there was a way to take some of the pain away from you. (((hugs)))



    Sinn- no I am going to test Sunday…. I think I feel AF coming 🙁


    Sofia- First let me say what a beautiful name. It’s my daughter’s (spelled the same). Sorry you need to be here, but it really can help to know you’re not alone. I can’t help with your question either, but someone will, I’m sure. Forest- Hope you’re feeling well. Finlays- The news about your DH stinks! I’ll bet you’re preg before he leaves. Hopefully, things will work out that he won’t need to.


    I start Clomid on Friday. Should I use OPK again? I wasn’t sure if OPK would be as reliable when using meds… I used OPK for the first time last month- I got 3 pos days (CD16-18), we bd’ed all 3 days, but we got a BFN anyway.


    Res- Did you eat with the pills, and have you eaten today? I can’t take anything on an empty stomache



    The sadness, hurt, confusion, loss, anger, resentment, longing, needing and soooo much more is what we all feel every day…every single day!! I wish it would stop, I wish this didn’t happen to so many of us. I think we all deserve a break!!!! I hope everyone on here either posting or just reading knows how strong they are even though we don’t always know/feel it at the time we are. I think we are all amazing that in our own grief and troubles we can still help and support each other when it’s really needed. (((huggs))) to ALL. :o)



    SINNA- from what I remember, I was wearing my own… but I was really out of it, so maybe my memory is wrong. I need to ask DH because I am so curious now. lol. 🙂 His eyebrows will go up for sure! lol. KEL- I saw a video on YouTube of cats playing with a tree and its ornaments. I don’t have the link or I’d share it with you, but man it was a hoot. lol. More fun for us watching though, and more aggravating for people like you who have to deal with your little sweeties getting into everything! 😉 MISSING- I am so sorry. 🙁 I am still doing bloodwork too. It’s just a normal part of life now I guess. Our ‘new normal’ – sigh. I got a negative hcg result yesterday, so that was good. I got about ten different tests done yesterday, still waiting for some of the results. Have you gotten an AF yet? I am wondering if having an AF would help you get rid of that trace hcg. MISSY- that is a beautiful gesture, in the midst of your grief. I am so sorry for your loss. I really think you should contact Julie at Grieve Out Loud (look up, as you and she may be able to hook up your endeavors together. All the best wishes to you as you trudge through this journey. FARMER- are you spending Christmas at home, or going somewhere for the day?



    naturalmama~ What is the color? Did you just recently BD and that is what it could be from? Remember, some people do spot and have healthy babies.

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