Ttc after loss

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    hi CAZ, welcome to the madhouse! this is a great place to be for support and encouragement and i hope we can give both of those to you. MIN thanks, my bright red blood only lasted for a couple of wipes then went dark brown again for all of today with hardly anything there. now i just had another red smear but nothing in the pad. i can’t believe i’ve been examining my pads for the past 3 days every ten minutes!! its doing my head in, one minute i think af is here, then i think i was wrong and i might still be in with a chance, last squirt of progesterone in the morning. i’m very tempted to do a hpt then too but i want to delay the disappointment, unless it worked ofcourse, then i want to know. i need to keep busy. still hoping for a slim chance, ughhh i feel like a see saw!!!! or to you usa and canadian lasses a teeter toter haha xxx



    Woot woot 7!


    shee- lol at the ritual… i’m a stock pilee, myself…but then i start feeling silly for having so many around so then i wind up giving a few away… of coure no one has gotten a BFP on one that i gave them…hope that isn’t a bad


    Aussie – when was your last m/c? You could be pg. I would take another reliable test in a couple of days to check it out. Excited for you!



    SHAW – Yeah, diehard ‘skins fan since my mom started indoctrinating me when I was a kid. 🙂 JENN – I don’t follow college ball as much, but I am a Virginia Tech fan (where I went). BEX & BUTTERFLY – I’m not planning to test early, but y’all have fun! EM – I bought a shirt like that about a month ago. I still wear it ’cause it’s cute.


    Okay, I am on CD10. I am really not having much CM. Should I be worried?


    CAN – LOVE Jimmy Choo’s!!!! Especially the heels with a belt and buckle that go around the ankle…HOT!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!



    Red – just wanted to say good luck on your journay, everyone else good luck for those BFPS ,im going to take a break from I AM PREGnANT for a month giving my self a month from TTC to heal pyhsically and mentally , see you all in a month XxX


    RED- your necklace is beautiful!! May you find comfort having your babies resting near your heart…



    OMG!!!!! I am so mad right now!!!!! I’m in the 7 week forum, YES JUST 7 WEEKS and people are saying how they are not excited about this pregnancy and blah blah blah and how they needed a pep talk to cheer them up. I was so mad I had to post this: ‘here’s a good pep talk, be happy God has given you a child… Not trying to be mean or rude but I had a son who passed away in April who was just 7 weeks 6 days old. He was my world and to have him taken away from my husband and I was the hardest thing for us and our family. God has given you the greatest gift and even though life seems rough just think of people who have no children to love or have tried getting pregnant for years and still can’t. Count your blessings and you will get through everything! I’m having horrible pregnancy symptoms and it’s not always easy to deal with but it’s early in the game, for me, being pregnant is a new life in a new direction! ‘ Hopefully it gives them a wakeup call and I don’t get in trouble with this site. I had to vent to you ladies because I knew you would understand!


    RED – so sorry to hear about PopPop. I so hope they can keep him comfortable. Amazing to think he will be the first to meet your angels…He’ll be able tos sing them lullabies…



    GARCES- go poas, you crazy lady. 🙂



    Shee, I am so glad you made it through your angelversary with such good thoughts! Angelversaries are tough but you made it… and you may thank us for being here for you, but just know that you have done the same for us! It is so crazy to think that it has been a year since I met you all. You guys seriously saved me when I had no hope! SO thank you Shee!


    2ANGELS – welcome to the group – and I am very sorry for your losses – I’m sorry you had to find us here. You have found a really great place though – an amazing bunch of girls who are always ready to listen, encourage, support…I don’t know what I would have done without them. If there is anything I can do for you – to help you out, please let me know – someone to listen, a virtual shoulder to cry on – or a huge bear hug!! ~Hugs~



    KATIE- my heart just broke when I read your message. Darling, we are all so very very sorry for your incredible loss. I can not even begin to comprehend the pain you are suffering. I don’t even know how to survive such a thing. I have lost three babies, much earlier than you, and yet your story has me floored. I wish I could do or say something to help you, make you feel better, and encourage you. I wish I could offer you words of hope. But I know that nothing we do or say will make a difference right now. So please just know that if we can do *anything* for you, we will. And please know that you can talk in here about anything you need to: happy, sad, confused, questions, whatever. We will do our utmost to support and encourage you through this terrible time. (((hugs)))

Viewing 15 posts - 31,366 through 31,380 (of 33,439 total)

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